How many rubber trees per acre and hectare 

In 1 acre of land, 350 to 500 rubber plants can be planted. For better growth do not plant more than 500 trees. Whereas 1000 to 1500 plants can be planted in one hectare, however, 1000 plants are good enough for better thrive. 

Quick Overview – 500 trees in 1 acre, yield per tree 9.50 kg, yield per acre 300 kg and spacing importance.

Rubber trees per acre and per hectare 
Per acre – 500 trees are good enough. 
Per hectare – 1500 trees are good enough for better thrive. 

Rubber tree information

Size – Large tree in the banyan group of figs. 
Height – 30 to 40 meter (100-130 ft).
Rarely – 60 to 195 ft tall.
Trunk – Stout trunk up to 2 meter in diameter.
Leaves – Broad shiny oval leaves 
Leafe length and breadth – 10-35 cm (4-14 in) long and 5 -15 cm broad. 
Leaf size – Larger in young plants, smaller in old plants. 
Fruit – Small yellow-green oval fig 1 cm long.
Latex – Milky white latex.
Scientific name – Ficus elastica.

Latex – Latex is a chemical compound separate from rubber tree sap and stored in different cells. It is the main product of the tree and was formerly used to make rubber. Latex is toxic if taken internally and it is an irritant to the eyes and skin. 

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How to start a rubber tree cultivation 

Some important steps are given in brief to give you an idea. 

Growing zone

It is cultivated in the most tropical region of the world including Hawaii, West Indies, Mediterranean Basin, Nepal, Indonesia, Bhutan, North East India, Myanmar and Malaysia. 


Hevea camporum, guianensis, pauciflora, rigidifolia, spruceana, microphylla and nitida. 


Grows best in tropical and subtropical climates. 
Humidity – 80% humidity
Rainfall – 2000 mm rainfall yearly.
Temperature – 25 to 28°C.
Sunlight requirement – 6 hours a day. 


Acidic, laterite loam or clay loam soil with a soil pH of 4.5 to 6

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Number of rubber trees per acre and per hectare 

Per acre – 350 to 500 trees.
Per hectare – 1000 to 1500.

rubber trees


budwood or seeds.

Water need

At least a hundred rainy days are required for its proper growth, 250 cm of rainfall yearly is needed. 


Once every 3 years – For nursery plants provide 2.5 kg rock phosphate and 25 kg compost per 100 m² 
NPK – Apply 25 kg NPK per 100 m² after 6 to 8 weeks of planting. 

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Regular pruning is required for quick and better growth of the tree 2.5 to 3 m from the ground level.


Latex is the main bioproduct of the tree which has good domestic and international market demand. The collection of latex from the tree is known as tapping and tapping can be done once the tree achieves the required girth. Tapping can also be performed in the 6 years if the tree achieves the required girth. Hence, spacing plays an important role in building a good girth in less time please read the above plant spacing importance paragraph.


Per acre – Rubber tree yield per acre is expected around 300 kg. 
Per hectare – 900-1100 kg.
Yield per tree – 9.50 kg.
Rubber per day from one tree – Rubber tree tapping is done once in every 2 days and 50-gram rubber is obtained during every tapping.


Hot pepper, coffee plants, coconut, and banana trees as a multi-crop in rubber tree farms.  Apart from these legumes can be grown as a cover crop in the initial days.

Spacing importance

Rubber trees are tall in size 30 to 40 meters in height and rarely grow 60 to 195 ft tall. The tree has a stout trunk up to 2 metres in diameter and its leaves are broad and shiny with oval shape. The tree has broad leaves and often needs a good amount of sunlight.

While talking about spacing one should always provide good spacing for the trees according to their size and dimensions. Rubber trees need good spacing. With 5 x 4 meters, 500 trees can be planted in 1 acre. 

Planting 350 to 500 trees is ideal for one acre of land to get complete nutrients. A number of tree selections are important in order to get a better yield. Apart from fertilizer and basil, trees also need a sufficient amount of natural nutrients from the land.

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If you plant more trees than required then they have to dispense their food (nutrients) with other trees resulting in less yield. If you are thinking of providing more fertilizer for self-made nutrients in replacement of natural land nutrients then you are absolutely wrong my dear friend. Nobody can replace nature so be practical and accept the facts which are told here.  


How many rubber trees can be planted in 1 acre?

One can easily plant 350 to 500 trees for better growth don’t plant above 500 trees.

How many rubber trees per hectare should I plant?

1000 to 1500 trees can be planted per hectare.

What is the rubber yield per acre?

Around 300 kg.

What is the rubber yield per hectare?

900 to 1000 kg.

What is the tree yield per tree?

9.50 kg.

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