How to apply for basic payment scheme Scotland 2023

Farmers and crofters can avail the benefits of a basic payment scheme in Scotland. They must meet certain requirements which are given in this post along with the applying method and single application form.

In Scotland’s agriculture, the 2014-2024 CAP system is designed to be fairer and simpler so that more farmers can get benefited. By 2019, farmers and crofters doing the minimum level of activity in their farms and having similar quality land will receive the same amount per hectare basis. 

Basic payment scheme eligibility

A basic payment scheme is available for farmers and crofters through which they can get an advantage it also provides safety by improving their main business income. To qualify for this scheme support one must farm their land. Farmers can apply for basic payment schemes that are allocated payment entitlements. One can apply for entitlements depending on the land they farm and their activity is also involved in this.

This scheme is also beneficial for the environment and some other benefits and for that formality to meet certain farming practices and they shall do farming in a sustainable way. However, this is called agriculture practices with benefits but in today’s era, it is more commonly known as Greening. 

How to apply for basic payment scheme Scotland

One must submit a single application form to apply for this scheme. Farmers need to fill a single application form which is available online. The easiest way to submit a single application form is to get registered with rural payment and services via online mode. The last date for submitting a single application form is 15th May one should submit the form on 15th May or before 15th May every year. Yes, if you missed applying for the scheme in 2022 then it’s time for you to apply for this beneficial agriculture scheme in Scotland in 2023 till the 15th of May. 

Late claim penalties 

If farmers will submit the form after 15th May then as a late submission penalty 3% deduction will be done for each working day from their payment. From the closing date, a 3% deduction will be done for 25 calendar days only. While claiming after 25 days all payments will be lost even for future years.

A late claim approval under exceptional circumstances

If a farmer was unable to submit the claim on the said date due to some exceptional circumstances in this case his or her application may be accepted. To get approved one must write to their area office with the relevant evidence within 10 days of the incident. 

Advantages of single application form 

Access to the prepopulated application form with the permanent land of the farmer and last year’s claim.

Any approved scheme contracts and seasonal land benefits. 

Greening requirement check and initial validation instantly. 

Access to date map and get information about boundaries. 

One can easily change their bank account details.

Store all communications.

24×7 hour access. 

Rural payment and services in Scotland 

All farmland in Scotland is divided into three regions as per the payments. These regions are denoted as payment regions 1, 2 and 3. 

Payment region 1 – Better quality farming land falls under payment region one. The lands have been used for temporary grass, permanent grass and tillable cropping. 

Payment region 2 – Rough grazing areas fall under this category. Less favoured areas (LFA) B, C, and D grazing category come under this payment region. 

Payment region 3 – Rough grazing areas with less favoured areas (LFA) grazing category A falls under this region. 

2021 payment rates 

  • Region one – €164.52
  • Region two – €36.27
  • Region three – €10.54

2021 greening rates

  • Region one – €84.82
  • Region two – €14.34
  • Region three – €4.82


What is the basic payment scheme for farmers?

The basic payment scheme is for farmers and crofters who are cultivating regularly with sustainability. The scheme provides safety by supplementing their main business income.

Who can apply for this scheme in?

Scotland farmers and crofters are eligible for this scheme. They can apply for entitlements according to the land they farm and their activity should be involved in this.

What percentage will be deducted if I will apply late for the scheme?

3% for a day will be deducted as a penalty. 

What is the last date to apply for the scheme?

Every year 15th of May is the last date to submit the online form.

How can I apply for a basic payment scheme?

To apply for this scheme you must submit a single application form before or on the 15th of May.

Where I can get the single application form?

You can get a single application form online by registering for rural payment and services.

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