How to apply for PM Kisan New Farmer Registration

The needed things before registration are an active mobile number to receive OTP, an Aadhar card, a land registration ID, and Khatauni papers. 

Tip – Use the mobile number which is linked with your aadhar number don’t use another mobile number which is not linked. 

PM Kisan New Farmer Registration

Pradhanmantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana is one of the most successful schemes running in India which benefited lots of farmers. If you have not registered for this scheme yet then hurry up form for new registration is available at the government portal. The complete procedure explaining how new farmers can apply for PM Samman Nidhi application form? Where they can get an application form and what are the necessary documents required for applying for this scheme?

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How to get a land registration id

To apply for the PM Kisan scheme it is necessary to arrange a land registration ID. This ID is required during filling out the application form. To get a land registration ID just type bhulekh and your state name then hit enter. On the bhulekh website select your district then fill in Khata sankhya or gata Sankhya of the land then click on the search option. After clicking on the search option a number will appear in front of you and that number is only the registration ID which you have to use during filling the farmer registration form for new farmers. 

How to apply for PM Kisan New Farmer Registration

First of all, you should visit this is the Indian government portal from where you have to apply for the scheme. Remember stands for government website where .gov denotes government and .in denotes India.  always check the URL of the website to get redirected to the correct portal or website. A unique resource locator (URL) appears on the top of every website. So this was the short technical knowledge which I gave you so that you can be redirected to the correct website it will save your time and energy. Now let’s move to the point for which you came here. 

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Once entering the portal you will see the new interface so people who visited earlier will find a different dashboard, don’t get confused it’s new interface of the same portal. For your satisfaction check the URL should appear exactly without any space and spelling change. 

One can easily find new farmer registration option in the dashboard beside the KYC option.  Once you will click on a new farmer registration option it will open the registration form and two options will appear in front of you one for rural farmers and another for urban farmers. If you belong to a village then check the rural farmer option and if you are from the city then click on the urban farmer option. After checking the rural or urban option fill in your 12-digit Aadhaar number then fill in the mobile number. Remember you must fill in the correct mobile number so that you can receive the OTP. 

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After filling in the mobile number scroll down a bit to select the state from the drop-down box. After selecting the state fill in the captcha code and hit on the get OTP box. You will receive OTP to the mobile number which you just filled in above fill in that OTP and click on submit. When you will click on submit it will again ask you for filling the OTP, this time you have to fill the OTP to activate your Aadhaar number. Collect OTP from your mobile number and fill it in to verify your Aadhaar number. Now click on verify Aadhar otp and a new screen will appear in front of you showing your aadhaar verification is successful. 

Now fill in other information on top of the form, and select your district, sub-district, block and village. Just below you can see farmer’s name and gender are already filled, select the category general and others, ST or SC. Farmers having land less than two hectares can get the benefit of this scheme so select small (1-2Ha) under the farmer type option. Now land registration id has required the procedure to get a land registration ID is explained in the first paragraph. Fill land registration ID and ration card number. 

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You will see your date of birth is already filled beside that you have to click yes or no to the question are you accepting PM Kisan man dhan yojana click no to deny and yes to accept this scheme. Man Dhan Yojana is another scheme which provides you pension we will discuss this in some other post. At the bottom ownership land holding option is given where you have to choose between single or joint. Here single means you are the single or solo owner of the land and joint means more than 1 person holds the ownership of the land. 

If the name of your family members and relatives is also given on the Khatauni that means they are joint holders of the land in this case you have to click on the joint option. Now it’s time to add the land record for adding the land record please click on add option. Khatauni plays an important role here so you must have Khatauni papers with you to fill the section. After clicking on ad you will see some options related to the land, first you have to fill the survey/khata no this number is available on your land khatauni paper. 

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Now fill Dag/Khasra number which is also available in your Khatauni in red colour. Now fill the area in the Hectare option from your khatauni paper, the area might be written as “Rakaba” in your khatauni. After filling the area you shall select the land transfer date, there will be two dates given and you have to select one. Dates are given before and after meaning, if the land is on your name before the given date then you would select before and if the land is on your name after the particular date then you shall select after. 

After that select the land transfer detail box and in the drop-down you will see there are a few options given you shall select the appropriate answer which clarifies whether you have purchased the land or there is any other reason behind your land ownership. Now fill in your own aadhaar number in the box asking for the previous owner’s’s adhaar number. After that click on add option and after clicking on adoption you can see your all and details will show above. One last step is left in which you have to upload two documents. Upload supporting document option is given at the bottom and below that there are two file upload options given asking for land and aadhar card uploads. 

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Upload the Khatauni in the land upload option and aadhar card in the aadhar upload option. Now click on save button and this is your final click to complete the registration process. 

If you want to check the status of whether the registration is successfully done or not visit the home page dashboard of the site and click on the status of self-registered farmer/CSC farmers. Then fill in your aadhaar number and captcha code and hit the search button. It will reflect the farmer application status which will show pending approval at the sub-district/block level. This means you have to wait until the block-level officers from the agriculture department will approve your application from their end. 

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New farmer registration process step by step

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi New Farmer Registration step by step is given below please follow the exact steps to complete your new registration. These steps are also explained deeply in the above paragraph.

  1. Visit
  2. Then click on a new farmer registration.
  3. Select rural or urban farmer accordingly.
  4. Fill your aadhaar number then fill the mobile number.
  5. Select your state fill the captcha code and click on get OTP.
  6. Fill OTP to activate your aadhaar number.
  7. Select district, sub district, block and village.
  8. Select your category general, SC or ST.
  9. Now fill land registration ID and ration card number. 
  10. In ownership land holding option choose single or joint.
  11. Now click on add option to add the land record.
  12. Fill the survey/khata no (given in khatauni paper).
  13. Fill Dag/Khasra number (given in khatauni).
  14. Now fill area in hectare option. 
  15. Select land transfer date.
  16. Select land transfer detail. 
  17. Now fill your own aadhaar number.
  18. After that click on add option. 
  19. Upload supporting document option appears.
  20. Upload the Khatauni in the land upload option.
  21. Upload aadhar card in the aadhar upload option. 
  22. Now click on the save button and your farmer registration process is completed.

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PM Kisan gov website all options

The website will open with a picture of PM Modi.

Scroll down a bit, you will find some options.

e- KYC.

New farmer registration.

Status of self registered farmer/CSC Farmers.

Updation of self registered farmers.

Beneficiary status. 

Beneficiary list.

Edit Aadhar Card failure records. 

Online refund. 

Helpdesk Query form.

Download Pm Kisan mobile app.


Download KCC form. 

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