1 acre coconut farm income per year from 200 trees

Coconuts are harvested 8 times in a year which means the farm income will be 8 times more comparatively other crops. This post is all about coconut farm income per year from one-acre land.

Quick notes – 200 trees per acre, 1 tree produces an average of 35 nuts, 1 tree harvests 8 times in a year, 200 trees produce 56000 nuts, farm income by selling at wholesale price is Rs 616000.

1 acre coconut farm income per year 

Coconut starts bearing fruit in the sixth year and one healthy tree produces an average of 35 nuts 8 times in a year. Please note I am saying on average 35 nuts however some trees also produce around 45-50 nuts depending on their fertility. A tree with excellent health is capable of producing an average of 75 nuts at one time.

Remember, coconuts are harvested 8 times a year. While doing mathematics this super healthy tree produces 75 nuts x 8 times = 600 fruits yearly. Whereas a good health tree produces 35 nuts x 8 times = 280 nuts in a year. A weak tree will produce very few nuts (5-7) or even no nuts. In this case, you need to check the health of the tree and find out the root cause, immediately start giving it the necessary treatment and required fertilizer.

Must knowHow many coconuts per tree produces 35 or 75

In the one-acre farm, coconut farmers are planting 500 coconut trees but for better yield, 180-200 trees are good enough. The average coconut yield per tree is 35 nuts, as mentioned above the tree is harvested 8 times in a year i.e. 35 nuts x 8 times = 280 nuts. Thus coconut yield per tree per year is 280 nuts. If a coconut farmer plants 200 trees per acre then these trees will produce 200 trees x 280 nuts = 56000 nuts per acre. 

Coconut price in India is versatile from the South to the North region. Due to good availability in the South region, the price is cheaper and due to less availability in the North region the price is higher. I used to purchase one nut at the average price of Rs 50 in the Uttarakhand market. The price is similar in Delhi as well whereas the same nut costs around Rs 18 – Rs 22 in the south Indian region. 

Check out thiscoconut tree profit per acre

This is the market price when we are purchasing single or double nuts. At the same time, the wholesale price will surely be lower. Farmers used to sell their farm crops at wholesale prices in fruit mandis. The wholesale price of the nut might fall between Rs 10-15 depending on the quality.

Let’s take the minimum price of Rs 11. If a coconut farmer sells a single nut @ Rs 11. When 200 trees produce 56000 nuts then 1 acre coconut farm income per year will be 56000 nuts x Rs 11 = Rs 616000. Remember, this is the wholesale price and if a farmer is not selling coconuts at wholesale price instead selling them at a market price then the price will be much higher or almost double. 

You can check out the coconut farming project report in which I have shared the profit cost according to the market price.

Conclusion – In this post, I have shared the coconut farm income from 1-acre land. The correct no of coconut trees is also shared along with the yield per tree and per acre let’s have a quick overview. By planting 200 trees coconut farmers can achieve 56000 nuts per year. By selling them at a low price of Rs 11 farmers get Rs 616000 in a year. After deducting the cost the net profit will be around Rs 3,75,000. This income is as per the wholesale price.


How many coconut trees can be planted in an acre?

Around 500 trees can be planted in an acre whereas 180 to 200 trees are recommended.

What is the coconut yield per acre?

By planting 200 trees around 56000 nuts are expected in a year.

What is the coconut yield per tree?

Average – A good health tree produces 35 nuts. 
Sometimes – An excellent health tree produces 75 nuts.

What is 1 acre coconut farm income per year?

By planting 200 trees 56000 nuts are produced in a year and by selling these nuts at Rs 11 farmer gets Rs 616000. After deducting the cost, farmers will get around Rs 375000 in a year.

How many coconut trees per acre in Tamilnadu?

Coconut plantation depends on your land geography. 500 trees can be planted in one acre with less spacing and higher density. For better growth and higher yield no of coconut trees per acre should be around 180 to 200 trees.

Where should I grow coconut in India?

Due to suitable climate conditions, one should start coconut farming in Tamil Nadu to get a better yield.

How much can a person earn from a 1 acre coconut tree?

By planting 200 trees around Rs 616000 can be achieved. This is when a single nut price is Rs 11 only whereas selling the nuts at market price will result in more income.

Is a coconut tree a cash crop?

Yes, it is one of the important cash crops in India but you should know it will start producing income from the 6th year because fruits are produced commercially from the 6th year.

How many coconuts are in 1 kg of copra?

5 to 6 nuts.

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