How many trees per acre is good to plant

Farmers are planting 400 saagwan trees, 500 eucalyptus, 500 mahogany, 500 drumstick, 300 sandalwood, 500 poplar and 500 Pitch trees per acre.

Quick Overview – 300-1000 trees per acre, spacing importance, steps before plantation, medicinal plant, 

Trees in 1 acre

250-300 sandalwood.
300-500 mango trees.
500-700 agarwood trees.
700-1000 dragon fruit trees.
400-600 saagwan.
500-700 eucalyptus.
500-1000 mahogany.
500-1000 drumsticks.
500-1000 poplar.
500-800 Pitch trees.

How many trees per acre is good to plant

The tree density depends on the spacing, tree size and structure. A greater number of straight long trees can be planted in comparatively broader trees. Mahogany and coconut trees grow straight in comparison to mango trees. Therefore 1000 mahogany and coconut trees can be planted on one acre of land whereas 250 to 500 mango trees can be planted on the same size land. However, 500 to 700-long trees like coconut and mahogany are recommended to be planted on one-acre land for the good growth of the tree. Similarly, 250-300 broad trees like mango trees should be planted on one-acre land.

Spacing importance 

Sufficient spacing increases the plant’s health because the tree will get more area to spread its roots, stem and branches. More importantly, it can consume a sufficient amount of nutrients from the land resulting in a healthy tree. Good spacing develops a good tree diameter resulting in thicker, broader stems and branches. Once a tree is grown, a healthy farmer can make a very good income by selling the wood. 

Planting plants with less spacing doesn’t allow them to spread their roots and other important parts. Apart from this they do not get sufficient nutrients from the land and adjust the nutrients from very low portions because other plants planted closely also take nutrients from the same land and have low land portions in their pocket.

Resulting in thinner diameters, stems and branches. Automatically, wood price decreases and farmers do not get the required amount for which he/she planted the plants for so many years. Therefore one should plant 500 to 700 plants in one acre so that they can get sufficient nutrients and space for thriving better. Not only mahogany instead all other tree quantities per acre should be around 500 to 700 depending on the tree size and structure. 

Important steps before tree plantation

In order to get a good income one should select trees wisely. The most important steps before selecting trees are to check in which soil they thrive best, their water requirement, humidity need, survival temperature and sunlight needs. The frost-tolerating capacity should also be known by farmers planting the particular tree in their region.

One must check the soil with a soil tester to know the correct pH of the soil. These tests are small but important and people often miss these basic steps and later they find complaining about the tree. So it’s always better to test before than complain later. Once checking the soil requirement check the water needed by the tree and analyse it by your region.

Some trees need a good amount of water and mostly grow in good rainfall regions like Hilo, Hawaii. Whereas dragon fruit trees easily grow in fewer rainfall regions. Custard apple and coconut trees need decent water but good humidity and warm temperature and mostly grow in Florida. All desert plants need regular and direct sunlight to thrive better; they easily survive in very less water as well. So always research well according to your region’s climate condition, rainfall and soil before planting any tree.  

People want to grow medicinal plants in their gardens. Some people also grow their favourite crops and trees in their backyard but often find difficulty in growing them successfully. If you really want to grow a medicinal plant or any crop or tree in your backyard with a 100% success rate then please go through this very important book designed by PhD holder Nicole Apelian.


Which tree should I plant on my farm for higher income returns?

One can plant sandalwood, agarwood, mahogany, coconut, pitch and drumstick trees for high income.

Which is the easiest tree to grow?

There are lots of trees that can easily grow. Drumstick, neem and mahogany are some easiest trees to grow.

How many trees should I plant in my garden orchard?

Tree density should be according to the spacing.

Why is good spacing required for trees?

Good spacing allows plants to intake a good amount of nutrients resulting in the development of a good tree diameter.

Which tree easily grows on a farm and gives a higher income?

Mahogany tree, because it needs less water and less care and can grow in versatile weather conditions.

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