How many sandalwood trees per acre and farm income

Sandalwood cultivation is one of the most difficult and precious cultivation. It is difficult because sandalwood plant growth depends on the host plants therefore selection of correct host plants and their numbers is compulsory. The right quantity of host and sandalwood plants is briefly explained here including farm income.

Quick Overview – 300 sandalwood plants and 600 host plants are good to plant.

How many sandalwood trees per acre and farm income

The need, selection and quantity of the host plant are important to understand before planting sandalwood plants.

Host plant needs

Before starting the sandalwood cultivation it is necessary to understand why host plants are needed. No doubt it is one of the most valuable farming and is in high demand in most countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Mauritius and India. You can grow it in most places due to climate adaptive nature but I request you to understand the concept of post plants.

Actually, sandalwoods are such plants that are not able to intake the required nutrients from the land and for this purpose, they need host plants because they absorb the required nutrients from the host plants’ roots. I guess I made the point clear still you have any doubts, please ask through the comment box.

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Host plant selection

Host plant selection is one of the most complicated parts of sandalwood farming. People often get trapped while selecting the same host plant selected by their relatives or friends. They don’t even bother to think that their relatives are living far away from their place where that particular plant grows easily, so stop copying other people, especially your relatives.

I recommend you first do good research on the plants that grow well in your region or where you want to start the cultivation. The key point is always to select the plants that can live more than sandalwood trees or at least near to them. Some of the most suitable host plants are given in this post but I request you to pick the hosts according to your regions, meaning pick only those plants that can survive in the region where you are planting sandalwoods.

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Host plant list

  • Tamarind tree. 
  • Jamun tree.
  • Malabar neem. 
  • Neem tree.
  • Babool tree.
  • Agastya tree.

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Number of sandalwood trees and host plants per acre

It is recommended to plant 300 sandalwood trees and 600 host trees. Planting is divided into three categories: 1 sandalwood plant x 2 hosts, 1 sandalwood x 1 host and 2 sandalwood x 1 host trees.  

1 sandalwood plant x 2 host trees

This is the recommended plantation by experts for the better growth of the tree. Try to plant 300 sandalwood trees and double host plants which is 600 hosts. This will provide your tree more and sufficient nutrients. This plantation ratio is preferred by smart farmers because somehow if one host plant collapses then the sandalwood tree will not suffer instead it will intake the nutrients from the other host plants. This method is preferred for commercial sandalwood cultivation worldwide. 

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1 sandalwood plant x 1host tree

If you are doing the cultivation on not a bigger land then you might go for this ratio. This is also okay but at the same time, you need to pay more attention and keep checking the health condition of the host plant because now you don’t have another option. While noticing any root rot or other disease in the host plant immediately replace it and arrange for another host plant to save your main plant.   

2 sandalwood x 1 host tree

Some people are using this ratio which is not recommended at all. However, this could be done for a very small amount of sandalwood plants. It is mainly preferred for small farming and never try this ratio in regular or commercial farming. You can use this ratio for host and sandalwood testing purposes as well. With this combination, you can check whether your host plant survives or not.  

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Distance = 2.5 x 4 m.

Spacing = 5 x 10 m.

Host plant distance = 1 meter (3.3 feet) from the sandalwood plant. 

Avoid – Don’t plant sandalwood trees in protected forest areas. 

Best time to transplant – May and october. 

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Farm income

It is a precious tree and every part of the tree is sellable but heartwood is the most demanding and valuable byproduct of the tree. A 10-year-old tree produces 10 kg of heartwood and the market price is around Rs 15000 to Rs 20,000 per kg. The government price is Rs 6000 per kg which is also not less. Now let’s do the quick calculation.

1 acre = 300 plants.
1 tree (10-year-old) = 10 kg heartwood. 
Total heartwood = 300 trees x 10 kg = 3000 kg heartwood.
Let’s take the government price which is Rs 6000 per kg.
Profit = 3000 kg x Rs 6000 = Rs 18000000.
Now reduce the cost from the profit, let’s assume the cost is Rs 15 lakh.
Net profit = Rs 1500000 – Rs 18000000.
Net profit = Rs 16500000 (1 crore 65 lakhs). 

Note – This is the assumption of a small report and the price may vary accordingly. You can get the detailed project report here.
Sandalwood farm income is given in the table.


How many sandalwood trees can I grow in an acre?

300 sandalwood trees with 600 host trees.

How much income can I generate from sandalwood per acre?  

Rs 16500000.

What is the cost of 1 sandalwood tree?

If the cost is 15 lakh for 300 trees then divide 15 lakh with 300 trees i.e. 15/300 = Rs 5000 per tree.

How many host trees should I plant in an acre?

600 hosts are recommended with 300 sandalwood trees.

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300 Sandalwood trees per acre 600 hosts

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