How to start Geranium farming with free plants

This geranium planting guide will help you to start geranium farming with free plants.

Selling price of geranium oil in India

  • 15,000 Rs per/kg (Average price)
  • 10,000 Rs per/kg (minimum price)
  • 25,000 Rs per/kg (maximum price

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Geranium information

Geranium is a perennial aromatic plant widely known for its oil content. Geranium cultivation is extremely profitable contract farming of geranium is very popular.

The Indian government is planning of huge export of geranium oil from India, they have already taken the initiative to start the various mission to increase production in a very healthy way and one of the most ambitious missions of the Indian government is the Aroma mission.

This is the right time to invest in geranium production. Geranium production became the most trending products in the last couple of years.

Geranium is much more profitable than mentha, with a minimum investment of 8-10 thousand and a maximum benefit of 1.25 lakhs approx in one-acre land. contract farming of geranium, price 1 kg geranium is of 15 thousand rs average price, highest price 25 thousand rs per/kg and lowest price 10 thousand rs per/kg

geranium is one of the aromatic and herbaceous bushy plants commercially grown for its essential oil. Plants can also be used for ornamental purposes. The plants that are grown for decorative purposes are called ornamental plants. Ornamental plants beautify the area around your office, home, etc.

Common names of Geranium

  • Geranium – Hindi
  • Scented Geranium – English
  • Pannir soppu
  • Panir patre – Kannada
  • Geranium – Tamil
  • Geranium – Marathi
  • Geranium – Telugu

Species and verities of geranium

There are a lot of species of geranium some are cultivated for horticulture uses and some for pharmaceutical products, look at the list of geranium species

  • Geranium Cinerium
  • Geranium dalmaticum
  • Geranium endressii (Endres’s cranesbill)
  • Geranium clarkei ( Clarkes geranium)
  • Geranium erianthum (Wooly geranium)
  • Geranium fremontii (Fremonts geranium)
  • Geranium himalayanse
  • Geranium maculatum (Wild geranium)
  • Geranium macrorrhizum (bigroot cranesbill)
  • Geranium sylvaticum (wood cranesbill)
  • Geranium x magnificum (showy geranium)
  • Geranium phaeum (dusky cranesbill)
  • Geranium platypetalum (broad petaled geranium)
  • Geranium pratense (meadow cranesbill)
  • Geranium renardi (Renard geranium)
  • Geranium sanguineum (bloody cranesbill)
  • Geranium subcaulescens (grey cranesbill)
geranium as a ornamental plant

Geranium is an ornamental plant used to decorate homes, offices, etc.

  • This plant is also known as poor man’s rose.
  • Family name of geranium is Geraniaceae.
  • Garanium in Hindi known as geranium itself
  • Geranium in English scented geranium
  • Geranium in kannada paneer patre
  • Botanical name and family: Pelargonium
  • Type of plant: tender herbaceous perennials
  • Origin: Pelargoniums originated in Africa; some are hybrids
  • Growing zone: Most scented geranium varieties are hardy only in Zones 9 to 11, but they can easily be overwintered as houseplants, or grown as annuals
  • Bloom time : Late spring or summer

Plant description

The stem of the geranium plant is cylindrical, woody at the base, pubescent, green when young, and turns brown with the age. The leaves of this plant are highly aromatic in nature. This plant is also known as rose geranium. It is mostly used in the cosmetic and perfume industry. Geraniol and citronellol are the main ingredients of the geranium. Pure geranium oil is almost a perfume cost of the oil is very high, commercial cultivation of geranium is very much profitable if it meets to its ideal condition

Climate Requirment for Geranium Cultivation

The geranium crop can be grown in various climate conditions it needs a humid atmosphere this crop can survive in lower altitudes and temperatures up to 42degree c. This crop requires well-distributed rainfall 1000 to 1500 mm throughout its period it does not require much water-heavy rainfall causes many diseases like root rot and thus decreases the yielding.

During the rainy season you can protect it by the poly shelter

Soil requirement for geranium cultivation

Well-drained porous soil is well rich in organic matter. It is a shallow-rooted crop best in red lateritic soils with a pH value of 5.5 to 7.0 it is rich in calcium. Scented geraniums are hybrid plants most commonly grown from cuttings. Start cutting at any time during the year. It is recommended to practice soil testing before geranium farming, you can get 4 in 1 soil tester from the below button. This soil tester can tesh PH value, moisture, temperature, sunlight, the intensity of soil

Cultivation of geranium plant for essential oil

Geranium oil in small bottles

Geranium oil in small bottles

Propagation, planting, and spacing play an important role in the cultivation of this crop. Propagation of geranium is done by cutting as there is no seed setting in these species. Spacing should be at 5 to 6 cm depending on the variety. Give scented geraniums plenty of room to show off their colorful flowers

The oil extracted from the stem leaves flowers of the geranium plant has excellent health benefits and used in aromatic treatment.

Geranium cultivation information guide

If you are in a rural area then you must have faced problems of cultivation damage through animals but in this case, animals are not involved in any damage. Earlier mentha cultivation was popular and still, it has its own benefits but in the last couple of years geranium has come out with higher profits than Mentha and now experts are eyeing geranium instead of mentha plant for more profit in less time. Cultivation of this crop is also good to start in hill areas.

Geranium plant in purple

…is the only effort you have to give.

Irrigation in geranium cultivation

geranium cultivation Irrigation – Geranium cultivation does not need much water, in fact, you have to protect it from the water in the rainy season and believe me it’s not that difficult and it is the only effort you have to give, and for that, you can plan poly shelters which are quite reasonable. Recently farmers have started comparison on geranium farming vs mentha farming and finding geranium farming more beneficial and easy than mentha farming.

geranium farming profit

geranium cultivation profit needs small investment please follow the details given below for geranium plant farming.

Minimum investment of Rs 35 k to 40,000 to start geranium cultivation

One can start geranium cultivation in Rs 40 thousand in 1-acre land and can easily touch the profit of approx,1 lakh 25 thousand to one lakh seventy thousand in 8 months.

To book a good amount of profit you can start the cultivation of this plant in at least 1-acre land in which 15 to 18 thousand plants can be sowed. You can get all 15-18 thousand plant materials free from the CSIR-CIMAP organization.

How to get free plants from government

You can get free geranium plants from the government organization called CSIR-CIMAP. Government of India is running Aroma mission to promote the cultivation of aromatic plants therefore they are providing free aromatic plants like geranium, lavender etc. You should avail this opportunity.

Selling price of geranium oil

  • 15,000 Rs per/kg (Average price)
  • 10,000 Rs per/kg (minimum price)
  • 25,000 Rs per/kg (maximum price)
  • note – oil can be store for 2 to 3 years in airtight containers.

How to harvest scented geraniums

Geranium in the blooming stage.

Geranium in the blooming stage

  • When to harvest: Pick individual leaves from plants at any time during the growing season once plants are 6 inches tall.
  • How to harvest: Use a snip of garden scissors to harvest leaves. Do not tear leaves from branches.

Cutting of scented geraniums in two parts

  • Time- duration: geranium plant takes 4 months time to grow up
  • 1st cutting: After 4 months this crop is capable of producing a minimum of 10kg of oil
  • 2nd cutting: After 8 months (1st cutting: 4 months + 2nd cutting: 4 months = 8 months) it can produce 6 to 7 kg of oil.

How to make money from geranium plant cultivation

Geranium farming project report- how to start geranium oil business: At first you need to start cultivation of this crop for that you need to invest at least Rs 35 to 40 thousand. You need 1-acre land in which 15 to 18 thousand plants can be sowed to book a good amount of profit and can easily touch the profit of approx,1 lakh 70 thousand rs, yes this is the figure of geranium farming profit per acre.

scented geranium
scented geranium

One can sell 1 kg of geranium oil in a minimum of 10,000 Rs its not fix rate and the average rate to sell the oil is 15 to 20 thousand in the market and the last couple of years it has given huge benefits. To earn money or to make your carrier in the geranium oil extraction business I recommended you to go through my article and you can also view this YouTube video.

Watch the video for more info

20 हज़ार रुपये लीटर तेल है इसका || Geranium Plants Farming ||

How to make money from the geranium oil extraction business?

While starting geranium oil extraction as a business one has to invest much more money than geranium production business (production of geranium through cultivation) because in geranium cultivation business one just needs to invest approx 35 – 40 thousand and land is required but in the oil extraction business, you need machines which are quite expensive near about 10 lakh. The machinery required for this are given below for a better idea also go through a steam distillation process which is also mentioned below :

Why steam distillation is used ?

Steam distillation is the most common method which is used to extract oil from the geranium.

Steam distillation is the process that is used to separate the substances which are not soluble with water, volatile in steam, and having high vapor pressure at the boiling temperature of the water.

In easy language we can say steam distillation is the process to extract oil from the plants

The extraction of geranium oil by steam distillation takes 4 to 6 hours and after that oil is stored in drums, glass bottle made up of steel and aluminum

Machinery Required for extraction of geranium essential oil

  1. Condenser
  2. Evaporate vessel
  3. Florentine flask
  4. Steam boiler
  5. Pump (condensate)
  6. Pump (cooling water)
  7. Cooling tower

Organizations promoting geranium farming

CSIR (Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic plants) – It is a reputed government organization which is situated in pantnagar and bageshwar (Uttarakhand).

CSIR-CIMAP is working very effectively it is also guiding people to do different types of farming. In the past two years, CIMAP has done tremendous work In the field of geranium. CIMAP helps to fix your meeting with geranium essential oil buyers.

  • Note – Indian government is running the Aroma Mission.
  • CSIR-CIMAP also provides training for geranium farming under Aroma Mission. For geranium farming training you can contact CIMAP by visiting their website through the link provided.

Where to sell geranium oil

One can directly contact CIMAP Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for a direct meeting with geranium oil buyers

Few addresses of geranium oil factories are given below

  • Gujarat – K.K Enterprise, U-22 Mahalaxmi Market, Gujarat- 394210, India, K.K Enterprise Anthamber Tops Manufacturer in Surat Gujarat India
  • Uttar Pradesh – Aromalake Export No. 76, Dak Bungalow Road, Kannauj, UP-209725, India- Aromatic oil, Natural Essential oil, Absolute oil Manufactures
  • Tamil Nadu – Reho Natural Ingredients No. 6 Bhagvatsingh 2nd street Dr. Ambedkar Road, Velandipalayam, Tamil Nadu- 641025, India – Reho Natural Ingredients, Natural Honey Manufacturer and Exporter in Coimbatore
  • New Delhi – Katyani Export 325, 3rd floor, Vardhman Big V Plaza, Plot No.12, Near M2k, Road No. 44, Rani Bagh, Pitampura Delhi – 110034, India – Oil Manufacturer Katyani Exports New Delhi

in case you miss this : geranium farming profit and cost

Health benefits of geranium

Geranium essential oil is useful in skin diseases like dermatitis, acne, rashes, and some other

  • Geranium essential oil is used to detox the body it can increase urination and flush out the toxins this happened due to diuretic properties present in the geranium oil
  • Geranium essential oil helps to reduce wrinkles
  • Geranium essential oil has a satisfying aroma
  • Geranium oil has anti-inflammatory properties
  • It is also helpful in reducing high blood pressure.
  • Geranium essential oil is good not only for skin infections but also for respiratory infection
  • This oil is excellent for the health of your teethes and gum
  • Geranium essential oil is very useful in hormonal balance

Uses of geranium oil

  • Geranium oil is mostly used in messages.
  • Combined geranium oil with lavender or coconut oil for the best results.
  • It is useful in hair damage prevention.
  • Adding a few drops of the oil with shampoo can fetch better results.
  • The aroma of geranium oil can make you feel happy and enthusiastic.
  • It is recommended by many doctors for healthy and good looking skin.
  • This oil is the best treatment for the anti-aging

Skin Benefits of geranium oil

It helps in hormonal balance, stress relief, depression, improving blood circulation, it is also helpful in skin problems. It helps skin from skin issues such as pimples, acne, rashes, dermatitis, and fungal infection too. It is very good for the face also. Geranium oil works very effectively as antiaging just dabbed the oil around the eyes you can prevent sagging of the skin, prevent fine lines and wrinkles too. It is very popular in massage therapy one of its therapy: aromatherapy is very popular among youngsters.

Aroma massage therapy

Aroma massage therapy. One of the most popular therapy in the world.

Central Government Agricultural Law (Farm Law 2020)

What the bill says

It is being argued on behalf of the farmers that the agent or businessman will buy out of the mandi without loss of his 6-7 percent tax. Where he does not have to pay any tax. The Mandi system will be discouraged by this decision. If the mandi committee is weak then the farmer will slowly go to the market. Where its yield can be found more than the government fixed rate and less also

Farmers Protest:’Delhi Chalo’ march against the Farm Law 2020 of the Central Government

The biggest fear for farmers is that the MSP-Minimum Support Price is ending. Through this bill, the government has opened the way for agricultural business outside the market

A bill is also related to a contract to farm. In this, the right of the farmers to go to court has been taken away. The SDM will decide in case of a dispute between the companies and the farmers. His appeal will be to the DM and not to the court. The farmers do not believe in DM, SDM because they feel that the people sitting in both these positions are like puppets of the government. They never talk about the interest of farmers.

Geranium farming profit per acre – FAQ

What is contract farming?

Contract Farming – In contract farming, there is a contract between companies and farmers in which companies are bound to pay a fixed amount to the farmers, for their land, for a fixed period geranium contract farming is also available for those who want to start geranium farming. Aroma mission geranium is a government strategy through which they are trying to encourage geranium farming and geranium farming in Gujarat is gaining day by day and people are also thinking about geranium oil plant farming but at the same time they need to find geranium oil buyers. The solution is to approach the government’s aroma mission geranium because the government is also using this mission to set up geranium farming in India

What is the geranium oil price per kg in India?

15,000 Rs per/kg (Average price)
10,000 Rs per/kg (minimum price)
25,000 Rs per/kg (maximum price

Is geranium farming profitable in India?

Yes, geranium farming is profitable in India. CIMAP is a government organization that is helping farmers by providing training geranium farming. In geranium farming training you will learn the skill of how to increase the growth of geranium production per acre and how to increase geranium oil yield per acre. The organization will also help you to understand the concept of geranium farming project report and don’t hesitate while asking geranium cultivation pdf. CIMAP is working under the aroma mission, is an optimistic mission run by the Indian government and through this mission, the government is promoting aromatic and medicinal plant cultivation. The Indian government has decided to export huge geranium essential oil from India so this is the right time to invest in geranium farming.

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