How many coconuts per tree produces 35 or 75

180 to 200 trees shall be planted on one acre. One tree easily produces an average of 35 nuts and 1 healthy tree can also produce up to 75 nuts. 

Farmers doing coconut cultivation are happy because harvesting takes place 6-8 times a year which gives them a good yearly income. 

How many coconuts per tree produces 35 or 75

Coconuts per tree

Normal to good health tree produces an average of 35 nuts whereas an excellent health tree produces around 75 nuts at one time.

Tree spacing

The number of trees depends on the spacing and some farmers also plant 500 trees in 1 acre. For the healthy growth of trees, one should plant a smaller number of trees. High tree density often produces low-quality fruits due to less space available for trees. Trees usually take the required nutrients from the ground but in dense planting, they were planted closer to each other and get a lower amount of nutrients due to lower land portion availability.

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When more trees are planted all the trees need rich nutrients and the new trends for divided into your number of trees.

For example, a person earns 5 chapatis per day and there are a total of 5 members in his family including him. All five members will get one chapati each but a person having a family of 10 members needs to divide one chapati among two people resulting in slow health growth due to less nutrients.

The same thing happens with trees if you plant more trees than required. They will grow but some of the trees will grow weak fitness and produce low-quality fruits and other bioproducts. So, always plant trees with good spacing to provide them with sufficient nutrients. Coconut plantation per acre should be 180 to 200 trees only. 

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Tall variety – 7.5 m x 7.5 m, hybrid variety – 8.5 m x 8.5 m and dwarf variety – 6.5 m x 6.5 m. 

Yield and 1 acre coconut farm income

One normal tree produces an average of 35 nuts and with 180 trees the yield will be 35 nuts x 180 trees = 6300 nuts per acre. Only one coconut price in Delhi is Rs 50 therefore for 35 nuts it will be 35 nuts x Rs 50 = Rs 1750. Thus 1 tree can produce Rs 1750 and fruits can be harvested 8 times in a year. Production will increase when multiplied by 8 which is Rs 1750 x 8 times = Rs 14,000.

In one acre farm, 180 trees can be easily planted with good spacing. One acre coconut farm income will be higher and coconut farmer can achieve a good income which will be 180 trees x Rs 14,000 = Rs 25,20,000. 

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Another good side that can be discussed here is one normal tree produces an average of 35 nuts and a healthy tree produces an average of 75 nuts. If out of 180 trees, only 25 trees produce 75 nuts each then the yield will be 25 trees x 75 nuts = 1875 nuts. The profit will be 1875 nuts x Rs 50 = Rs 93750 from 25 trees only. But most coconut farmers fail to produce this much yield because they mostly have average to good health trees, not excellent health trees.

As I said tree spacing is the most important factor for growing a healthy tree but it’s not the only factor apart from it there are various other factors including the right soil selection, water, fertilizer,  climate conditions, disease and pests etc grab the full practice information here.     


How many coconuts can one tree produce? 

Coconut yield per tree varies between 35 to 75 nuts according to the tree’s quality.

How many coconut trees can be planted in an acre?

180 to 200 coconut plants per acre are good enough.

What should be the distance between two coconut trees?

Distance should be according to the varieties. For the tall variety, 7.5 m x 7.5 m for the hybrid variety – 8.5 m x 8.5 m and for the dwarf variety 6.5 m x 6.5 m distance is required.

How long coconut tree takes to produce its first fruit?

Almost 6 years.

What is the coconut yield per acre?

1 acre = 180 trees.
1 tree yields = 35 nuts.
1 acre yield = 180 trees x 35 nuts = 6300 nuts. 

What is 1 acre coconut farm income?

1 acre = 200 trees.
1 tree yields = 35 nuts.
1 acre yield = 200 trees x 35 nuts = 7000 nuts. 
1 coconut rate = Rs 50.
1 acre income = 7000 nuts x Rs 50 = Rs 3,50,000. 

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