Phosphorus use in agriculture problems and solutions | Phosphorus farming FAQ

Hello farmers, today we are talking about the importance of phosphorus and its uses. As urea is used to give the nitrogen content to the crop and is used regularly by farmers, the use of phosphorus in agriculture is also important and is increasing day by day.

Phosphorus content

DAP - Full form of DAP is diammonium phosphate. In India Phosphorus is given through DAP which is also called as farmer daya by farmers. 

NPK - Npk full form in agriculture is nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is also known as a single super phosphate fertilizer.  

Farmers usually say without daya or phosphorus you can't get good yield. 

Importance of phosphorus in agriculture

Phosphorus plays a vital role in agriculture and the importance of phosphorus in plants, fertilizer and soil is quite useful.  Phosphorus do have an important role for plants in various activities such as photosynthesis, breathing action, energy conservation, cell division etc. 

Phosphorus content plays a very important role for root development, stem strengthening, flower and seed development, quick fruit ripening, nitrogen fixation in pulse crops and in full development of plants. 

Lack of phosphorus in plants

  • lack of phosphorus causes undeveloped plants from the starting stage itself.
  • Plants remain dwarf and small due to phosphorus deficiency in plants.
  • Leaf plants turn dark green, blue green or purple green. 
  • In maize plants purple colour is clearly seen in the stems and leaves.
  • Earrings and grains are also less in the crop.
  • Crop gets ripe late.
  • In most crops these symptoms can be noted when phosphorus content is less than .2 in the leaves of the plants. 

Signs of phosphorus deficiency in soil

Deficiency of phosphorus is found in such lands where fossil is less and field is acidic, alkaline or sandy.

Loss of phosphorus in the soil means that phosphorus elements that are in the water in the soil, again become insoluble by binding with any element. 

Phosphorus wrong method

Phosphorus should never be spilled. The spilled manure will remain on the surface of the soil and plants will not get it. 

Phosphorus in agriculture FAQ

Some of the frequently asked questions related phosphorus in agriculture problems and solutions and phosphorus use in agriculture with its environmental implications are given below. 

At what pH is Phosphorus most available?

Soil having pH 6 to 7 is the ideal meaning phosphorus ability is highest.

What causes phosphorus deficiency in soil when ph increase?

PH level more than 8 decreases the phosphorus content availability in the land. Binding with calcium in the soil reduces the availability of phosphorus to plants.

Phosphorus deficiency in soil when pH decreases?

When ph level of land is decreased then phosphorus element binds with aluminum and iron content in the soil hence not available to plants. 

Describe phosphorus soil test measurement?

  1. Less phosphorus content - Availability of phosphorus less than 11 kg per hectare is considered as less phosphorus. 
  2. Medium phosphorus content - Availability of phosphorus between 11 kg to 22 kg per hectare is considered as medium phosphorus.
  3. High phosphorus content - Availability of phosphorus more than 22 kg per hectare is considered as high content phosphorus land.

Generally for the use of fertilizer medium phosphorus content level is used. Soil testing is recommended for the correct selection of phosphorus 

How to correct Phosphorus deficiency in soil?

Phosphorus deficiency treatment - Plants get only 20% - 25% of the phosphorus given by the farmers to the plants and rest phosphorus binds in the land. However, some portion of this bind phosphorus may be used by the next crop. Phosphorus remains stable in the land this is one of the advantages of phosphorus, this content is not moveable like nitrogen.  

How to give plants phosphorus?

While using phosphorus fertilizer you need to provide the fertilizer in such a way that it should remain near the root region of the plant. 

  • If phosphorus is given 2 - 2.5 inches below the seed and on the side, then the roots of the plants get phosphorus easily.
  • Phosphorus technique - Phosphorus fertilizer drill or Pora Kera technique is beneficial to give phosphorus fertilizer.

How to correct phosphorus deficiency in soil?

  • Phosphorus bacterial fertilizer means PSB.  
  • Full form of PSB is phosphate solubilizing bacteria.
  • Fertilizer Phosphorus and soil Phosphorus become available to the plants in soluble state by putting PSB in the field.
  • It will be effective and beneficial to use phosphorus with organic fertilizers and organic manure. 
  • Phosphorus is used in more amounts in pulse crops, vegetables, fruits, high yielding cereal crops.

What are phosphorus important function?

Phosphorus important property includes 

  • Single super phosphate 
  • DAP
  • NP/NPK
  • Urea phosphate
  • Mono potassium phosphate 
  • Monoammonium phosphate 
  • Water dissolvable phosphorus fertilizers are available and are used in drip irrigation and hydroponic agriculture system. 

Give solution for phosphorus fixation in acid soil?

Phosphorus deficiency acidic soil - Phosphorus in acidic soil can be fixed by the straight use of rock phosphate. While using rock phosphate in normal  land you should use organic fertilizer and organic manure.


On the basis of soil test the use of phosphorus along with nutrient will be effective in increasing the yield as well as maintaining the fertility of the land.

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