Mahogany vs teak cultivation which is more profitable

Are you puzzled between mahogany vs teak cultivation, the solution is here. No doubt teak tree is more expensive than mahogany tree but its cultivation cost is much higher. Teak tree needs a huge amount of water hence good rainfall regions are best however, mahogany needs less water and can be grown in most regions with less care.

If you are starting a new cultivation and thinking is mahogany better than teak it means you got puzzled between two plants. You want to pick the best one and therefore you often compare teak vs mahogany plantations. Don’t worry this post will help you to decide the suitable plant for your farm. 

Important steps to choose the right plant for your farm

The first rule of plantation is to check whether the plant can survive in your area. It simply means the climate conditions of your region must suit the plant to thrive comfortably. Before planting any plant you must know the temperature required for the selected plant and its lowest and highest temperature tolerance capacity. Once you know the selected plant can survive in your region now it is necessary to know about the soil and water requirements.

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You must test the soil pH level before planting the plant and when the pH level is suitable for the plant then you can go for the plantation. Water plays an important role and you must know how much water is required for your plant. If you are living in an area of heavy rainfall regions or good rainfall regions then you should pick such plants that need a good amount of water annually. 

If you live in low rainfall regions then you must pick such plants that do not need much water annually. However, irrigation can be arranged but it will increase the cost of plantation and some plants need a huge amount of water. After checking all these necessary terms now you can easily decide and select the most suitable crop according to your region. In the below paragraph teak and mahogany tree requirements are explained. Is mahogany better than teak you will certainly get the satisfying answer to this question here? If you still have any queries please drop your comment in the comment box given at the bottom of the post.

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Mahogany vs teak cultivation which is more profitable

First, you need to purchase the saplings of the mahogany or teak plants. Later you can use the cuttings of healthy mature trees to prepare your nursery or plantation on another farm.   

The mahogany plant can easily grow in a wide range of temperatures but avoid planting this plant in winter. The teak trees can also grow in a wide range of areas but they mostly grow in the tropical region. These trees can easily tolerate high temperatures between 38°C to 45°C and low temperatures between 12°C to 16°C. Well-drained alluvial soils are best for planting teak trees whereas mahoganies can grow almost in any soil. Farmers in Rajasthan, India are doing mahogany cultivation it simply means this tree does not need much water because Rajasthan is one of the driest regions of India.

mahogany trees
Mahogany trees in the farm.

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On the other hand, the teak tree needs a good amount of water, actually, it needs a huge amount of water hence it is not grown in low rainfall regions or grows very weak in those regions. I am not saying that mahogany trees do not need any water, instead, this tree needs regular water for at least 2 years from the planting period. So one should provide water twice a week and later can give water twice a month.

One of the biggest differences between both trees is one needs extra water and the other needs regular watering for only 2 years. Fertilizer plays a role later initially water, climate conditions and temperature are crucial for growing any tree. When it comes to profit 1 mahogany tree selling price after 12 years is around Rs 15000 to Rs 20k whereas 1 teak tree selling price after 12 years might be around Rs 26000.

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The price of both trees depends on the cubic feet of development. More importantly, growing teak trees is more costly due to huge water requirements whereas growing mahogany trees are cheaper due to less water and very less care. Farmers can plant up to 500 mahogany trees on 1 acre of their farms, similarly, 500 teak trees can be planted.

Mahogany vs teak

Mahogany TreesTeak Trees
Regular watering twice a week is required for a couple of years only.
It can grow in almost any weather and climate conditions.
Can’t tolerate freezing temperatures.
Organic fertilizer is good for them.
300 to 500 plants can be planted on a 1-acre farm. 
It gets ready for harvesting after 10 to 12 years.
They have lightweight wood.
Rot resistance capacity.
Wood is used for making ship decks, furniture, boats, guitar necks etc.
Wood selling price depends on cubic feet.
1 tree with good cubic feet can be sold for Rs 15000 after 10 to 12 years. 
Mahogany saplings are expensive and not easily available.
Needs a very good amount of water. 
Regular watering is required for years.
Can grow in any climate conditions but thrives best in rainy regions.
Can tolerate cold and hot temperatures.
Organic fertilizer is good for these trees.
250 to 450 teak plants are considered to plant on a 1-acre farm. 
Gets ready for harvesting after 12 to 15 years.
Wood is heavier than mahogany wood.
More rot resistance capacity.
Wood is used for making ship decks, boats, furniture etc.
Wood selling price depends on cubic feet as well as weight.
1 tree with good weight and cubic feet can be sold for Rs 26000 after 12 to 15 years.
Teak saplings are cheaper and easily available.
Mahogany vs teak cultivation benefits and drawbacks given in the table.


Is mahogany or teak more expensive?

Teak tree is more expensive than mahogany.

Is mahogany better than teak?

Yes, mahogany is far better than teak due to anywhere growing capacity with less care and fewer water requirements.

What are the prices of mahogany and take trees?

The price of 1 mahogany tree with good cubic feet is Rs 15000 after 10 to 12 years. Whereas 1 teak tree price after 13 to 15 years would be Rs 26,000.

Which tree needs more water mahogany or teak?

Teak tree needs huge water whereas mahogany trees can be grown comparatively in less water.

Is the mahogany tree plantation profitable?

Yes, one can earn nearly in crores from 1 acre by planting 300 to 500 trees. 

Is mahogany growing legal in India?

Yes, farmers are already growing long timber trees in Rajasthan, Assam and South East India.

What are the side effects of growing mahogany trees in comparison to teak trees?

Lethal chemicals leak from the rotting leaves of mahogany resulting in no birds, no insects and dead soil whereas excessive water requirement is the side effect of teak trees.

What is the life span of teak and mahogany trees?

Both trees can grow for over 200 years. 

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