Geranium farming profit per acre | geranium farming project report

What is the geranium oil price per kg in India

Selling price of geranium essential oil can be distinguish in 3 parts 1. Minimum selling price Rs 10,000 2. Average price of geranium oil Rs 15,000 and 3. Highest selling price 25,000 per kg

Today I will help you to understand the geranium farming project report in which we will look what results this sustainable farming can produce.

Lets dive in deeper

What is geranium 

Geranium is an aromatic plant or crop that is mainly grown for horticulture, pharmaceutical and oil cultivation. Due to aromatic fragrance and beautiful look it is also used in decoration of government offices, offices, hotels, house etc.  

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Geranium farming project report

Geranium plantation cost = Free of cost

You can plant around 17k to 18k plants in 1 acre land and all are free of cost by the government organization called CSIR-CIMAP. It means your big amount is safe during geranium cultivation please read the below section carefully for complete details. 

Geranium farming profit per acre in India

Geranium faming profit - First look at Geranium faming investment – You can start geranium farming in 35 k to 40 thousand investment and can earn a profit approx 1 lakh 70 thousand in 7 to 8 months. You just need your own land for farming and few amount for other resources like fertilizer and water, use of water is very less so don’t worry everything will be in your budget i.e between 35 to 40 thousand.

However, 18000 plants need to be planted in 1 acre land for good return and if you will multiply 18,000 with a small amount for example Rs 2 then also it is 18,000 X 2 = 90,000 a huge investment for beginners. But don’t panic all these 18,000 plants are free by the government organization called CSIR-CIMAP.

Free geranium plants- Actually government is running a mission called aroma mission and motive of this mission is to boost the cultivation of aromatic plants in India and geranium is one of them. India is helpless and  importing a large quantity of geranium from Egypt country however India itself is capable of producing large geranium due to the suitable whether therefore farmers are getting these free plants, but due to lack of knowledge and less advertisement everybody is not getting the advantage of geranium farming. 

Therefore CIMAP is not only providing free plant materials but also providing free poly shelters that are required in geranium farming during rainy season. This is a strategy of Indian government to encourage geranium cultivation.

Geranium farming in India FAQ

Frequently asked questions about geranium cultivation including geranium oil extraction is given below. 

How many geranium plants can be planted in 1 acre land

You can plant 17 to 18 thousand geranium plant in one acre land in minimum distance and you can get all these plants free of cost from government organization CSIR-CIMAP

What is geranium oil extraction process time duration?

Geranium is harvested two times within 8 months in the gap of 4 and 3 months. Suppose you have planted geranium in sep month then it is ready for first cutting in January month in this cutting you will get approx 10 kg geranium oil. You can start 2nd cutting in April- May month and this time you will get approx 7 kg geranium oil. Thus you will get around 17 kg geranium essential oil within 8 months.

  • For more comprehensive information on geranium farming profit and how to start geranium cultivation please click the link. 

Where to sell geranium essential oil? 

Patanjali is direct purchaser of this oil and plants too.

geranium oil selling - companies like go4worldBusiness India mart etc are online platform where you can sell geranium essential oil directly. Apart from these companies you can also approach CIMAP that helps to arrange a meeting between farmers and buyers.

What is geranium oil extraction machine price?

You can start your own geranium oil extraction business but this time you need a big amount to start this business. You need approximately Rs 10 lakh to purchase following machinery

  • Cooling tower
  • Evaporate vessel
  • Condenser
  • Florentine flask
  • Steam boiler
  • Pump (condensate)
  • Pump (cooling water)

Geranium farming training

  • Geranium free training in Maharashtra, Pune or in any other state you can directly approach to the government organization CSIR – CIMAP. 
  • Address of the organization is given below click here to reach the section directly or scroll down.

What is the use of geranium plant?

Some of the uses of geranium plant are given below

  • Geranium is mostly used in medicinal and perfume industry.
  • Geranium is widely used in aroma therapy, cosmetic products, medicinal industry geranium is an ornamental plant hence widely used in decorating offices, house, cinema hall, hotels. 
  • Geranium plant production with Aroma mission in India is being promoted by Government on vital scale. 
  • Through aroma mission it is being promoted by Indian government CIMAP organization

Common names of Geranium

  • Geranium – hindi
  • Scented Geranium – English
  • Pannir soppu
  • Panir patre – Kannada
  • Geranium – Tamil
  • Geranium – Marathi
  • Geranium – Telugu

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