How to take care aloe vera plants at home garden

Aloe vera plant lovers used to think that how to take care aloe vera plants at home garden or pot? This article is all about aloe vera plant care and tips for aloe vera plant care tips have been shared here. Correct temperature, soil, fertilizer and quantity of water required by aloe vera plant is explained here.

Generally, aloe vera is recognised for its gel and medicinal values. The perfect splitted leaves and the gel coming out of it is seen. Aloe vera gel is used by various companies for skin products and what different cosmetic products. But do you know aloe vera is not only a medicinal plant that is used for its medicinal or cosmetic products but it is also an air purifier plant. Aloe vera removes formaldehyde that is a pollutant found insise of our house because of the use of greece and lubricant. If you want to grow an aloevera in your house you must care for this precious plant by following the basic tips that are given below here. 

How to take care of aloe vera plants at home garden

Before practising any practice on the aloe vera plant you must know that aloe vera is a succulent plant and it has the same requirements as a succulent. 

  • Aloe vera is a tropical plant and this plant likes direct sunlight.
  • The ideal temperature for aloe vera is 25 degree celsius to 40 degree celsius. 
  • Aloe vera plants cannot tolerate frost.
  • Aloe vera needs well-draining soil with lots of air pockets so that its roots can breathe easily. 
  • Basically, aloe vera is a desert plant a plant that grows in arid area so it does not like standing water.
  • It is best to grow aloe vera plants in the succulent soil mix.
  • Perlite and sand are a great supplements to improve the drainage system of the soil and you can prepare this soil mix on your own. To know how to use perlite click here.
  • While talking about aloe fertilizer need you can add compost once in a year that’s it this plant need. You can give fertilizer to alo plant once in every spring.

When and how to water aloe vera plant

How and when to water aloe very plant is really important to understand so that one can safely water them. 

  • Aloe vera watering is bit tricky; Before watering aloevera you must know that aloe vera is a drought-resistant plant but still this plant required a regular dose of water.
  • You can water aloe vera plant once in a week or once in every 10 days.
  • Before planning watering be careful because both under watering and over watering can kill your aloe vera plant. Over or under watering can cause stress in the plant.
  • If the tips of the leaves of the plant are browning it simply means that your plants are underwatered. If plants are shivering that also means you are underwatering the plant. 
  • If the aloe vera plant looks yellowish, reddish and plant looks soggy that means you are overwatering your aloe plant.
  • As we said aloe vera plant watering is bit tricky and you have to closely inspect the leaves of your aloe plant and what kind of watering situation they need. Whether you are under watering them or overwatering them can be identified by observing the leaves carefully.
  • Actually, there’s no fix rule on watering aloe plants that you should water them and 10 days or 7 days. Watering depends on climate conditions like how much sun temperature is there? how much cold the weather is? The region plays an important role in this.
  • If the leaves of aloe vera started changing their colour then there must be something wrong with them.
  • The best way to water aloe vera plants is let the soil dry between watering. 
  • If your Aloe plant has overgrown from the pot and roots are coming out then you can use the plant as a cutting for next plant.
  • Whenever you are propagating the aloe vera plant you can take the aloe vera plant pups out make sure these pups have a bunch of roots. These pups can be used for making more baby plants by repotting them. 
  • Now plug the pup inside the pot having soil, whatever soil you are using make sure it has good drainage system and water should not stand there. 
  • However, aloe vera is a suitable hardy plant to grow in Indian conditions but people end up by killing their plants by over watering.
  • Insects like mealybug may also appear near the plants to harm them in such cases you can use a neem spray and simply spray it on the plant. 

Importance of aloe vera plant

We are strongly recommending aloe vera plants for beginners because aloe vera is very easy-to-grow plant. There are about 300 species of aloe vera, most of the species have similar requirements you can grow any of them. Unlike father succulents Aloe succulent grows very fast and get mature within 3-4 years. While using for your skin or for consumption purpose remember all of them are not safe to use. Some of the aloe vera species are also toxic so before applying them to your skin you should know about the variety of alovera. Aloe vera barbadensis is the safest aloe vera to consume and to use for skin.  


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