Ayurvedic and medicinal plants in Uttarakhand Shantikunj

You have heard about Patanjali for ayurvedic and medicinal plants but today I am sharing the information about another big organisation called Shantikunj from where you can get almost any medicinal plant. 

Quick points– Shantikunj plant info, address, contact, famous for, locality and founder.

Shantikunj is a religious tourist place in Haridwar well known for good greenery and cleanliness. 

Ayurvedic and medicinal plants in Uttarakhand Shantikunj

I hope I have given decent information about the living style and location of Shantikunj. Now it’s time to grab the information about plants and plant nurseries that you can find here. 

Ayurvedic trees and plants in Shantikunj 

  • Amla tree.
  • Peepal tree.
  • Banyan tree.
  • Gulmohar tree.
  • Ashoka tree.
  • Neem tree.
  • Mango tree.
  • Rose plant.
  • Parijat plant.
  • Champa plant. 
  • Jasmine plant. 
  • Marigold plant.
  • Hibiscus plant.
  • Lotus plant. 
  • Bougainvillea plant.

Medicinal plants in Shantikunj 

Some of the medicinal plants and their uses are given below. It is recommended to be concerned with your doctor before applying for treatment purposes to get the best results.

  • Brahmi – Enhances memory and treats anxiety.
  • Harad – Improves hair growth and is helpful in treating digestive disorders.
  • Baheda – Useful in improving respiratory disorders and hair growth. 
  • Aamla – This Indian gooseberry is used in treating digestive disorders and boosts the immunity system.
  • Ginger – This root plant is useful for treating nausea and vomiting and increasing the digestive system.
  • Aloe vera – Used for skin care and digestion purpose. 
  • Neem – Helpful for resolving skin infections and boosting immunity. 
  • Tulsi – Helpful for improving respiratory disorders and works as an immunity booster. 
  • Ashwagandha – Used for curing anxiety and stress and improves memory power as well. 

Shantikunj Haridwar information

Shantikunj is one of the best places in Uttarakhand. As the name suggests the place is famous for peace and prosperity. 

Shantikunj Founder and Trust

Shriram Sharma Acharya and Bhagwati Devi Sharma were the human beings behind the establishment of Shantikunj in 1971. Shriram Sharma was the main founder of Shantikunj and this place was expanded over Gayatri Nagar. It is also known as the headquarters of “All World Gaytri Parivar (AWGP)”. 

Mrs Shailabala Pandya is the head of Shri Vedmata Gaytri Trust. Shantikunj and Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalay functions under Vedmata Gaytri Trust.   

Shantikunj address in Haridwar 

It is located in Haridwar district of Uttarakhand, India. While travelling from Roorkee to Haridwar you can catch this place just 6-7 km from Harki Paudi on Haridwar Rishikesh road. This religious place is only 6 km from Haridwar railway station towards Rishikesh Dehradun on National Highway 58 (NH58).

There are a number of gates in Shantikunj and for passengers like you and me gate number 5 is the right choice. Entry from other gates is prohibited so make sure to reach gate number 5 to confirm your entry. When you enter gate number 5 you will find car parking on the left side which the (gatekeeper) security guard will also Inform you about while opening the gate for your vehicle. The good thing is car parking is absolutely free and safe. 

Famous for

Apart from Ayurvedic and medicinal trees and plants, this place is famous for meditation, simplicity and cleanliness and most things are available at very cheap and affordable prices. People coming from out of Uttarakhand or even from outside India can stay here by submitting a photocopy of their identity proof.

Rooms are available at very-very reasonable prices, you can get one room only at Rs 50 to Rs 150 for 1 night. Isn’t it incredible, I mean this is 2023 going on where prices in every sector are increasing and only increasing. This shows the transparency of Shantikunj and its people.

I also visited this place and stayed there for a couple of days. What attracts me about this place is its cleanliness, affordable prices and of course medicinal plant nursery. This place is also famous for marriages in groups and individuals at very affordable prices. People who want to do marriage with tradition and simplicity should approach this place for further enquiry.

This place will highly impress people with having calm nature and people who want to spend some time with themselves or in peace will thoroughly enjoy here. Shantikunj also provides food absolutely free of cost to their lungers. In lungers, simple food like rise pulses and chapatis are provided and those who are not interested in free meals can purchase food like masala dosa from their canteens at affordable prices.


What is the contact number of Shantikunj, Haridwar?

Shantikunj Haridwar contact number is 01334260602.

What are the timings of Shantikunj?

Shantikunj Haridwar timings are flexible. One can visit this place at any time but make sure to reach before 10 pm for convenient entry.

Can I get some of the Ayurvedic products here?

Yes, one can also find Ayurvedic products in Shantikunj such as Chavanprash and cow ark.

Can I get free plants in Shantikunj?

No, you have to purchase plants.

How many plants can I get in Shantikunj?

You can purchase plants in bulk for that you need to give orders to their nursery.

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