Hemp permit application in South Africa | Hemp Permit South Africa Thoko Didiza

Hemp permit South Africa Thoko Didiza. South Africa minister Thoko Didiza announces the hemp application process is now open in South Africa and people can apply for it.

Ms Thoko Didiza is the minister of agriculture land reforms and rural development in South Africa. On Friday 29 october 2021 minister Didiza announced the opening of the application process for HEMP permits effectively from the said date. According to minister Thoko it is good news for South Africa that hemp is going to contribute to the country in terms of jobs and recruitment. In South Africa hemp is declared as an agriculture crop under the plant improvement act No.53 of 1976

What is plant improvement act

Plant improvement act is for export and import control of certain plants  and propagating materials. It also includes maintaining the quality of plants and ensuring the usefulness  of the products for agriculture and industrial purposes. 

Drugs and drug trafficking act 1992 South Africa

Drug trafficking act South Africa - Hemp and Dagga are the plants of the same genus, Cannabis. According to drugs and drug trafficking act 140 of 1992 commercial use of dagga is still not allowed. On the other hand, after declaring hemp as an agricultural crop now the hemp is available and allowed for exportation, importation, sale, research and cultivation of hemp in south africa is legal now.  

Hemp cultivation in South Africa

After the declaration of HEMP as an agricultural crop, hemp farmers in South Africa can perform growing hemp legally in South Africa on a large scale and can contribute towards industrial hemp farming South Africa. Hemp permission is a master stroke and it can be considered as a good step towards the African cannabis master plan. It will definitely improve the development and growth of the South African Cannabis industry by contributing towards economic development, job creation, rural development, agricultural development and minimizing poverty. After hemp permission in South Africa sustainable hemp agriculture or sustainable hemp farming will definitely help to sustain hemp for long term in South Africa sustainable agriculture. According to conservative estimates around 25000 jobs can be created after this concise step.

Farmers have been planting hemp for many years. Now it's time to take the advantage of their experience and apply for a commercial hemp license and start commercial hemp processing cultivation in South Africa. When these traditional hemp farmers and hemp traders participate in hemp cultivation it will encourage the standards of South Africa hemp production along with productivity which will automatically result in a South African economy boost. 

Hemp production permit South Africa

Hemp laws south africa - As per new modified hemp laws South Africa one can grow hemp legally in this country. In South Africa now hemp is declared as an agricultural crop. While elaborating we can say now it is hemp agriculture crop that has got the cultivation rights under plant improvement act No. 53 of 1976 that allows hemp cultivation in South Africa. 

Hemp permit South Africa

First it is necessary to apply for hemp permits for every farmer who wants to begin cultivation of hemp in South Africa or in any region. Whether you are applying for hemp permit California or hemp permission South Africa you should go through a proper channel made by the government. 

Hemp permit application in South Africa

You can get all the details regarding hemp permit application form for South Africa by visiting the South Africa Government Website. Click the link and the website of South Africa government will open in new tab from where you can get all the details about hemp government guidelines, hemp farming, hemp application form, hemp regulations south Africa, cbd regulations South Africa 2021, hemp production permit South Africa and requirements for hemp licence etc. 

How to start hemp farming - Detailed Guide

To read a detailed guide on how to start hemp farming, how to start a hemp growing business or elaborated Hemp farming information please click the given link and hemp cultivation process will open in front of you. Where you will get all the information about hemp farming including 

  • water requirements 
  • weather and climate
  • documents required for hemp license 
  • hemp growing practices
  • hemp harvesting
  • hemp oil business opportunities
  • hemp farming profit and more. 

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