Uttarakhand hemp license approval 100 percent

Before starting hemp cultivation in Uttarakhand the important point is the THC content should be less than 0.3%. Required documents and permission-taking process and place are shared here.

Quick notes – Hemp license application submission at the district magistrate office, must own land.

Uttarakhand hemp license approval 100 percent

In July 2018 state government permitted hemp cultivation in Uttarakhand under its guidelines. The main guideline for growing hemp is one should control the THC content which should be less than 0.3% anyhow. In 2023 Uttarakhand is the largest producer of hemp in India but still, the state is not growing the important weed on the expected scale due to the unawareness of farmers.

Uttarakhand farmers want to cultivate this important weed but they are not aware of the selling process and growing permission. Both these queries are solved here and I have tried my best to explain the selling process and permission. Now it’s your responsibility to take action and if you find any difficulty you can email us or drop a comment at the end of the post in the common box. 

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Hemp farming documents Uttarakhand 

If you will fulfil the below-given requirements and follow the given steps in a legit way then there is a 100 % chance to get a hemp license in India where it is legal and definitely in Uttarakhand.

  1. Before applying for documents farmers should have their own land in Uttarakhand. 
  2. Land ownership proof including Khasra number.
  3. Good character certificate from your area in charge such as Pradhan. 
  4. Approach the local agriculture officer and Uttrakhand Hemp Association to get the legal hemp application form.
  5. After filling out the application submit it to the district magistrate of your district. 
  6. Must attach the land ownership proof with the application form to avoid any rejection. 
  7. A hemp farm address including a geographical description is required in the application form.
  8. If you have signed a contract with a commercial unit then submit the proof of the said document along with the application.
  9. Submit the proof of storage facility where you will keep this important weed.
  10. Submit an assurance certificate that you are applying for a Uttarakhand hemp license for the first time and don’t have another licence.
  11. It’s up to the DM to approve or disapprove your application according to the form submission and land visit.

Note – Once you get approval for license you are not allowed to sell this weed to other buyers instead you have to sell the hemp to buyers authorised by Uttarakhand Government only.

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No criminal case should be pending for the applicant.

Must have your own land. 

For growing hemp government priority for villages.  

Commercial and medical institutes owning land can apply for hemp licenses.

Storage facility proof.

Get agriculture land on rent 

I got lots of emails from my various viewers across the world along with some comments on my previous posts. These respected people were continuously asking that they don’t have any land, where can they start hemp cultivation in Uttarakhand. I don’t know whether they are aware of the Uttarakhand hemp policy or not as per the law one must have their own land to start its cultivation. 

There is a legit way to get agricultural land on rent by the government. Unfortunately, apart from hemp, you can start any other farming on this rental land. Interested people do read the below paragraph.

Visit (KVK) Krishi Vigyan Kendra centres of your district only to get practical information and hemp farming training. It’s a government organisation which is bound to provide training to farmers. More importantly people not having land can take the land on rent from KVK centres but for agriculture purposes only.

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KVK will not only provide you land but also help you to establish your farm setup whether you are interested in kadaknath poultry business or any other kind of agriculture farming. Lots of people living in Uttarakhand are not aware of KVK centres. They can use our search box to read comprehensive information on KVK where they will also get the legit information on agriculture land rent documents and agreements. 

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Name some best hemp-growing places in Uttarakhand.

Chamoli, Nainital, Pauri Garhwal, Almora, Tehri Garhwal, Pithoragarh, Bageshwar, Champawat, Uttarkashi, Gaisain, Badrinath and Joshimath.

What is hemp farming cost in Uttarakhand?

Due to no fertilizer and maintenance requirements farmers can easily start their cultivation in Rs 25k to Rs 30k.

Can I grow hemp in a barren land?

Yes, one can easily grow hemp in barren land instead farmers should grow these crops mostly in barren land because it is a naturally growing weed that does not need any maintenance and fertilizer. Instead, it will fertilise the land for your next crop.

Is CBD legal in Uttarakhand?

CBD is known as hemp and yes it is legal in Uttarakhand since 2018.

Do I need a licence to sell hemp products in India?

While trading in hemp for medicinal purposes one must apply for Ayush licence.

Who is the owner of hemp India?

Jayanti Bhattacharya is the co-founder of Hemp India.

How can I get a hemp license in India?

Submit the application form along with land ownership to the district magistrate of the district. Mention the land where you want to start the cultivation. Clearly mention the land description and its geographical coordinates.

What should I write in the hemp application?

Give the correct address of your farm where you are going to start the hemp cultivation. Also, provide the land description and geographical coordinates of the farm.

Is hemp a crop that can stop hill migration?

Yes, it is one of the crops that can stop hill migration and ministers do not need to beg instead promote some important cultivation including hemp, fiddlehead, stinging nettle etc and their worldwide export.

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