9 Best plant identifier apps download free

If you are a plant lover then a plant identification app is very beneficial for you. In this post, we are sharing 9 Best plant identifier apps download free. You can search these apps on big search engine platforms like google and bing.

Best plant identification app free

There was a day when people used to read massive textbooks to identify which type of flowers and weeds they are dealing with in their own yards. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find specific plants on google and bing as well. But time has changed and you can search for any specific plant with a few clicks with the help of your mobile camera.

Plant identification apps can help you in many ways such as plant species identification, plant care etc. Some plant apps that we are sharing also help you to identify plant diseases and pests so that you can treat your plant problem and keep your plant healthy.

Sharing some of the user-friendly and free plant identification apps. A list of free plant identifier apps is given here but some of the apps may have additional paid features. These apps are exceptionally useful for garden beginners, hikers, neutralists, or anyone looking to learn about plant life. 

Now it’s time to use your thumb for swiping and clicking the useful information of your choice. 

9 Best plant identifier apps download free

1. PlantSnap

PlantSnap is partnered with a chatting app called Snapchat. This app allows users to identify more than 6 lakh plants in 37 languages. You might think is plant snap plant identification app free to use! Don’t worry this plantSnap identifier app has free and premium both versions and both are very easy to use. 

How to use plantsnap

First, download the plant snap from the play store. Then start by snapping a photo of the plant in question and in a few seconds your snap plant identifier app will identify the plant. The Plantsnap app is able to identify 90% of all known species of plants and trees. However, it’s a premium app but 7-day free trial is available and later you have to pay 0.56 USD as a monthly subscription. 

Download best plant identifier app android and ios

jatropha plant

2. Planta app

If you are looking for the best house plant identification app free then this is the app. Planta app is specialized in house plants and care and is able to give as much as information required regarding house plants. The Planta app is user-friendly and offers lots of personalized tips for a garden beginner as well as an advanced gardener. 

How to use the planta app

You need to scan the plant by opening your mobile camera and this app will provide you with all the necessary information. After identifying the plant this app also shows tips related plant care. This plant identifier app also provides information regarding how much water and how often sunlight is required for the particular plant. 

Planta app dolwnloadAdroid and IOS

3. Leaf snap plant identifier app

The leaf snap app is able to work as a field guide to all plants. This app is developed by the experts of Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian institution. Leafsnap plant identifier app uses hi-tech AI technology to identify the plant while capturing the image of their leaves only.

How to use leaf snap app

The specialty of this app is is it not only gives information about the specific plant you are searching for but also provides information about different species you discover. The app provides you instant access to the large database of the plant it also keeps the data updated with the latest and new information. You can also keep track of your favorite plants in your collection you can also get the facility of plant reminders by turning on the reminder option. 

Leaf snap app downloadAndroid and IOS

4. Garden answer plant identifier apk

The Garden answer plant identification app is easy to use. Apart from plant classification it also provides tips on how to deal with plant diseases and pests. 

How to use garden answer plant app 

Simply point your mobile camera towards the specific plant about which you need information. Click the image and you will get all the required information about the particular plant. The Garden app also works as a plant disease identifier app and by using this disease identification app you can easily find out what kind of pest and disease your plant is facing at the moment. Apart from the identification feature this app also provides advice from gardening experts to improve your plant health. 

5. iNaturalist

This app helps users by connecting a huge community of millions of scientists and naturalists. You have to upload a picture of the particular plant and you will get all the specific information about it other users will share their opinion regarding the plant and what they believe about the plant. 

How iNaturalist app work

If you ever had a dream of becoming a scientist then here is the dream that can be fulfilled. This app provides you with the opportunity of becoming a scientist. When you use the iNaturalist app you become a “Citizen Scientist” isn’t it wonderful! You are not only identifying the plant but your thoughts and observations can also contribute to biodiversity science.

Through this app, you are finding are shared with scientific data repositories, and this data helps the scientist to improve the plant’s condition. This app also provides the opportunity to connect with plant experts and learn about nature, the environment and plants. 

DownloadiNaturalist app

6. Plantix app feature

Plantix app is suitable for all plant farmers whether they are a beginner or advanced-level farmers. This plant is designed specifically in such a way to help diagnose and treat infected plants. Agriculture experts are also available at any time to answer your questions. By plantix app download, you can get tips related to best farming practices fertilizer ratio and fertilizers calculator as well. 

How to use plantix app

How does plantix work – The nickname of plantix app is your ‘crop doctor’. The main function of plantix app is to recognize the disease of your plant in a few seconds from the photo you take. You can easily download plantix app from the play store of your mobile, the plantix app cover 30 major crops and it can also identify approximately 400 issues which give you the opportunity to best treat the plants in your garden.

Plantix app download for android

7. Plantnet plant identification app review

Plantnet plant identification apk – Plantnet app is available in both English and French language. It is a wonderful app and provides the facility to users of joining groups to identify plants. The plantnet app also tells whether the species is aggressive or not this is important for local biodiversity maintenance.

How does plant net app work 

Plantnet app is capable of doing 2 jobs at a time. It helps user to identify any species of plants at the same time the plantnet apk is also helping scientist around the world. All the data of photos is easily accessible by scientists and they analyze the pictures of plants to understand the evolution of plant diversity so that they can better protect it. Via this plant app you can also read more about various plants cactus, trees, nature, environment. 

8. PictureThis app

PicuteThis app uses advance artificial intelligence to turn plant photos into informative identification. This plant app is different due to its plant encyclopedia feature which offers huge data of plants.

How to use picturethis app

It is a small botanist inside your mobile. Once clicking the plant photograph (AI) artificial intelligence technology is used to identify the species. AI technology helps to diagnose plant diseases and problems. Moreover, this app provides a plant care guide to know more about the plant.

8. What’s that flower

As the name suggests this app is totally dedicated to flower species.  by downloading the what’s that flower app on your mobile. After clicking the flower image you can identify whether the flower is poisonous or not. Contains both free and paid versions and both are user-friendly. 

Whats that flower downloadAndroid and IOS

How does what’s that flower app work

Simply choose the flowers colour then select habitat and number of petals  after selection leave the responsibility to the app and this app will give me information what is the plant all about.

IPhone for plant recognise

If you have an iPhone and don’t want to download any plant apps then no need to download them. Simply click the image from your iPhone camera then tap the image and at the bottom, it will provide the related info button just select it and after selecting look at your plant image there will be some web images and suggestions indicating about the plant. 

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