How to grow cardamom from seeds at home

The first and basic step for growing it successfully is don’t use the old cardamom from your kitchen instead purchase fresh from the market. 

No matter where you live this formula will work globally so don’t worry if you are a resident of South Africa or the USA. After reading this post you can easily grow cardamom in the USA and South Africa etc.

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How to grow cardamom from seeds at home

First, buy some fresh green cardamom seeds online or from an agriculture store in your local market. From one single cardamom, we can easily get 8-10 seeds and for that, it can be peeled and seeds can be obtained.

Sphagnum moss grass is required for growing cardamom in a container or jar. Sphagnum moss helps to grow cardamom because the seeds are a bit harder and sphagnum moss grass is capable of providing a good amount of moisture to the seeds.

Put some sphagnum moss grass (approx 100 to 250 grams) in a small container then wet it with water (1/4th of glass). Press the grass a little bit and put some seeds into the grass then close the airtight container with a lid for 24 hours. Remember the container should be totally airtight and meanwhile prepare the soil mixture.

However, the soil required is clay loamy soil and rich black soils but we are preparing a soil mixture so we need 60% cocopeat and 40% normal sand. One should mix coco peat and sand with each other, not much water but at the same time enough moisture is required to grow seeds comfortably. Coco Peat and sand mixture work on a good level to grow seeds.

Stagnant moss works incredibly and creates a rainy environment which is necessary for growing seeds in a healthy way. After 24 hours check whether cardamom seeds are swollen or not. If they are swollen that means they are ready for sowing. Take out the seeds from the jar and put them on clean paper or tissue paper. Make ready your pot with the mixture of coco peat and sand, now put the cardamom seeds above the soil mixture in a row with managing a minimum distance.

Remember you don’t need to dig them, instead add a thin layer of soil mixture above the seeds and press with light hands so that seeds can’t move from their place and can grow in a sequence or in a row. Now spray a little amount of water on the soil mixture, don’t overwater it and always keep it in a cool place.

Avoid the direct sunlight area and put it in a room beside a window where partial sunlight can come. However, the coco peat mixture has a good level of moisture but pay attention and don’t let it dry completely. Always spray some water showers to maintain the moisture level in the mixture.

It will take nearly 14 days to germinate and 50 days for thriving with a height of 4 to 5 cm. After 80 days the plant will grow up to 2 feet and be ready to transplant, now you can transfer the plant from the shared pot to the other individual pot. The good thing is that they are able to produce runner plants, meaning another plant will grow from the bottom of the plant.

Now select 6 to 8 inches individual pots for each cardamom plant and plant all these plants in separate pots so that they can spread out their roots comfortably. Later the plant will be able to produce several cardamoms. You need a new bigger pot of at least 18 to 20 inches so be prepared with that pot as well. Thus you can grow herb plants at home. If you want to do its cultivation then you must be curious to know about cardamom yield per acre click the link to figure out the full project report. 

Sunlight requirements

Direct sunlight can result in cardamom leaf burning and can damage the whole plant badly. So always keep your cardamom plant in partial sunlight, maybe inside your room or corner of your garden in a shade.

Remember, growing cardamom indoors is quite an easy task but it needs regular care and practice.

How to grow cardamom in UK from seeds?

The process of growing cardamom in UK is quite easy and given below step by step.
1. Purchase some fresh green cardamoms from an agriculture store.
2. Separate the seeds from the green shell.
3. Select an airtight jar and fill it with sphagnum.
4. Put the sphagnum into the jar and place the seeds of the purchased cardamoms.
5. Spray the sphagnum with water.
7. Leave this jar for 24 hours.
6. Meanwhile select a pot of 5 to 6 inches then add some cocopeat (60%) and sand (40%) to the pot.
8. After 24 hours open the jar and pick the seeds from the sphagnum grass.
9. Put these seeds into the pot and add a layer of mixed soil above the soil.
10. After 50 days your cardamom plant will thrive and after 80 days your cardamom plants will grow taller.
11. Provide separate pots to each cardamom plant.


How long does cardamom take to grow?

80 to 90 days.

How long does cardamom take to produce fruits?

Cardamom trees can take up to 2 to 3 years to produce fruits commercially. However, for home purposes, you can expect the result much earlier within the first year itself.

What will be the height of the cardamom after 2 to 3 years?

The cardamom plant can easily reach up to 10 feet in height. After 3 years it may spread wider and 15 feet taller so provide a specific space for your plant.

Does cardamom plants need sunlight?

cardamom farming profit

Cardamom needs partial sunlight, not direct sunlight.

Is cardamom planting a profitable business?

Yes, the cardamom business is a profitable business. One can earn approximately 886.50 pounds sterling from one-acre farming.

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