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Dogs are the most popular pets worldwide and most people rear dogs in their houses. Do you know you can earn a good income by doing a dog breeding business in India? People all around the world especially in the USA, the UK and India treat their pets like family members and this creates a good business opportunity.

Dog breeding business plan in India

A good thing is that one can start this animal rearing business without leaving the current job, meaning you don’t have to give superabundant time to this business. You can start a dog breeding business in India from your home and sell them in the local dog market near you. This way by doing it from home you can start earning money without leaving your current job.

Not many additional requirements are needed for a dog business in India however, you have to purchase some special breeds and start breeding them to sell their puppies in the dog markets online or offline.

Project Report

15 German shepherd dogs.
1 German shepherd price Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000, Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000.  
Let’s take a minimum price of Rs 10,000 per puppy.
If 15 German shepherd dogs are purchased (13 f, 2 m).
15 dogs = 13 female + 2 male.
15 dogs x Rs 10,000 = Rs 150,000.

Feed cost per month = Rs 2200 per dog.
Feed cost for 15 dogs = Rs 2200 x 15 dogs = Rs 33000.
Feed cost for 2 years = Rs 3300 x 18 = Rs 594,000.
Labour cost for 18 months = Rs 1 lakh.
Miscellaneous cost = Rs 5000.
Total cost = 15 Dogs cost (Rs 33000) + 15 dogs feed cost 18 months (Rs 594,000) + Labour cost 18 months (Rs 1 lakh) + Shade cost (Rs 1 lakh- tin shade) + Miscellaneous Cost (Rs 5000).
Total cost = Rs 8,32,000.
Now let’s calculate the dog business profit. 
13 female + 2 male = 15 dogs. 
1 female dog can produce 5 to 9 puppies.
Let’s take an average of 6 puppies from 1 female dog.
Total puppies = 13 female dogs x 6 puppies = 78 puppies.
Total German shepherd puppies = 78.
The selling price of a German shepherd is Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000.
If you sell a single German shepherd at Rs 14,000. 
Then, 78 dogs x Rs 14,000 = Rs 10,92,000.
Profit = Rs 10,92,000.
Net Profit = Profit – Cost.
Net Profit = Rs 2,60,000.

Note – So this is the estimated dog breeding business profit. Profit may vary according to the current puppy price and the price may vary region to region.

Best dog breeds in the world

The dog breeding business in India is gaining popularity slowly but steadily. A proper dog breeding business plan is necessary before starting the business. To make an effective business plan good research work is necessary. The selection of correct dog breeds is required to generate a satisfactory income. Some top dog breeds for business in Nigeria, India, USA or globally are given below. 


This breed is one of the most popular breeds in the world. Labrador is a lovable dog with the benefit of quick learning skills, yes labrador is a quick learner and it is counted in the list of top 10 intelligent dogs in the world. Due to these skills the dog owner doesn’t have to spend more money on the dog for the adaptation to different situations and climates. This makes Labrador breeding less costly.


Pug breeds are one of the oldest species. They are small in size and also a bit fatty in shape which give them a cute resemblance. Pug species are most beneficial for those people who live in apartments and flats, it’s easy to rear pugs in a small space. If you are starting a small dog farming business for the first time then pug species are the best and you can start from your apartment.

German Shepherd 

German Shepherd breed types are easily found in India. This dog breed is known for intelligence, courage and alertness. The dog has quick learning skills as well, interestingly German Shepherds are known by different names in different countries. People used to rear German shepherds for security purposes. These dogs fall in the category of dogs with the best-smelling ability. 


This dog variety is easily available in the pariah dog farms or animal markets. This dog has the capability of adjusting to the environment quickly, pariah dogs are friendly by nature. The pariah dog species is affectionate and loyal to the master 

Indian spitz 

Indian spitz is divided into two categories: small and bigger spitz. Small Indian spitzes are roughly 5 to 7 kg in weight and 22 to 25 cm at the withers. Bigger spitz or greater Indian spitz is 12 to 50 kg in weight and 35 to 40 centimetres in the withers. Indian spitz is found generally in milky white colours, they are also available in solid colours like brown and hybrid black (rarely) or white colours similar to the pomeranian dog.

Dachshund dog 

Dachshund puppy price in India ranges between Rs 5000 to Rs 20,000. These dogs are beautiful and also called wiener dogs due to their long and narrow shape, they are friendly by nature. They can easily survive in low-space areas, dachshund dogs are trained for hunting rabbits, these dogs are healthy, and courageous and can easily survive in Indian volatile climate conditions. 


Doberman dogs are intelligent, adventurous, courageous and good learners and can be found in any city in India. They are environment tolerant and can survive in any environment with different circumstances. These dogs are also used by the “Indian Army” and the common man as well and they are mostly seen in dog training centres in India. Due to good learning skills, they are preferred as pet dogs.


Dalmatian dog type is considered an athlete type of dog. These dogs are healthier and affectionate towards the trainer or owner. This dog has watchmen-type skills and they can wake up with a little sound, however, Dalmatian dogs can only survive in hot climates and can’t tolerate cold climates. 

How to start a dog breeding business in India 

Some basic requirements need to be fulfilled to start a dog business.  

Every business needs a perfect plan to succeed, selling dogs to rearing them is not as easy as it sounds. It needs some good practices with a good business plan to be executed at the correct time. You have to maintain a proper time for your business followed by dog care, breeding and dog licence are some other important tasks to be executed with care.

You also have to take proper care of diseases and management along with harm ness and injury. You have to collect the knowledge discussed above and should make a plan before entering the business. Even after making a good plan, you may find some difficulties in practical life which you might not think about theoretically.

You have to build a good relationship with dog bearers to get assistance not only in your initial days but also throughout the journey.

A good business often consists of time management, good and sufficient staff, an investment plan, dog licensing, customers and marketing strategies.


One should select an 18-month-old female dog to produce healthy young puppies. 10 days before breeding a dog there should be a proper check by an expert whether the pet is suffering from any disease or not, this step is necessary to produce healthy puppies. Health check-ups should be performed for both male and female dogs before the breeding process takes place. 

As per the female dog breeding cycle, they cannot reproduce the kids more than five times in their whole life cycle and you are not allowed to force them to produce young ones more than five times throughout their breeding journey.


Farmers shall pick 18th-month-old dogs for breeding purposes. Ten days before dog breeding there should be a proper check by a veterinarian for both male and female dogs. 

Dog breeding licence

If you are starting a dog business with more than 3 pets and selling them in the market in a year then you have to register your company and should apply for a dog breeding licence. You can apply online for a licence and after proper inspection, you will get a licence. You can take permission from your local authority for a licence. 

After applying for the licence it is necessary to register your dog business, you will get a unique registration number for your company. 

Remember this licence is valid for only one year hence it is advised to get it renewable every year properly to avoid cancellations or other issues.

Where to sell dogs

Before starting a business you should survey the market. There are immense opportunities of selling dogs directly to any person or family who is searching for different kinds of dogs. You can reach these people offline or online mode, and you can approach a market or a dog shop in your local city, and convey to the shopkeeper about your business. You can use apps like OLX for selling dogs online or use other online selling apps.

Professional dog farmers in Canada and the UK usually build dog-selling websites to sell dogs and anyone can create these kinds of websites to get good leads. You can create a website free on but this site needs a little bit of coding knowledge. It is recommended to build a website on WordPress with few amounts. I can create a dynamic WordPress website for you free of cost.

If you don’t want to build a website you can use your Facebook marketplace to sell the dogs online, there are very high chances of getting direct customers in ‘Facebook Marketplace’ however, the name of Facebook has been changed to Meta by the owner of Facebook, Zuckerberg due to future potential of metaverse technology. If you have a good amount to invest in the dog farming business then you can run “Google Ads” as well.

There are other opportunities like CID, Special forces, training centres, agencies, and apartments that need dog guards as well. Through this dog special training kit, one can train any breed professionally.


What is the dog-rearing age?

One can start a dog rearing business with a 6 to 7 months old puppy.

How much I can earn from dog business?

One can earn from Rs 2,60,000 to Rs 5,00000 per year.

Is dog business profitable in India?

Yes, people are already earning Rs 2,60,000 by rearing 15 German shepherds.

What should be dog breeding business plan?

1. Select the best breeds according to the suitable climate conditions.
2. Select at least 15 breeds to start a business.
3. Make a proper dog feeding schedule.
4. Organic feed can give more benefits.
5. Company registration and license is required.
6. Permission from local authority offices.
7. Cross-breeding in correct intervals is required to produce healthy puppies.
8. Sell puppies offline as well as online.
9. Online selling can give you more income, so make a website.

Can I sell dogs on olx?

Yes, of course, it is one of the best marketplaces where people buy and sell products and services.

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