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Hello farmers, while searching on google, bing about a plant nursery near me you might find various different posts but make sure to visit this post where you will get the most plant nursery address near you. 

Plant nursery near me

No matter in which city-state or country you live our goal through this dedicated plant nursery post is to provide the correct and needful information to people. However, this is the beginning of this special category.

I will keep updating this blog post by providing new nursery addresses on regular basis. So be in touch, with time you will see this post growing and you will find your nearby nursery address and answers related to plant nurseries here. 

If you are a plant nursery owner or you want to list your neighbours, friends, colleagues, or relatives’ nurseries, you are most welcome. 

You just need to email your nursery address it will be good If you can provide some pictures of your nursery. You can find the email address by visiting our contact us or about us page

You can easily find these pages at the top menu bar as well as at the bottom menu. You can reach the menu bar by clicking on three burger-type lines while reading this nursery-related information via mobile. 

How to start plant nursery business

Do you know how to start a plant nursery business? How to get a nursery license? Let’s figure out the needed requirements and required documents to open a nursery of plants.

Land permit – Land is the first need to open a nursery. You can get a plant nursery license from the local authority of your city.

Agriculture license – Planting plants in the nursery is an agriculture unit and you need an agriculture license to start a plant nursery business. You can approach the local government authority for the licensing process and a local government officer will visit your nursery for the verification process. You can get more details from the government website of your state.

After getting a license you need a few more things to run a plant nursery business online and offline: Seed and saplings, soil, agriculture tools, fertilizers, water arrangement, hiring staff, and marketing (website).

Plant Nursery India

With time all the plant nurseries in India will be listed here. Let’s start with the greenery Uttarakhand plant nurseries.

Plant nursery in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand state is situated in North India and most part of Uttarakhand is surrounded by greenery and hills. If you all living in Uttarakhand or spending some days in Uttrakhand and searching for a plant nursery, this is the place where you will get all the plant nurseries’ addresses together in one place. 

Let’s move forward step by step

plant nursery near me

Plant nursery Uttarakhand


Baba nursery address Roorkee – Baba nursery is located on Delhi road just opposite to Raes nursery. It is on road nursery nearby Bala green flats. Nearly 2.5 km away from Roorkee MH’s square (chauraha). You can meet Mr Shoukeen who is connected with the Baba nursery for 15 long years. Baba nursery’s contact number – 9027127613.

Raes Nursery – This nursery is located on Delhi road opposite to Baba nursery. Approximately 2.5 km away from Roorkee MH square. 

Khushi Nursery – Khushi nursery is located on Roorkee – Haridwar Road hardly 1 km from Chungi. Left side cut exactly beside Roorkee Public School is going towards khushi nursery. Its hardly 200 meters from Army Public School Roorkee. Contact person Pramod, contact number – 969022963.

Vishal Nursery – Vishal nursery is on Roorkee – Dehradun Road. The nursery is located exactly on Azad Nagar chowk opposite Sarv Nirmay Healthcare (SNMHC). The beauty of this nursery is that it is an on-road nursery and you don’t have to waste your time to find it. Contact person Furkan, contact number. 

Khajir Nursery –  MohammadPur Roorkee. Contact number – 9927131005.

Green Art Nursery – Delhi road. Contact number –  9058170000.

Plant nursery in Delhi 

Delhi government nursery free plant address – 

Birla mandir nursery – While reaching Birla Mandir road first you need to reach Shankar Road Chowk goal chakkar then move towards Valmiki marg mandir new Delhi 110060. RK Ashram is the nearest metro station to reach Birla mandir nursery. 

Plant nursery list Delhi

Delhi cantonment brar square nursery. 

Revli khanpur forest reserve nursery. 

Najafgadh khar khari Government nursery.

Birla mandir plant nursery.

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