Agriculture teachers in schools can boost the GDP

Agriculture teacher in India is desperately needed to boost the GDP. Today I will tell you how one agriculture teacher can help the government to increase the revenue of the entire nation. 

Hello everyone, I am Anil and I have already written about the farmer canteen required in India you can check out that post as well. 

Agriculture teachers in schools can boost the GDP

From my childhood days to now I have never seen a dedicated agriculture teacher in schools. There are Science, Maths, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Physics, Psychology, Economics, Computers and even drawing teachers but hardly any agriculture teacher is available. Agriculture teachers having theoretical + practical knowledge should be appointed in schools. They should be capable of teaching practice on the ground about various crops and plantations which will engage students thoroughly. 

Schools are the foundation of everything and students are those people later who becomes doctor engineer, bankers and businessmen etc. They occupy these positions because they were taught about the concerned subjects in schools. 

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I am asking a simple question, India is known as an agricultural country and around 65% of our population is dependent on agriculture. They are practising cultivation on a daily basis but are not able to generate a good income. It is directly impacting the GDP of the nation because the government is getting the major tax from banking and other sector and only 35% of people are involved in other sectors. Then how India will grow and become a developed country?

To become a developed nation first Indian government needs to sort out the basics and as per the basics, 65% of people should generate more income than 35% of people. But exactly the opposite is happening and this is one of the reasons why 1 dollar is equal to around Rs 75. Government need to think about this deeply, I know they have a think tank and must have sessions on this important topic. The reality is they hardly have any road map and therefore failed to produce any results.

I have seen plenty of times central minister Nitin Gadkari requesting farmers to reduce growing the sugarcane crop and start growing methylene because the government is working on it to replace or reduce the petrol prices. I would like to suggest to Mr Gadkari it will not affect many farmers or hardly affect fewer farmers which is not your goal. Instead, you should work on the root system so that they can understand what to grow or what not to grow.

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I suggest the government should involve schools where agriculture teachers will teach students practically about the correct crop cultivation and its benefits. Also, arrange some compulsory sessions for parents, especially farmers. The agriculture teacher will teach both students and parents on a practical ground with some practical proof and knowledge. This will really change the thought process of the farmer and by executing this task throughout the schools in India a new mindset can be developed in most farmers.

This will be a revolutionary change because it will not impact some farmers instead it will impact a large number of farmers. With the help of agriculture teachers, valuable crop and tree farming can be taught to farmers so that they can generate good income. Government can easily convey what they are planning and what they need from farmers. Mr Gadkari or agriculture minister or any other minister can easily reach or convey their message to almost all farmers through the schools. 

There might be some schools where agriculture teachers are placed but they are not used for big motives. You know what these teachers and students can easily become warriors to create a “New Green Revolution”. Teachers can teach students about some important tree plantations such as mahogany trees, sandalwood and agar trees at least at the boundaries of the farm. With practical knowledge, teachers can teach the benefits of multi-cropping, drip irrigation, vertical farming and contour farming.  

We all know Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the entire government is always encouraging organic farming. They can do this on a large scale by compulsory agriculture teacher appointment in all Kendriya Vidyalaya, Army schools and private schools. Teachers must give practical knowledge to students 3 days a week. This will boost the knowledge of students and they will also teach their parents.

Every month one or two times the parents who are farmers should be called by teachers. Farmers should attend parent teachers’ meetings on a monthly basis in which students will explain in front of teachers what they have learnt and what their parents need to change. This healthy farmer teacher PTM will definitely help to produce good results. 

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