How to get free plants from government nursery India|free plant online app

In this post we will share how to get free plants from government nursery, free plants online offline nursery etc. We will also keep updating the latest government free plant nursery and government tree planting schemes.  

How to get free plants in India

You can get free plants online or offline via some apps and by applying to various government policies and schemes that they use to announce time to time. Some of the government free plant schemes or grants are given below and we will keep updating new schemes in the upcoming period. 

Aroma mission for agriculture

Aroma mission India - You can get free aromatic plants by approaching CSIR-CIMAP. CIMAP-CSIR is a government organization that is working under Aroma mission. The government has started an Aroma mission to promote the cultivation of aromatic plants and they have already distributed plenty of geranium free plants to farmers through this organization.

You can visit the official website of CSIR-CIMAP to approach them and you can get free geranium plants and some other aromatic plant as well. The organization will also help you to understand the concept of geranium farming. And if you are interested you can ask them about geranium farming training and practices. People who want free plants online Bangalore should approach CSIR-CIMAP at least once. 

Ayush Aapke Dwar

The ministry of Ayush is distributing medicinal plants to 75 lakh households and this is done under Amrit Mahotsav.

Ayush Mantralaya has already launched the "Ayush Aapke Dwar" campaign on 03.09.21 Friday. This campaign is responsible for promoting medicinal plants and some of them are given below: 

  • Lemongrass
  • Sarpagandha 
  • Kalmegh 
  • Brahmi 
  • Anvala 
  • Stevia 
  • Ashoka 
  • Jatamansi 
  • Tulsi
  • Shatavari 
  • Tej Patta

At the launch time union minister Dr. Manjupara mahendra bhai said through this campaign they will distribute more than 2 lakh medicinal plants in 21 States (45 regions) and they are implementing it year by year. If you did not applied yet please visit Ayush mantralya govt site to apply and get benefited. 

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How to get free plants from government in Haryana

E-Pauhdshala Haryana - During 72nd Van Mahotsav through video conference Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar appealed to people to plant at least one plant during their lifetime. Erlier Khattar govt targeted 3 crore saplings to plant and distribute. 

How to get free plants online

If you dont know how to use e paudhshala Haryana app don't worry just follow the steps given below"

To get free plants from government nursery you can download the epudhshala app and follow the below given steps for further process. 

  • First download e paudhshala app from google play store.
  • Then name and mobile number will display on the screen.
  • Fill name and mobile number.
  • After filling your name and mobile number you will get OTP at your mobile number.
  • Select your area.
  • You can order plants for the below given institutions.
  • Home - 10 plants (per day).
  • School - 500 plants.
  • Society - 500 plants.
  • NGO - 100 plants.

The epudhshala app will show the nearest nursery and availability of the particular saplings.

  • Select district - then click on submit.  
  • Fill adhar number its optional you can leave it.
  • After that you can see 4 options. 
  • Search plant by location.
  • Search plant by name. 
  • Share photo of plantation.
  • My order.

You can directly put the name of the nursery if you are aware of a nursery nearby you in 1st option (search plant by location). You can search for a plant by name by using the 2nd option. The 3rd option is for viewing photos of the plantation and the 4th option will display your orders after successful orders, however it may take some time to display your order. 

How to get free plants from government in Delhi

Delhi govt free plants are available for Delhi people and they should grab this opportunity. The Delhi government has started a campaign to grow medicinal flowers at 14 nurseries. They decided to grow medicinal plants such as Jamun, Neem, Tulsi, Aloevera, Curry leaves, Amla, Guava, Arjun tree etc. Food and supply Minister Imran Hussain said any person can visit these nurseries and can get free plants. The Government has 14 nurseries in the city including Delhi garden & associate nursery and ITO nursery. 

Delhi garden nursery and ITO nursery falls near Indraprasth metro station. One can get free 20 plants per person in these nurseries by showing their Adhar card of Delhi. 

How to get free plants in Punjab

You can install i-Hariyali app to get free plants in Punjab. Punjab government started ghar ghar Hariyali the motive of this campaign is to reform the environment and reduce the pollution level. 

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How to participate in ghar ghar hariyali campaign

  • Download the i-Hariyali app from the play store.
  • After downloading the app select plant sapling of your choice.
  • Plants saplings - Sheesham, Neem, Arjun, Harad, Aanwla, Behra, Jamun etc.
  • After booking, the contact number of the nearest nursery or forest guard will display on your screen. You have to contact the nursery or forest guard to collect sapling. 

Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK)

A very good news for people who are searching free plants from government nursery near me because KVK is available in almost every district of India. Yes, you can get some free plants from this government organization. Krishi Vigyan Kendra contains training center's where any people of the same district can get training. I am using word any people because not only farmers are eligible but also people from other profession are eligible for training here.

KVK also help people who want to start a farming related startups. They not only provides free plants but also distributes some free livestock's to those people who are starting the new farming business such as poultry, bee farming etc. 

Free plants govt nursery list

  • Airport government nursery.
  • Tuglakabad government nursery.
  • Qutubgarh government nursery.
  • Sultanpuri government nursery. 
  • Delhi cantonment government nursery. 
  • Rewala khanpur govt nursery. 
  • Delhi garden & park society nursery.
  • ITO nursery Delhi.

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