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Poultry farms in Brazil is a huge business due to high domestic demand and international supply. Click on project report to reach directly to the project report paragraph or keep scrolling for other valuable information. You can also download poultry farming pdf free of cost given at the top of the post.

Poultry Production in Brazil

Today, Brazil is one of the top most poultry industry due to the high engagement of people. In Brazil more than 36 lakh people are directly or indirectly connected with poultry farming business and this figure shows the popularity of poultry farming industry in Brazil. While talking about accounts it is around 1.5 % of the (NGDP) National Gross Domestic Product. 

Moreover, Brazil has an organized poultry farming sector including limit less integrated producers, vital processing companies and dozens of exporters. Brazil chicken production holds a position in world’s top 3 countries. Contract farming plays a vital role in the growth Brazil chicken production.

Chicken farming environmental impact 

Environment plays an important role in any farming if farming products were selected according to the environment then the particular farming can create a huge difference as Brazil has done by choosing poultry farming in Brazil.  

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While talking about chicken production environmental impact we can see the contribution and performance given by Brazil. The disease ratio of birds especially avian influenza or bird flu Brazil wins the battle with no case of bird flu even after running one of the biggest poultry farming Industry. Here the role of environment is clearly seen but at the same time we can’t avoid the important role played by (MAPA) Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply that is responsible for strict quality and health control process.

  • In Brazil chicken enjoys larger space and lower density in comparison to other countries.

Brazil Association of Animal Protein

According to the (ABPA) Brazil Association of Animal Protein the growth of chicken consumption is increased unexpectedly, from 1990 to 2015 there is a jump from 14.2 kg to 43.3 kg. The country is among 3 largest consumer of chicken meat in the world whereas in chicken export Brazil holds number one position in the world.

The growth of the chicken industry has contributed immensely to increase the Brazil economy. The poultry sector involves about 1, 80,000 farmers who are participating to create more than 3.5 million jobs along the chain. Thus this industry participates in increasing the performance of agribusiness.

Poultry contract farming 

75 percent of chicken grown in Brazil are produced under contract farming between growers and processing industries.

Pif Paf Alimentos is one of the largest food processing companies which is actively participating in chicken contract farming business since the establishment, 1970. Pif follows the CF model very actively and the company has about 8000 people as employees.

In Pif Paf there is a pre agreed price determination system. As per the contract of contract farming Pif Paf is responsible to purchase all the chicken grown under the contracts. The company also offers technical assistance who are responsible of visiting the production facilities at least once in a week.

Poultry farming information 

Main purpose of opening poultry farm is to produce eggs and meat and generating high revenue from these products. One can produce good revenue through poultry farm because in poultry farming business you just need small space and small amount to begin.

The first benefit of poultry farming is it does not require big space. Brazil farmers are doing poultry cultivation at their house backyard or farm backyard due to less space requirements.

It does not demand for big investment unless you start a significant commercial poultry farming business. Moreover, it is capable of producing high returns in a short period, poultry birds like broiler chicken are well known for quick maturity and also are not expensive at all.

High maintenance is not required in poultry farming business only you need to maintain proper hygiene to reduce the disease. You can start with poultry birds like quails and turkeys due to less disease probabilities.

Poultry farm can be a great opportunity for all unemployed people and specially for those who are educated but unemployed because this agribusiness does not demand for large investment and time instead this business provides the facility of less investment and time saving.

Marketing strategy is as simple as to start it. You don’t need any big poultry farming marketing plan instead of that one just need to approach local meat and chicken shops and provide your rate menu to local butcher’s. You can also contact with big non veg companies like KFC and there are more options like pizza hut and dominos where non veg pizza requires flesh.

Now a day’s online stores are available hence you can create your online store where you can sell any of your product. One can also contact with good websites for their promotion by offering some good amount to these websites to show their brand name or contact number so that they can get more worldwide buyers or local buyers.

Apart from selling chicken online at Amazon, Flipkart you can sell the product by making your online stores like Instamojo, Razorpay, Meesho etc. You can also use facebook to sell your product online by using the option of marketplace, the marketplace option looks like a hut or home it is in home page of face book and 3rd option in the top middle of the page. Contact your feed dealer to get buyers and these dealers can easily sell out your chicks.

WhatsApp business account - You can also increase your poultry farming revenue by using what’s app business it is also free. WhatsApp business is different from regular WhatsApp however, it looks similar to it, and you can download it from play store.

Poultry farming has huge global demand you can start the business in small capital and later you can grow it by exporting it, in starting days you should not plan to export it but later first target other city then state and after capturing 8 to 10 states you should try to export it out of your country.

Good thing about this agribusiness is in most cases license is not required for initial days and later your can easily apply for license from the appropriate license center or office.

Poultry farming scales in Brazil 

  • Poultry farming is divided in various scales in Brazil
  • Small scale – 1 to 8000 birds are raised in small scale poultry farming
  • Medium scale –  About 8000 to 1 lakh birds are raised
  • Large scale – Mainly used in commercial level where more than 1 lakh birds are raised.

Poultry farming gives you option to choose multiple sectors including flesh, eggs and more  

  1. Meet production – broilers
  2. Egg production – layers breeding
  3. Egg and meet processing
  4. Chicken breeding hatchery
  5. Poultry feed production

Note – broilers and layers are types of chicken breed grown in poultry farming business, broilers are mainly grown to produce meet and layers are grown to produce eggs.

hen farming

How much investment needed to start poultry farm in India

The only big investment is required for providing shade to broiler chicks apart from it some small amount is required to start poultry farm business.

For 5000 birds you need 5500 square feet shaded space. 29 by 200 shade area is good for 5000 broiler birds. The cost of the shade is between Rs 14 to 15 lakh in 2021. In this 15 lakh all other farming equipment's are included drinking water facility for broiler chicks, side curtains, sprinkler installment etc. If you already have shade then you just have to pay for feeder and for 500 chicks 15 quintal feeder is required that will cost around Rs 48,000 apart from that add medicine cost Rs 3000 approx and add Rs 1000 as miscellaneous charge. If you have your own farms then you can reduce this investment also by growing feed.

How to treat sneezing chickens

Chicks sneezing treatment - During cold problem in chicks you can try organic formula by adding turmeric, ginger, garlic 200 gram each.

200 gram ginger + 200 gram turmeric + 200 gram garlic = paste

And mix this paste in water then add 100 gram of this mixture in drinking tools of broiler chicken at least for 3 consecutive days. This effort will not only save your money but also treat your broilers from the root.

Is poultry farming a profitable business?

Yes, it is a profitable business if you will practice poultry farming in good way. You should also apply for poultry farming subsidy click the link and you will be diverted to another post that reveals all the details about subsidy on poultry farming in Haryana

Before starting this business you should visit your local feed dealers and check the rate of feeds. Feed FCR should be 1.5 not above than this figure because it will produce the same result but you have to pay more for FCR more than 1.5

You should try to start the business in small scale first, practice it for a year then make plans for expanding it. However, poultry production business is one of the volatile businesses due to un settled chicks price in the market. If you have good shade or residence for your chicks then there is less investment for poultry farming business. There is around Rs 68,000 investment in small scale with 500 birds. Only bird shade is costlier and if you already have bird shade arrangement then it will become more easy for you other wise you have to invest huge amount around 14 lakh for creating a professional level shade in 2021. 

Farm shade cost

Shade facing is necessary due to proper air ventilation; east to west formation of shade is good in the sense of proper sunlight and air. For 5000 birds you need 5500 square feet shaded space. 29 by 200 shade area is good for 5000 broiler birds. The cost of the shade is between Rs 14 to 15 lakh in 2021, other facilities like sprinkler, side curtains, feeder, soil etc are involve in this price.

Height of 11 to 12 foot in middle and 8 to 9 foot long edges. Good height is required for better air and sunlight.

Installation of sprinkler is good to maintain the temperature it provides the facility of cooling down the temperature

You can grow your own feed to reduce the feed budget. You can collaborate with 2 or 3 farmers to invent a little feed section at your farm.

Poultry farming project report 500 birds pdf

Free PDF download link is given at the top of the post. 

Price of 1 broiler chick varies between Rs 30 to 35 however; it mostly depends on market condition sometime it may go down to Rs 15 to 20 when market is worst.

  • Current price of 1 chick is Rs 32
  • Rs 32 x 500 chicks = Rs 16000

Feeder cost

  • 15 quintal feed = Rs 48,000
  • Medicine cost = Rs 3000
  • Miscellaneous cost = Rs 1000

Total Cost = 68,000 in 45 to 50 days

Now let’s calculate profit from broiler business

  • While purchasing 500 chicks you will get 15 chicks extra
  • After 45 days if there is only 485 broiler chicks available
  • Weight of 1 broiler bird will be around 1.9 kg to 2.3 or sometime 2.5 kg
  • Let’s take one bird weight = 2 kg
  • 485 broiler x 2 kg = 970 kg
  • Now 970 kg x current market price of 1 kg chicken

Note – chicken price changes frequently, we are giving example you can add the current price of at that time and location

If current chicken price is Rs 150 per kg

970 x 150 = Rs 145500

Net profit = Profit – Cost

Net profit = Rs 145500 – Rs 68000 = 77500

Net Profit = Rs 77,500

Note - In this calculation shade (chicks residence) cost is not included if new shade is created in own land then it may cost around 14 to 15 lakh in 2021 you can add this figure accordingly.

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