How to start a rabbit farming business

Rabbit farming business is a profitable business and if you are a rabbit lover there is a great opportunity for you to start a rabbit business meaning career with interest. By this blog post, you will get each and every piece of information on how to start a rabbit farming business in India. We have shared the rabbit farming business plan consisting of a rabbit farming project Report which will help you to get the estimated rabbit business cost. You will get some important information about rabbit business and if you live outside India and want to start rabbit farming in Canada, rabbit farming business in Nigeria, commercial rabbit farming Australia, UK or globally then you need to follow the same basic steps and adjust a bit according to your region and laws. 

How to start a rabbit farming business in India

Rabbit farm business plan – To start a rabbit farm business it is recommended first to make a rabbit farming business plan. Don’t worry we are here to help you and according to the rabbit business plan you have to decide the number of rabbits for rabbit farming along with rabbit farming place, rabbit farming registration company, rabbit farming investment, rabbit marketing.   

How many rabbits do you need to start a rabbitry

Puzzled, while thinking how many rabbits should I start with! If you really want to make money from rabbit farming then you should go with at least 10 rabbit units. 1 unit contains 10 rabbits it simply means 10 units will contain a hundred rabbits (10 x 10 = 100 Rabbits) and for commercial rabbit farming you should start with a hundred rabbits farm however if you are completely a beginner then you may go with 30 to 35 rabbits for practising a little rabbit farm. Approximately 60 to 70 female rabbits and 30-35 male rabbits are required to start a “Rabbit Farm Business”. 

What rabbits eat and drink

Generally, rabbits eat twice a day. Mostly rabbits eat hay and fresh green grass whereas they drink clean drinking water. Small amounts of fresh vegetables and limited pellets are considered rabbit food. You should provide quality hay and quality grass to your rabbits because quality hay, the grass is necessary to function the rabbit’s digestive system properly. Select high-quality grass such as timothy, orchard or brome.

Best place to start Rabbitry farm

To start a “Rabbit Farm” choose an environment pollution free place located far away from noise pollution as well. Places outside cities are considered for rabbit farming and if you could start a rabbit farm business in a village away from the noise and other pollution it will be the best environment for rabbit farming. 

Rabbit farming registration

Rabbit farm registration is necessary to start a rabbitry business. You can register your ‘Rabbit Farm’ under “Proprietorship” or “Partnership” business categories. In order to run a rabbit farm smoothly you should deposit income tax every year, apart from this it is necessary to have a “Business PAN Card” and a ‘Current Bank Account’ of your rabbit farming company.

Rabbit farming investment and profit

To establish a Rabbit farm approximately Rs 2,50,00 (2,474.68 Pound sterling) are required. In this money along with rabbits, you will get a cage of 10/4 to keep the rabbits safe. Apart from this, you will also get bowls to feed the rabbit and a water nipple to water. 

Rabbit farming marketing

Rabbit business plan – After starting rabbit farming it is necessary to make a  rabbit business plan for rabbit farming marketing. Marketing strategy is the most important part of any business whether it is Kadaknath poultry farming business, goat farming business or dairy farming business. Generally, rabbit farms consist of various rabbit breeds and when you develop different rabbit breeds you get a good profit. 

You can target the medical field because rabbit meat is widely used in medical work, so you should target the medical areas as well to sell rabbits. 

It seems that various businesses use rabbit furs therefore you can target these businesses as well. 

There are various rabbit research projects run by rabbit research institutes India and different types of “Government Agriculture Industries” you can target these research institutes moreover, the Australian rabbit breeders association are already availing the benefits of rabbit agriculture in Australia.

Rabbit meat is beneficial for people who are suffering from heart diseases due to 0% cholesterol in rabbit meat. Hence, one can also approach the pharma industry.

Rabbit farming project report 

Benefits of rabbit farming – Profit from rabbit farming is quite huge if you are able to perform rabbit farming and management practices in a correct manner. One of the most interesting facts about rabbit farming is, approximately 70 female rabbits used to produce 350 rabbits in only 45 days. It takes a total of 4 to 6 months for these newborn rabbits to become mature. If all these 350 rabbits are reared carefully, then after 4 to 6 months the total cost of these rabbits will be 1 lakh 20 thousand (1,186.53 Pound Sterling). Keep enjoying reading this rabbit farming article.

During this period Rs 80,000 to 90,000 is less spent in the care of newborn rabbits. In this way, a total benefit of Rs up to 30,000 can be obtained at the initial level. 

Rabbit farming and management practices 

Rabbit farming management practices is not an easy task, while rabbit rearing you need to take special care of rabbits cleanliness. Cleanliness is the basic and most important practice to perform continuously to keep your rabbits away from various diseases. 

It is necessary to feed rabbits from time to time therefore rabbit food management is an important practice in the rabbit rearing business in which you have to take special care of their foods such as hay, green grass, vegetables etc.

It is necessary to give the treatment at the earliest to any of the rabbits that fell sick. Moreover, you should separate or isolate the rabbit from other rabbits so that any infectious or viral disease should not spread to other rabbits.

Rabbit feeding pots or rabbit feeding equipment should be cleaned regularly. 

Rabbits need more care in summers and if the temperature of your rabbit farm goes above 38 degrees celsius then it needs to be balanced. 

From time to time Rabbit Vaccination is one of the necessary rabbit farming management exercises. Hence, you should make a proper rabbit vaccination schedule.  

Rabbit Farming Business FAQ

How many rabbits to start a rabbitry?

Approximately 100 rabbits are required to start a rabbitry business and out of hundred rabbits, 60 to 70 female rabbits and 32-35 male rabbits are considered.

What is the rabbit farming cost and profit?

One can start with 100 rabbits and it needs nearly Rs 2 lakh to Rs 2.50 lakh to start with 100 rabbits. You can earn a minimum of Rs 30,000 per month.

From where we should start the rabbit farming business?

You should start a rabbit rearing business in a pollution-free clean place away from noise pollution as well.

Is rabbit farming a profitable business?

Yes, one can easily earn a minimum of Rs 30,000 per month (400.35 USD) and more according to the number of rabbit investments. 

How to get a rabbit farming licence in India?

To get a rabbit farming licence in India you should approach the local authority of your city. Moreover, register your firm under Proprietorship. You have to apply for a business PAN card along with the current account number in a bank. 

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