Pig feed chart by age weight pdf

The pig feeding chart by age is given here and you can also download the pdf. It is necessary to perform swine feeding management in the correct way. We have done comprehensive research so that you can get exact information.

In this pig feeding guide, you will get the feeding information from the age of 21 days young piglet to mature boars and sows.

Creep feed tip – for 21-day-old creep it is necessary to keep proteins in good quantity and fibres in less quantity so that these small piglets can easily digest the food.

Pig feeding chart by age weight pdf

Creep feed formula for piglets (21 days old)

Download pig feed chart
Creep feed for piglets (21 days old piglets)
1.45 kg Corn
2.10 kg Polished Rice
3.12 kg Skimmed milk
4.12 kg De-Oiled Roasted Soya
5.10 kg De-Oiled Peanut Cake
6.6 kg Fish or Meat Bone as a meal
7.100 Gram Oxytetracycline Powder (Antibiotic)
8.2 kg Yeast
9.2 kg Mineral Mixer
Creep feed given in the table.

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Creep feed for weaning to 30 kg

Creep feeding early weaning – Creep feed for piglets up to 30 kg from the weaning

Pig Creep Feed
150 kg Corn
23 kg Skimmed milk
310 kg Polished Rice
417 kg Soya Milk
516 kg Peanut milk
62-2.5 kg Fish or meat bone (pig creep meal)
72 kg Mineral Mixer
8500 Gram Salt
9100 Gram Toxin Blinder
10100 Gram CP
1110 Gram Sweet Glucose
12100 Gram Oxytetracycline Powder (Antibiotic)
13 100 Gram Yeast

One can manage pig feed creep according to the season and feed price.

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Pig Creep Feed Ingredients 30 kg to 60 kg

Pig feed formula
150 kg Corn
220 Kg Rice Polished
320-21 kg Soya Meal
45-6 kg Peanut Meal
52-2.5 kg Fish or Meat Bone Meal (pig meal feed)
61 kg GM Salt
7100 Gram CP
8100 Gram Toxin Blinder
910-12 Gram Sweet Glucose
10100 Gram Yeast
11100 Gram Oxytetracycline Powder (Antibiotic)
1230 Gram B Traxim
132 kg Mineral Mixer
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Boar feeding guide and Sows feeding guide

Boars and sows breeding is required in pig farming and for better results, it is necessary to provide good quantity, quality and healthy feed. Boar feeding requirements and sow feed formula is given below in the box:

Boars and Sows Feeding Chart
145 kg Corn
222 kg Rice Polished
320 kg Soya Meal
48 kg Peanut Meal
52 kg Fish or Meat Bone Meal
62 kg Mineral Mixer
71-1.2 kg Gram Salt
8100 Gram CP
9100 Gram Toxin Blinder
1010 Gram Sweet Glucose
11100 Gram Yeast
1228-30 Gram B Traxim
13100 Gram Oxytetracycline Powder (Antibiotic)
piglet feeding guide 2

Some extra ingredients like Toxin Biner, Sweet Glucose, B Traxim are difficult to find in the ordinary market. Hence, it is advised to find these products from a cattle feed factory nearby your region.

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So this was the to-the-point information on the pig feed consumption chart. You can download the chart free of cost from the top paragraph.

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