Kiwi fruit farming profit per acre | how to grow kiwi fruit in India

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kiwi fruit cultivation project report

Kiwi fruit cost per acre

  • Kiwi fruit plant material – Rs 10,000
  • Irrigation cost – Rs 80,000 (it needs huge water)
  • Labour cost – Rs 40,000
  • Field preparation – Rs 20,000
  • Fertilizer cost – Rs 8,000
  • Cost of plant protection charges – Rs 8000
  • Miscellaneous charges – Rs 5000
  • Total cost = Rs 171,000 for 1st year

For rest 6 years

You don’t need plant materials and miscellaneous charge will reduce year to year

Around 1 lakh 30,000 for each year i.e  Rs 130,000 X 6 years = 780,000

Cost for 7 years = 7 lakh 80,000

Now lets calculate kiwi fruit farming profit per acre

kiwi fruit profit per acre

  • Price of single kiwi fruit is Rs 40 to Rs 50
  • If 8 pieces in 1 kg kiwi then
  • 1 kg kiwi fruit price will be between Rs 300 to Rs 320 (depends on market)
  • 1 good kiwi tree can produce 30 to 40 kg kiwi’s

Lets take an ordinary kiwi fruit tree that produces around 16-20 kg per tree

20 kg X Rs 300 = Rs 6000

1 Tree = Rs 6000

  • If there are 300 kiwi trees in 1 acre
  • 300 trees X Rs 6000 = 18 lakh 1acre profit
  • Reduce kiwi fruit cost per acre i.e 171000
  • Profit – Cost = Net profit
  • 1800000 – 171000 = 1,629,000 1 year profit
  • Rs 18,00000 – Rs 780000 = 1,020,000 / Ten lakh 20 thousand
  • Net profit after deducting 7 years cost =  Rs 10 lakh 20,000

Your actual profit making journey will start after 7 years but don’t worry the kiwi yield will start contributing from  3rd year

How to grow kiwi plant

How long kiwi plant takes to deliver fruits - 

It usually takes one year to grow and fruiting takes place around 180 to 210 days from flowering it means 3 year old kiwi vines is able to produce 2 to 3 inch fruits and 6 to 7 years old kiwi tree can produce 30 to 40 kg kiwi fruit, 1 kiwi tree is capable of producing Rs 5000 to 6 thousand.

When kiwi gets eatable

5-6 days after picking kiwi fruit from tree it usually gets pulpy, you can check it by pressing on it and if feel soft then it is ready to eat. You can also wrap a fresh kiwi for 2 days in a clean cloth it will make kiwi pulpy and soft.

Water required for kiwi fruit 

Kiwi fruit needs much water and regular irrigation is necessary for kiwi cultivation Root of the plant is not spread deeper this is one of the reason that it can’t intake much water by itself therefore it needs water supply in large scale.

Kiwi growing temperature 

Below 38° C is most suitable temperature for this sweet fruit, temperature above 38° may cause sunburn to the fruit

Soil requirement for kiwi farming

It prefers loamy and sandy soil with full of organic matter and it is deep yellow and brown in color, it must have well drainage system as well.

For good production you need soil pH 6.3 to 7.3 the soil contains good amount of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous during its vegetative stage.

How to grow kiwi fruit

To grow kiwi plant first you need to select a variety that is suitable to your region. However, there are number of kiwi plant varieties that are grown throughout the world , here are some of them –

  • Purple kiwi fruit
  • Fuzzy kiwi fruit
  • Golden kiwi fruit
  • Baby kiwi fruit
  • Red kiwi fruit
  • Arctic kiwi fruit
  • Silvervine kiwifruit
  • Tomuri kiwifruit
  • Abbott kiwifruit
  • Bruno kiwifruit
  • Hayward kiwifruit
  • Allison kiwifruit
  • Monty kiwifruit

Land preparation for kiwi fruit farming

The soil should be maintain in a level therefore use plough so that soil could be brought in fine tilth, ploughing should be followed by harrowing and do not forget to remove any type of weed to get better result.

Where kiwi plant grows | How to plant kiwi fruit plant

It is grown in high altitude area mostly hill area is preferred for kiwi farming. 5000 ft from see level is a perfect altitude for kiwi farming. Snow fall region and excess humid region both are not good for kiwi cultivation. It is a climbing plant hence needed support therefore concrete pillar and poles are used in kiwi farming

Propagation in kiwi farming

Kiwi plant is propagated by planting vegetative cuttings and through grafting method

Best season for kiwi plantation

Kiwi is a commercial crop that is mostly planted from the month of Dec to January

Spacing in kiwi farming

For commercial kiwi farming T bar training system and pergola training system are preferred. While planting with T bar training system, the row to row spacing is 3.5 m whereas the plant to plant spacing is about 6 m. The row to row planting should be 6 m in pergola training system and plant to plant distance is around 5.5 to 6 m

Pollination in kiwi farming

For good pollination the ratio should be 1 male plant to 6-8 female plants. For marketable kiwi fruits pollination is done with the help of insects.

How to grow kiwi fruit from seeds

Grab the seed from available kiwi fruit

To separate gooey membrane from seeds place the collected kiwi seeds in a water

After washing seeds place them on a damp paper towel then place them in a warm container

When seedling is sprouted split the paper towel and transplant these seedling to better place by using a small pot or some other thing.

Irrigation in kiwi fruit farming

Kiwi is a commercial crop and grown widely throughout the world. The farming of kiwi needs regular watering it is a plant that demands high and regular water. Kiwi plant is cello rooted means only 5 to 6 inch deeper inside the land this is one of the reason that it can’t soak much water by itself therefore it needs water supply in large scale. Especially in summers it demands good amount of water and if there is insufficient water then it is difficult to grow kiwi.

Fertilizer used in kiwi farming

Go with organic fertilizer such as cow dung, and must use the soil that is full of organic matter with nitrogen, phosphorous, potash and other nutrients.

Kiwi fruit plant farm

Kiwi is a growing plant that needs support these plants are grown on a vain. Therefore you should arrange some concrete pillars, standing wood, or pole to give support to this plant. You must have seen grapes farm where grapes are grown over a net or wooden stick the same process is with kiwi you can use a net or use wooden stick.

The distance between two pillars should be 5 to 6 meters, and the pillar should be 1.6 to 2.1 meter taller.

Top kiwi producer countries

Kiwi is mostly grown in

Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Greece, France, Turkey, Iran, Japan, USA, India, Spain etc

Health benefits of kiwi fruit

  • Due to presence of vitamin C and vitamin E Kiwi fruit is good source of antioxidant
  • Kiwi fruit is anti-aging and helps in reducing wrinkles
  • Kiwi fruit is good for skin health
  • Kiwi fruit is helpful in maintaining good respiratory system of human body.
  • Kiwi fruit is recommended by doctors for sugar and BP patients because it helps in maintaining sugar and blood pressure
  • Kiwi fruit can increase the blood quality hence reduces the blockage in blood.
  • It is very good for heart patients because kiwi reduces the thickness of the blood therefore it reduces the heart attack and repairs the blockage system
  • Kiwi helps to improve cardiovascular system
  • Consuming two pieces of kiwi in daily basis with lunch or breakfast helps in curing constipation
  • Kiwi fruit is good for digestion
  • Kiwi fruit contains good amount of vitamin k that helps strengthen bones
  • Kiwi fruit is helpful in sleep disorder because serotonin is present in the fruit that helps getting happy sleep

Kiwi fruit farming FAQ 

Is Kiwi farming profitable in India?

Yes, kiwi farming is profitable in India especially in hill areas like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand because kiwi fruit easily grows in high altitude area. The price of a single kiwi fruit is between Rs 40 to 50 in Delhi and 1 kiwi fruit tree is able to produce 30 to 40 kg kiwis that means one kiwi tree worth around Rs 6000 and if a person is having 300 to 500 kiwi trees in 1-acre land, suppose out of 500 trees only 300 trees are producing good kiwi's then also 300 kiwi trees multiply Rs 6000 i.e 18 lakh. Hence we can say kiwi fruit farming is profitable in India.

Is Kiwi farming profitable?

The orchid takes 7 to 8 years to produce extremely good results and it has high market value in comparison of other fruits. Only one kiwi fruit is around Rs 40 to 50 and one good quality kiwi tree can produce 30 to 40 kg of kiwi fruits. However, caring and watering is a challenging part in kiwi farming the kiwi orchid is cello rooted therefore demands regular and good amount of water it is almost impossible to grow good number of kiwis in limited water circumstances. Moreover, kiwi fruit price increases during diseases like dengue and chikungunya

How long do kiwi fruit take to grow?

Kiwi vines start growing in a first year however it will produce 2 to 3 inch fruits in 3rd year and for best quality kiwi fruits you need to wait for 7 to 8 years, after that it continues producing kiwi’s for 40 more years.

What is the profit  of kiwi fruit?

Kiwi fruit is rich source of vitamins, this valuable fruit is recommended for sugar patients to add to daily routine by doctors. The fruit carries antiaging materials therefore good for skin problems. Vitamin C is present in the fruit and it is also good for eyes, if you will eat only 2 kiwi fruits daily it may cure your constipation problem for ever and it also reduces the risk of blood clotting because kiwi reduces the thickness of blood.  Apart from health benefits if someone starts kiwi cultivation in appropriate condition then the orchid helps to improve financial status as well.

Is it ok to eat kiwi skin?

Yes, you can eat the skin of kiwi fruit but make sure the fruit is ripened and before eating you should wash it clearly.

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