How to get free plants from Delhi Govt

Hello gardeners, If you are in search of how to get free plants from Delhi govt! Then don’t worry, today we are sharing addresses of some free plant nurseries in Delhi from where you can get free plants. After reaching the nursery do let us know in the below comment box how many plants did you able to get from the nursery.

The exact address of the nursery is shared in this article and you can share this article with your family and friends.

Why government is giving free plants 

You might be thinking about how and why the Government and some other organisations use to distribute free plants including indoor plants, outdoor plants, houseplants, horticulture plants etc. In the recent past government has announced Ayush aapke Dwar to deliver free plants in India and also running Aroma Mission for a few years. Through their optimistic mission government is promoting medicinal and ayurvedic plants on a large scale. By providing free plants government is helping farmers and also promoting the particular cultivation which can actively contribute to the “Economics of Indian Agriculture”. 

Even after the suitable climate conditions and temperature, India is importing lots of crops, flowers and vegetables from other countries because farmers are not aggressively doing the cultivation of the same. The government is also promoting all these crops that can flourish easily under Indian climate conditions. Every country wants to contribute to greenery and the environment so that we can save the earth and our next generation can live healthy and pollution-free life. 

Hopefully, after reading this free plant article you will achieve free plants. Please comment below whether you got free plants or not. You can share your feedback if you are facing some problem with that particular nursery so that we can enquire about that. We will keep updating new nurseries from where you can get free plants in Delhi. Hope you are enjoying reading this article, continue reading it.

How to get free plants from government in India

The Indian government is running some exceptionally beneficial schemes through which they are providing free plants for a long time.  “Aroma mission” is well known for free aromatic plants including geranium. Farmers who want to start geranium cultivation can approach “CSIR-CIMAP”  the Indian organisation responsible for the Aroma mission. 

Ayush apke dwar is another beautiful and optimistic scheme run by the Indian government in which they are providing medicinal plants such as lemongrass, Sarpagandha, Kalmegh, Anvla, Brahmi etc free of cost.

People often ask how to get free Bamboo Plants? The national bamboo mission can end your search for free bamboo sticks. These are a few government schemes on free plants we will keep updating this section to help you out. We request that you if you are aware of some other schemes please mention them in the below comment box.

If found helpful we will publish them on our website so that other viewers can also get benefited from the same. We always appreciate ideas and suggestions if you have any suggestions regarding plants please share your views with us in the below comment box. 

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Free plant nursery in Delhi (Address)

Delhi free plants – If you live in Delhi and are searching government free plant nursery near me then please visit the below-given addresses to find a Delhi government free plants nursery. 

Delhi govt free plants nursery address – 

Birla Mandir Delhi government Free Plant Nursery

Office of the Deputy Conservator of Forests (West Forest Division) Mandir Lane, New Delhi – 110060

How to reach birla mandir lane – First reach Shankar Road Goal Chakkar, Valmiki Marg – Mandir, New Delhi 110060.

Nearest metro station – RK Ashram, you can book an auto rickshaw @ Rs 50 from here. 

How to get free plants from Delhi Govt

To get free plants from Delhi govt you need to approach all the nurseries under Delhi Forest Reserve. A list of Delhi forest reserve nurseries is given in this article. If you need 1 or 2 plants then you can get them without any application but in case of more plants for various purposes such as school parks, playgrounds, social welfare centres, worship areas, or children’s parks you need to consult with the govt nursery officer via an application for the same.

In the below paragraph you can find the list of plants available at Birla mandir nursery, Delhi. Hope you are liking this article keep reading it till the end.

Free plant list in birla mandir lane new delhi 

A list of free plants from government in Delhi is given below.

  1. Cascabela thevetia plant (Peeli kaner plant)
  2. Bauhinia variegata plant (Kachnar Plant)
  3. Ashok plant
  4. Acalypha plant is also known as copper leaf and Jacob coat
  5. Jatropha plant
  6. Alovera 
  7. Arjun plant (Terminalia tree)
  8. North Indian Rosewood (Shisham plant)
  9. Tecoma stans plant 
  10. Dracaena reflexa plant
  11. Neem plant
  12. Sacred fig (Peepal plant)
  13. Banyan plant 
  14. Chudel papdi plant
  15. Morus alba (Shahtoot plant)
  16. Broad beans (val papadi, sem ki phalli)
  17. Lal kanher
  18. Nagdon plant 
  19. Frangipani plant (Champa plant}
  20. Crepe jasmine (Chandani plant)
  21. Termkinalia bellirica (Behada plant)
  22. Bougainvillaea plant
  23. Java plum plant (Jamun plant)
  24. Curry tree (Kadi patta plant)
  25. Ficus virens plant (Pilkhan plant)
  26. Putranjiva plant
  27. Begonia plant (Wax plant)

List of free plant nurseries in Delhi

  1. Birla mandir plant nursery, mandir lane, new delhi.
  2. Brar square nursery delhi cantonment.
  3. Revli khanpur forest reserve nursery. 
  4. Najafgarh khar khari govt nursery. 

Free plant from government in Delhi

In gurudwara, schools, colleges, welfare society parks, children’s parks, etc plants are required to maintain a green environment. Concerned people can visit this nursery with the application for required purposes and avail of the benefits of getting free plants from Delhi govt. The army and police are already getting the benefits of free plants from the Delhi Government in Delhi. 

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Which are free plant nurseries in Delhi?

All the nurseries under Delhi Forest Reserve provide free plants in Delhi.

What are the times to visit free govt plant nurseries in Delhi?

Morning 9 AM to Evening 5 PM.

Is govt nursery remains close on government holidays?

Yes, the government nursery will be closed on govt holidays. 

Hope you got your search here. Feel free to ask your query. You can also share this informative article with your family and friends in order to help them.

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