10 good luck plants for home office business

A list of the top 10 good luck plants for home and office is shared in this post. Plants really give peace and satisfaction to all of us but do you know these plants can also change our luck?

According to the Vastu, plants are very important. There are various lucky plants and by planting these plants there will be always positive energy inside the house. It is also said that these lucky plants can cure health problems and increase wealth and happiness. Let’s understand all these plants one by one.

Top 10 good luck plants for home office business

1. Bamboo plant

The bamboo plant is in the number one position on our list due to its wide range of positive benefits. Bamboo is a very popular Vastu plant declared as grass by the Indian government to encourage its cultivation. It is considered that this plant attracts positive energy, luck, peace and prosperity. The bamboo plant rapidly rises up and therefore it is also known as a symbol of progress. If you are planning to gift plants to somebody then this is a plant. You must take care of a few important things about this plant: Do not keep this plant in direct sunlight.

You shall change the water of the bamboo plant once a week. 3 layer plants are considered lucky so try to purchase three-layer bamboo plants and must tie them with a red ribbon. If you are seeing any stem affected by fungus and looks blackish immediately remove that stem from the bunch. 

2. Pothos plant

Photos plant is also known as money plant. According to Vastu money plant absorbs the negative energy of the house and improves the financial condition of the house. You can plant this plant in mud as well as in water. Planting money plants in water is considered more auspicious, you can use glass or jar to place these plants in water. If you are planting plants in water then you must change the water of the plant pot or jar once a week.

To make sure the good growth of the plant you must keep this plant in bright indirect sunlight. The more green money plant is more auspicious. Whereas it is considered inauspicious for pothos leaves to turn yellow, white or shrivel. So try to immediately remove the faded, yellow-white leaves of the plant. A money plant is a vine, and it climbs upwards. Whereas money plants spread on the ground increase Vastu defects. The southeast corner of the house is considered best for placing these plants in the house.

3. Tulsi plant

You can see tulsi plants in almost every house in India. The plant is incredibly important according to Ayurveda and it is used in various health treatments. Tulsi is also considered very important in Vastu. According to Indian mythology, Vishnu likes tulsi goddesses very much.

That’s why the house where there is tulsi always remains Laxmi. North east direction is considered the best place to place this plant. Apart from this position, you can also place the plant in the north or east region. Always keep the tulsi plant in medium direct sunlight and clean the nearby area of the plant regularly. 

4. Snake plant

The snake plant is a very good air purifier plant at the same time it is also considered an auspicious plant in Vastu. It is a low-maintenance and healthy plant that grows well in bright indirect sunlight. The plant consists of tall and pointed green leaves that grow in an upward direction.

This plant filters harmful gases from the air and converts them into pure oxygen. The snake plant reduces stress on humans and also improves their health. According to the Vastu, the best place to keep the plant is in the east, south, and southeast of the house (agniykon).  

5. Aloevera Plant

The Aloe vera plant is popularly known for its medicinal properties. Aloe vera is used for hair care, skincare and the treatment of various other diseases. According to Vastu aloe vera plant increases the flow of positive energy. North and east directions are best for placing aloe vera at home.

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The aloe plant is also a very good air purifier plant and it is very easy to maintain this plant. Always keep this plant in bright indirect sunlight. Always, remember it is a succulent which is able to store water in its leaves, stems and every part for long period so do not overwater this plant.

6. Jade Plant

According to plant experts, the jade plant is one of the most auspicious plants. It is considered the plant increases wealth, health and the flow of positive energy. The Jade plant is also known as the friendship plant, money tree and lucky plant. It is auspicious to keep this plant at the entrance of the house. It is believed that this plant attracts money like a magnet.

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If you are running a shop or a company you can put this plant at the cash counter of your shop. For good wealth, you can keep it in a southeast direction. It should be kept in the east direction for good health whereas for new projects and luck keep this plant in the west direction. 

7. Banana tree 

The banana tree is yet another auspicious and holy according to Vastu. As per Hindu mythology, Vishnu resides in this tree and Agri experts say the banana tree is the symbol of wealth. The tree keeps negative energy away and brings positive energy to the house. This is a holistic tree, it should be placed in the northeast direction (ishanekon) apart from this you can also plant this tree in the east and north directions.

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You can plant this fruit tree in the backyard of your house along with the tulsi plant. Every Thursday must worship this plant by lighting a lamp. After planting a banana tree you shall clean the nearby area of the tree regularly.

8. Marigold

A Marigold is a plant with beautiful flowers. This flowering plant is considered very auspicious according to the Vastu. It is believed that this plant protects from negative energy and brings good luck to the home. You can place this plant in the house corridor or in the east and north directions. Medium to bright direct sunlight is required for marigolds to thrive better. Whereas in summer one should protect this plant from the hot sun so keep it in a shady place.

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9. Rubber plant

According to Vastu by placing a rubber plant in the southeast corner of the living room one can achieve success in business and financial problems cures. The rubber plant is a very good low-maintenance air purifier plant. Do not keep this plant in direct sunlight; leaves may dry up completely by doing so. Keep this plant in medium to bright indirect sunlight. For good growth of the plant provide water regularly in intervals of 3 to 5 days. 

10. Peace Lily Plant

The peace lily plant is also known as the cobra plant. According to Vastu peace lily is a symbol of love and peace therefore it is suitable to keep in the bedroom. This plant is also known for improving mental health and stress. It is a low-maintenance air purifier plant similar to a rubber plant you have to prevent this plant from direct sunlight. Always keep this plant in medium indirect sunlight for better growth.

Conclusion – In today’s post, we have understood the top 10 plants that can bring health, wealth and prosperity to your life. Please share your opinion by commenting below that which house plant you may plant in your house.

Thank you for giving your precious time. Hope you got the information you were searching for, feel free to ask any query. Share if you want to share this blog post.

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