Malabar neem wood price per ton 2024

Malabar’s neem price is way more than the poplar tree. It is more beneficial due to harvesting options in different stages. 

Quick summary– Melia dubia price per ton is Rs 5000 to Rs 5500, the wood is used in paper, furniture construction etc sectors, ideal harvesting time is 10 to 15 years, can be harvested after 7 to 8 years as well.

Malabar neem wood price per ton 2024

Malabar neem is also popularly known as melia dubia and burma deck. It is a fast-growing tree and has great value due to its multiple uses. Malabar wood is used in the paper industry, furniture making, plywood and even for construction and building making. Malabar neem wood price per ton is around Rs 5000 to Rs 5500.

Some of the quick reasons given below that you should know before growing Malabar neem in India.

Reason to grow melia dubia tree is given below.

Fast growing tree malabar tree

If seedling is planted on properly nutrient-rich soil it can grow up to 40 feet tall in just 2 to 3 years. The tree reaches maturity in some years and by providing good fertilizer It can develop a strong, sturdy trunk. At a young age the tree can be harvested for pulp and later used for plywood and timber. 

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Timber is used for multiple purposes 

3 to 5 years tree uses – 3 to 5 years melia dubia timber can be used for the paper pulp industry. It is one of the best investments for those who want quick returns. You can plant 1000 melia dubia in around 0. 4 hectares and harvest them after 3 to 5 years. 

5 to 7 years tree uses – If you can wait for at least 5 to 7 years then you can sell the wood in the plywood industry for plywood and timber. The Malabar neem wood is generally used for making small furniture like tables, chairs and sofa sets etc. By providing good spacing the trunk will develop stronger and healthier and you can directly knock on the doors of plywood makers. For a healthy trunk 125 – 180  trees can be planted in 1 acre with a spacing of 5m x 5m. 

10 to 15 years tree uses – At this age melia dubia becomes very strong and durable and becomes the first choice of constructors. Due to a huge construction timber is highly demanded in India and you can easily have a very good profit by planting 500 trees.  

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Climate and care

Climate conditions and care 

Mili Dubia is a very hard wood and can easily sustain frost and heat but prolonged winters can collapse the tree. The screen size of world temperatures requires watering every 10 to 15 days during the dry season whereas no irrigation is required in the wet season. 

One must note that the melia dubia tree is lacking at the taproot, therefore, it can’t survive in high-wind areas. One must take precautions and plant these plants on a shaded farm if you live in a high-wind region. In the growing days, you should protect it from animals like quotes because they used to eat the leaves of malabar trees so you can use simple barbed wire fencing at your farm.


Melia dubai tree reaches a height of 8-14 feet and starts sprouting side branches which need to be pruned regularly so that the tree can form a strong, sturdy, heavy and healthy trunk. 

It is one of the simplest trees to grow which doesn’t demand much fertilizer. NPK of 35-45 kg is required only twice a year which is not that difficult I guess. Apart from this regular watering is required but it needs less water than poplar and other trees.

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Malabar neem tree grows mature in 10 to 15 years however can be harvested in different stages for different purposes which are also given in this post.  

Malabar neem tree growth time height and weight

YearsHeight in feetMalabar tree weight in kg
3 to 525 to 45300 to 500 kg.
4 to 640 to 60 700 to 800 kg.
5 to 745 to 70 700 to 900 kg.
7 to 850 to 901000 to 1500 kg.
Malabar neem growth table.

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Malabar neem farming profit

Malabar tree weight after 4 to 6 years = 40 to 60-foot tree around 700 kg to 800 kg. 

1 ton = 10 quintal = 1000 kg. 

Tree weight after 7 to 8 years = 1 tree weight of 10 to 15 quintals.

Let’s take average weight = 10 quintals.

1 tree = 10 quintal (1 ton). 

Malabar wood price per ton = Rs 5000 to Rs 5500.

It means 1 malabar tree price = Rs 5000 to Rs 5500. 

If planted 500 trees per acre.

Profit = 500 trees x Rs 5000 = Rs 25,00000.

Profit = Rs 25 lakh.

Let’s assume 500 Malabar trees cost around Rs 7 lakh for 7 to 8 years.

Net profit = Rs 7,00000 – Rs 25,00000 = Rs 1800000.

Net Profit = Rs 1800000.

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What is the malabar neem tree price in India?

1 malabar tree price Rs 5000  to Rs 5500.

What is the malabar neem plant price in India?

1 plant price varies between Rs 35 to Rs 100 according to the availability and variety.

How many Malabar Neem trees per acre should I plant?

350 to 500 trees are good enough in 1 acre to maintain good space required for healthy trunk formation.

What is the malabar neem tree price per ton?

Melia dubia’s price per ton is around Rs 5000.

What will be the malabar neem tree weight after 5 years?

After 5 years 1 malabar neem tree weight might be around 500 to 700 kg (5-7 tonne).

What is the Malabar tree cost per kg?

It is around Rs 4.85 per kg.

What are malabar neem common names

Hebbevu, kaadu bevu, malia vembu, melia dubia and burma deck.

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