Teak wood farming profit per acre in USA

Similar to mahogany, agarwood and sandalwood teak trees are also on the list of top-demanding trees worldwide. In this post, you will get to know about teak tree farming practices and its profit in one acre explained in a project report. 

Rubber tree cultivation in US and Australia is very popular among farmers and if you need more info on the said cultivation please comment in the comment box.

Tree information 

Height – 40 mt or 131 ft.

Leaves – 15 to 45 cm long and 8-23 cm wide (large papery). 

Flowers – 25 to 45 cm long and 30 cm wide (bloom – June to August).

Fruits – Spherical shape and diameter is 1.2 to 1.8 cm, fruit set September to December.

Teak wood – Wood smells like leather. Contains sapwood and heartwood.

Heartwood – Yellow in colour and releases a leather-type smell while cutting 1st time.

Sapwood –  Whitish to pale yellowish brown in colour. 

Teak wood plantataion

This tree is also known as Tectona grandis and it is a hardwood species belonging to the Lamiaceae family. The teak tree is mostly found in tropical regions of America, it is native to South and Southeast Asian countries. 

It is one of the most expensive timber having great demand in the USA and other countries. Due to its great rot resistance capacity, it is being used for boat making for 2000 years and is highly demanded in ship and boat making sectors. Another high-value timber known as mahogany is also used for making the parts of ships and boats. 

Teak has great weather tolerance capacity which makes its cultivation popular among all the farmers worldwide. Teak wood is used in multi sectors such as construction, boat building, veneer furniture and engraving etc. Teak trees can grow throughout the world in dry tropical zones and the forest stewardship council granted a certificate for sustainable teak plantation in Latin America.

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Common names – Brazilian teak, African teak, Moulmein teak, Kuyn teak, Rangoon, Rosawa, Burma teak Burma red teak, Saka, Sanwan wood, Tekka and Maisk.

How to start teak wood farming in USA

Yes, it is possible to start the cultivation in USA by meeting the needed requirements and following the basic steps which are given below.  the requirements are matching to your region

Climate conditions and temperature 

It is a tropical tree and produces good-quality wood when grown in tropical regions they are capable of growing in dry and moist regions. It needs proper sunlight to produce high-quality wood and plants that are planted under warm and moist conditions produce high-quality timber. The high temperature for these trees should be 38°C to 45°C and the low temp between 12°C to 16° C.


A minimum of 800 to 2500 mm of rainfall is required yearly. However, for better tree growth 1250 to 3500 mm of rainfall is required. The tree thrives best in regions having 3500 mm of rainfall and farmers from the Hawaiian region of the US can cultivate this timber majorly. 

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Best soil and pH range

Well-drained alluvial and loam soils having a pH of 6.5 to 7.5 are best for teak cultivation. Soil with high calcium, potassium, phosphorus and organic matter is considered good for teak plantations in America. Please avoid black cotton, clay, rocky and sandy soil and also avoid water logging farms and lands.

Planting season 

After the first shower just before the monsoon.  

Land preparation

To bring the soil to fine tilth couple of ploughing is necessary. The weed removal process is to be done before the plantation and also throw tiny stones during the process. Water stagnation can damage the teak plants so it should be prohibited in farms. Making furrows and lanes for drainage is required. 

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Use of 2-year-old well-rotten cow dung is the best fertilizer for teak trees and any crop. Cow dung needs to be mixed into the soil during the last plough and after that dig the pits of 45 x 45 x 45 cm. Once the digging is finished add soil mix and FYM in each pit. 

Propagation method

Sead, vegetative and tissue culture methods are used to propagate plants. 

Teak trees per acre

500 to 900 trees can be planted but 500 to 600 trees are recommended for 1 acre farm. 


for 500 plants = 2m x 2m.

Spacing for 400 plants = 3m x 3m.

Spacing during intercropping = 4m x 4m and 5m x 1m.


After 3 years of plantation start providing NPK 50 grams per plant with a ratio of 15:15:15.

Pest and disease

Termite, stem borer, wet wood borer, caterpillars, pupae pests and wilts. 


Maize, wheat, paddy and chilli etc.

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Teak tree harvesting can be done after 15 years however it needs 25 to 30 years to mature.

Grades A B and C

The trees are divided into 3 grades according to their quality. Grade A produces higher-quality heartwood timber from a fully matured tree. While touching the wood oily, close grains, and golden grown can be felt. Great B timber is a bit lower in quality compared to grade A. It is light in colour with uneven grains and shine is also lesser. In the grade C category, lower quality wood falls have uneven colour and no traces like natural trees.

Tree girth – Grade 1 has a log girth of more than 200 cm, Grade 2 has a log girth above 150 to 200 cm and Grade 3 has a log girth of more than 100 to 150 cm.

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Project Report

Cost per acre 
1 seedling cost = $0.30 to $1.22.
Teak trees per acre = 500 to 900. 
Pick 500 plants in 1 acre. 
If 1 plant cost = $0.61. 
Then, plant cost = 500 plants x $0.61= 305 US$. 

Other costs
Labour cost = $305.
Manure and fertilizer cost = 121 USD.
Irrigation cost = $215
Plant protection charges = $97.
Total cost for 1st year = 1043 USD. 

Total cost for 15 years
Reduces plant cost ($305) from the above given total cost($1043).
Plant cost ($305) – Total cost ($1043) = $738.

To get the cost for 14 years = 14 years x $738 = 10332 US$.
Total 15-year cost = 14 years + 1st-year cost.
Total 15 year cost = $10332 + 1043 USD = 11375 USD.
Total cost for 15 years = 11375 USD.

Profit per acre
Teak yield per tree = 13 to 15 cubic feet. 
Teak wood price per cft = $24.36  to $48.71. 

1 tree price = $24.36 x 13 cft = $316.18 (depends on cubic feet).
1 acre = 500 trees planted.
Profit = 500 trees x $316.18 = $158090.
Net Profit = $11375 (cost) – $158090 (profit) = $146715.
Net Profit = $146715.

Thus teak wood farming profit per acre in USA is $146715.
Note – The profit may vary according to the region, marketplace, demand, variety and quality of timber. 
The teak tree project report is given in the table.


How many teak trees per acre can be planted in the USA?

500 trees are good enough in 1 acre of land.

How many teak trees per hectare can be planted in the USA?

1200 trees.

What would be the 10-year-old tea tree price?

It might be around 243 US$.

What will be a 20-year-old teak tree price?

It might be around 389 USD.

How many cubic feet in one teak tree are there?

13 to 15 cubic feet.

How many years to grow a teak tree?

It can be harvested after 15 years and need 25 to 30 years to mature completely.

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