Where to buy cheap plants online in India

There are several options to buy cheap plants online in India but the problem people are facing about the quality, delivery time and packaging. In this post, I will reveal a trustworthy company that delivers the best quality plants at a cheap rate with good packaging and correct time.

Where to buy cheap plants online in India

Big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and IndiaMART are supplying plants for years. These companies not only supply plants but also deal in various other categories including baby products, bags, cosmetics, sports goods, and a lot more. This is good if you are getting everything on one platform but people need some other options who are doing a specific business of a particular product. 

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Homedepot is famous in the USA and other western countries for delivering plants. Some plant supply companies do charge for courier services as they are delivering plants on their own. Some companies use to tie up with plant courier services that are responsible for delivering the plants at the correct time. Plant delivery services are available in almost every country and they follow the rules and regulations of their state.. Plant delivery services in Brisbane, and Melbourne are already doing a good job. 

When it comes to India, the best plant delivery services in India are Amazon, satgreen,nursery live, plants guru, ugao, fernsNpetals, joginder nursery, shopclues, mybageecha, gardenup and manvsgreen. However, most of them are using third-party courier services to deliver their products on time. You must hear about these companies sometime somewhere but today I am talking about some specific ones. Garden up belongs to Ekta. She lives in Mumbai and runs her online plant nursery from Mumbai. She is doing a fantastic job by educating people about gardening and also delivering plants all over India. 

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Where to buy fresh plants online

Manvsgreen is an emerging company in the plant industry and delivers plants in entire India. The specialty of the company is time punctuality and the quality of the product. Yes, they are able to deliver plants at the correct time with good packaging. They are using an advanced packaging method which reduces plant damage risk. I don’t know which plant delivery service they use to deliver the plants,  whatever they are using is doing a great job. 

However, manvsgreen is a new emerging plant company in the agriculture industry but they are doing their services on their terms which is making them unique. Before ordering any plant from man versus green you should know about their terms. This company is delivering all the products in bulk so you will not be able to buy one or two pieces of any plant. You have to purchase plants in bulk however agriculture tools are available as a single product. 

So, If you have a farm where you want to start cultivation of any selected crop then you can outreach this company for big orders. They are selling plants in India at the cheap rate they are also selling medicinal plants in bulk at a cheap rate. The Especiality of this company is they direct tie-ups with farmers and pics the fresh plants from their farms to deliver to your home. This is why people are getting fresh plants and flowers straight to their homes. They are also encouraging farmers to grow some specific crops and plants by assuring the purchase. 

However, it looks far more effort making business because convincing farmers to grow specific crops and then picking all the plant material from them is not an easy task. At the same time, this business model looks good for sellers and consumers both. By performing this task they are giving a high value to their customers which is appreciable. This might be one of the reasons why they are able to provide fresh and good quality plants at cheap rates in the entire market. One more thing that makes them unique and fast-growing is they are focusing on a few crops and the list of these crops can be found on their website. At the moment they are supplying mahogany plants on a large scale.


Where can I buy the cheapest plants in India?

You can visit manvsgreen website for cheapest plants online.

From where manvsgreen is delivering the plants?

They are delivering plants direct from farmers’ farms.

Is manvsgreen reliable?

Yes, they are reliable and trustworthy.

What type of plants can I purchase from manvsgreen for my farm?

You can easily purchase the 8 months to 1-year-old saplings of the poplar tree, mahogany teakwood, eucalyptus, guava, mango and medicinal plants, etc. They also deliver seeds of various plants and flowers.

How many plants should I book to confirm my order at manvsgreen?

You have to book at least 1,000 plants to confirm your order at manvsgreen.com.

How to book plants from manvsgreen?

Simply visit their website manvsgreen.com and book the plants.

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