How to use perlite for plants indoor

Hello gardeners, if you are a beginner then you must know the use of perlite for plants is very helpful for their breathing system resulting in thriving growth. Why soil testing is important in agriculture the reason is explained in this post.

Importance of perlite

A good structure to the soil for the potting mix is very important for the healthy growth of plants therefore use of perlite in the soil becomes more important. The quantity of perlite depends upon the kind of plant you are going to grow on that soil. While preparing perlite for succulent plants remember succulents don’t need much water and don’t like to stand in water. Therefore mix equal amounts of perlite and soil.

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Whenever you transfer the soil potting mix to the pot first remember to block the drainage of the pot. To block the drainage you can use gravel in plant pots, terracotta in a pot or simply take a thin layer of soil and press it against the hole to block the seepage of the soil whenever you add water it will only allow water to move out. 

While preparing soil mix for vegetables or indoor plants take two hands full of perlite with soil for 7 to 8 inches and leave it in the pot. 

In large plants repotting is not possible immediately. Here, you shall loosen the topsoil and mix two hands full of perlite.

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An important point is perlite does not add any nutritional value to the soil and it will encourage healthy root growth. So it’s your duty to add some form of compost and fertilizer for the better growth of plants. The selection of organic fertilizer is appreciatable because it results in good plant health in long run. Perlite is a natural mineral that comes out of volcanic eruptions it is well-processed and crushed for industrial gardening and hydroponic purposes.

Why perlite is used

Whenever you water the plant it should immediately absorb the water and extra come out of the pot bottom which is a good sign of soil health. 

Sometimes after several watering sessions soil may hold the water and you will see the water standing on top of the soil this is a sign of the compactness of the soil. If plants will remain sitting on standing water it may result in the root rot problem and slowly kill your plant. 

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Perlite makes the soil well drainage and helps the plant to develop healthy roots. It helps the soil in developing and maintain air pockets inside the soil. Soils consisting of a sufficient amount of perlite do not become compact for a longer time. It is important to know plants do not breathe only above the soil but also under the soil and perlites are helpful to make this process easier by maintaining air pockets. Perlite helps make air pockets for a good area ratio. 

If your plant is not growing in a flow and doing not good under the ground it means they are more susceptible and vulnerable to disease. You will see the needs of your plant will start dropping soon and their growing performance might reduce. Not paying attention towards plants will eventually kill them sometimes slowly and sometime immediately.

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Perlite helps in maintaining air cavities for better growth and a good soil structure is important for the sustainable development of plants. 

Importance of soil testing in agriculture

Soil testing is necessary for each and every crop. Fertilizers are provided to the plants according to the soil and crop. If you have given lesser fertilizer to the soil you may get lesser yield and somehow you have given extra fertilizer to the soil-plant may get affected badly. So it is necessary to find first and manage the fertilizer ratio according to the need of the plant. By soil testing, one can identify the correct ratio to be given to a particular plant or crop.


What is perlite?

Perlite is a naturally occurring mineral.

What is perlite made of?

Perlite is made of the following: silicon dioxide, aluminium oxide, sodium oxide, potassium oxide, iron oxide, magnesium oxide, calcium oxide and water.

What is the purpose of perlite?

Perlite is used to aid water retention and aeration. It softens the hardness of soil resulting in good drainage.

Is soil testing necessary in agriculture?

Yes, you should check the soil quality of your garden or farm for any plant, flower or vegetable so that you can give the correct ratio of fertilizer. By testing soil, one can identify the correct ratio of fertilizer required by the particular plant.

Is perlite necessary for indoor plants?

Yes, perlite plays important role in soil air-breathing and drainage systems. It is an important part of a healthy potting soil mixture for houseplants

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