Get free plants from government nursery near you

Yes, you can get free plants from the government nursery in your region. You can also get the list of government nurseries near you by following the info given in this post.

Quick overview – Free plants and training from KVK centres, get govt land on rent for gardening and farming.

In my previous post, I mentioned some free plant nurseries, organizations and apps which you can read by visiting read my section given at the bottom of the post.

Today, I am talking about a government organisation which most people are not aware of. This organisation is available throughout India and you can get benefits for plants and other things. Let’s explore it.

Get free plants from government nursery near you

KVK centres training and free plants

KVK stands for Krishi Vigyan Kendra and it is a small centre available in almost all districts of India but people hardly know about them. By visiting kvk centres you will not only get free plants from the government but also training for different types of farming. The centres are well known for developing hybrid varieties of plants and you can also get hybrid variety plants here. 

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You can also get training about how to maintain a garden backyard. Anyone can learn to maintain a garden practically in KVK centres. I would also suggest you read this guide to develop your normal garden in a hybrid garden. You can get free plants but for that, you need to do the training about a particular farming of your choice. 

Government people from kvk centres also visit various villages and places to provide training and help to farmers. You can request them to visit your place and provide training to you according to your choice. After doing the training you will get some free plants from these govt centres.  

Apart from this, there are various other ways to get free plants from the government. You can visit the government nursery of your region and to get the list of government nurseries again you can get help from kvk centres.

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Agriculture land on rent and free plants

This is a very important facility provided by the government and it becomes more important, especially for people who are living in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Pune etc. It becomes important due to the lack of land for gardening purposes. People are helpless and forcefully do the gardening on their roofs or balconies which limits the options and sometimes greenery lovers feel suffocated.

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If you will comment below I will cover the whole procedure of getting the land on rent through kvk centres including the registration process, fee structure, eligibility and required documents. 

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Once you will get land on rent for gardening or farming purposes they will also provide you with some free plants which can survive in your region’s climate conditions. The good thing about them is they always do good research and then provide the plant accordingly. 

By this you will get 2 benefits together, I mean earlier you wanted only free plants but now you are also getting government land on rent. In this land, you can do tree plantation as well and use some land for your gardening purpose. You can get wide information on almost every type of tree farming by visiting the top menu bar ‘tree farming profit’ option.

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How to get free plants near me from the government?

You can get free plants near you by visiting government nurseries of your region, the CSIR-CIMAP organization, ayush apke dwar and KVK centres.

What is the KVK centre?

Full form of kvk is Krishi Vigyan Kendra, formed by the government to educate and help farmers through training and some free giveaways including plants, livestock, agriculture equipment etc.

How can I get free plants from KVK centres?

By doing the training you will get some free plants from Krishi Vigyan Kendra centres.

What are the fees for KVK centre training?

Training is either free or very cheap.

Where are kvk centres located?

They are located in every district of the states in India.

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