Malabar neem tree weight after 5 years

Malabar neem tree weight after 5 years might be around 500 to 700 kg. It is a tall heighted tree that easily grows up to 55 to 60 feet in 5 years. This blog tells you about Malabar tree price, weight, height, cultivation cost, profit, growing zone and suitable climate conditions.

Malabar neem tree weight after 5 years

1 malabar tree weight after 5 years is expected around 500-700 kg which is 5 to 7 tons. Generally, Malabar are tall trees and a fully mature tree grows up to 65 to 75 feet or 90 feet as well. A 5-year-old tree is expected to grow around 55 to 60 feet tall and I have made a video of its height during a conversation with a farmer. The video is being uploaded here and you can check out that video as well. 

When the tree grows up to 55 to 60 feet taller it gains a good number of branches with broader bark. Some people may think that the Malabar neem tree weighs around 300 kg but that’s not true. 

A healthy 6 feet human being contains at least 75 to 80 kg weight. When 6 feet tall 9 people stand in a row then 54 feet height is formed (6 feet x 9 people = 54 feet height). When these 9 people of average 75 weight weigh together on a weighing machine the weight comes to around 675 kg (9 people x 75 weight = 675 weight). 

Tree wood is heavier than human bones and muscles. Moreover, Malabar wood is comparatively heavier than some other tree wood. I hope I made you understand that the Melia dubia tree’s weight after 5 years might be around 500 to 700 kg depending on its height, growth and development.

Malabar neem wood price per ton

Malabar wood price depends on its weight and a 5-year-old tree reaches up to 55 to 60 feet height. A 5-year old 55 to 60 feet tall melia dubia tree weight might be around 500 to 700 kg (5 to 7 tons) and a healthy tree price after 5 years is expected around 5000 to 5500 per ton.  

Growing zone

It is a tropical deciduous tree that easily grows in almost all regions of India except J & K, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim. With good care, they reach an average height of up to 35 feet in only 3 years. It is a soil-friendly tree that can grow in most types of soil but it likes well-drained soils. 

In India, Melia dubia tree farming in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh is done on a large scale due to suitable climate conditions. Punjab and Uttarakhand are doing Popular tree cultivation on a large scale and some farmers are also growing melia dubia trees there.

Melia dubia tree needs less water compared to poplar trees and farmers doing popular cultivation can also pick this tree.

Malabar cultivation 

Water – 4 to 5 months of water once a week, summer water twice in a week. After 6 months water is needed once or twice a month. Needs less water in comparison to poplar trees. 

Soil – It can grow in most soils, and prefers deep fertile and sandy loam soil. 

Climate conditions – Grows in almost all weather except extreme cold and hardly grows in snowfall regions.

Uses – Its wood is used for making ply, furniture, packing boxes, matchboxes paper industry etc.

Wood buyers in India – Target paper, furniture, packing and matchbox manufacturers etc. It is also easily sellable in wood markets.

Malabar farming profit per acre

It is a fast growing tree in India and also grows in the world. Most farmers are harvesting the tree only after 5 years. The malabar neem tree price depends on its weight and development and 1 melia dubia tree weight after 5 years is expected around 500 kg. Height plays an important role in the weight and a 5-year-old tree height is expected around 55 to 60 feet. The tree’s weight might be between 5 to 7 tons (500 kg to 700 kg) after 5 to 7 years. 

If the tree gains an average weight of 500 kg after 5 years and in one acre around 500 to 538 trees can be planted with the spacing of 9 x 9 ft. The yield will be 500 trees x 500 kg = 250,000 kg which is 250 tons. Malabar wood price is Rs 5000 to Rs 5500, let’s take the price Rs 5000. To get the average profit multiply Rs 5000 with the total weight of 500 trees. Rs 5000 x 250 tons = Rs 12,50,000. 

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