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Do you know which wood is costly in India? Don’t worry, list of top 10 costly wood in India with price shared today.

Some people need the best wood for making furniture, some sell the wood, some sell the whole tree and few people have plants for creating something from trees by products. Farmers are individuals that grow trees in their farm for multiple purposes. All these people have different motives but they all need the best wood for their purposes. 

Let’s study the top 10 costly wood in India with price characteristics, scarcity and uses.

Which wood is costly in India brief analysis

Ranking from 1 to 10 is given on the basis of STN previous posts and it may differ from other reports or your choice may differ.


1 Agarwood tree price in India is Rs 2 lakh to Rs 4 lakh depending on the resin quantity and quality. Agarwood is in the list of top 3 most expensive woods in India and in the entire world. It is not grown in many states and also needs permission and some paperwork to grow this jungle tree. Its wood is used for making incense and agarbatti is named after agarwood. Resin is the main bio product of the tree that sells for its quality. 

Rose wood 

In India a 10 year old rosewood tree price is around Rs 40,000. Rose wood is appreciated for its beauty and tenacity. Rosewood is considered important and valuable wood in India and it is widely used in ayurvedic medicines. The wood is recognised for its deep reddish brown tone. Rose wood uses are multiple, due to its tone quality it’s used in making musical instruments. It is used in making fine furniture and it is frequently used in decorative materials.


A 15 year old sandalwood tree price in India might be between Rs 22000 to Rs 28,000. Sandalwood has the characteristics of yellow brown colour with a sweet scent. After 7 to 8 years the tree produces a nice fragrance and its wood is used in making perfumes. Sandalwood is highly used in Indian traditional events hence has huge demand in India. The wood is used in almost all marriages, engagements, inaugurations, ceremonies and worships. It is widely used in the aromatic, medicinal, ayurvedic, oil and cosmetic industry. Among different sandalwoods red sandalwoods are the most costly woods.

Teak wood 

In India a 10 year old teak tree price is around Rs 26,000. Teak is one of the strong woods known for strength. It has bonzer grain patterns. Its rot resistance capacity and durability make it used in making ship parts and boats widely. This wood is frequently used in making furniture, building doors, windows and construction work. 

Ebony wood

It has a rich jet black colour. Ebony wood is known for its luxurious appearance, jet black colour and used in multiple sectors. Ebony wood is appreciated for its. It is used in making fine artwork especially in musical instruments. Due to its luxurious appearance it is used in making show products. Due to its colour, hardness, durability this black wood is used for cabinet work, inlaying, piano keys, knife handles etc. 

Mahogany wood

A 10 year old mahogany tree selling price in India is around Rs 15000 to Rs 20,000 depending on its girth. It  is one of the easy growing trees that is used in making ship decks, boat parts and high quality furniture etc. It is an endangered tree cultivated on a small scale. Due to low supply and high demand mahogany price is huge. It is a tone wood widely used in making  musical instruments, especially guitars. 


Walnut wood has deep rich colour and beautiful grains and is appreciated for both. Walnut wood is used for creating veneers, gunstocks and fine furniture. 


Satinwood is highly appreciated for its smoothness and pale yellow colour. The satin wood is frequently used in making fine furniture, musical instruments and marquetry all employ it.


Padauk wood is famous for its vivid reddish orange colour. This wood is used for making furniture and decorative veneers.

Melia dubia tree

Melia dubia wood price per ton varies between Rs 5000 to Rs 5500. It is also called malabar name tree in India, its wood is used for making furniture, construction work and paper making etc. Its ideal harvesting time is 10 to 15 years, it can also be harvested after 7 to 8 years only.

List of top 10 costly wood in India with price

Tree namePrice
AgarwoodRs 2 lakh to Rs 4 lakh.
RosewoodRs 40,000.
SandalwoodRs 28,000.
Teak woodRs 26,000.
Ebony woodRs 3500/cubic feet.
Mahogany woodRs 15000 to Rs 50,000.
SatinwoodRs 3500/cubic feet.
PadaukRs 1250 to Rs 1500/cubic foot.
Melia dubia treeRs 5000 to Rs 5500.

Conclusion – Top 10 most expensive wood in India with price is shared in this post.

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