How to grow Jamun tree at home | java plum seeds

Grow tiny Jamun tree at home, Java plum seeds, grow small java plum tree of around 4-6 feet height 

Today I will drag your attention towards small and little jamun tree’s that you can easily grow in your house. 

Let’s dive in deeper 

Grow small Jamun tree’s at home

Tiny Jamun Tree’s

You might be aware of it or not but it is true that you can grow small jamun tree at home. Jamun tree in english, is know as java plum.

You must have seen long and big java plum trees near your house, while going to the market or near by roadside. When we talk or even think about the plum tree the image we imagine is quite big and the word we think is ‘big size’ at least it happened with me for some time. 

If you are fond of jamun trees and want to grow jamun tree near your house or at your home then these small jamun tree’s are best options for you.  

Where to find Java plum tree (jamun tree)

Small Jamun trees are easily available at the nursery. These are the trees that you won’t get from ordinary shop’s but you can buy these plum trees from nurseries. Because of the lack of knowledge demand for these small trees are not much, so you might have to wait for a couple of days or weeks in the nursery as well.

However, the demand for jamun fruit is very high due to its health benefits.

You can also purchase plum trees online from Indiamart, Amazon, Flipkart and there are many more online shopping platforms available. 

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Price of one kg jamun

1 kg jamun

1 kg Jamun price is Rs 140 – Rs 160. The price may vary in different states according to the verity and the demand.

Health benefits of Jamun

  • Jamun is good option for controlling sugar levels.
  • Jamun is very helpful curing kidney stones.
  • Helpful in improving digestive system. 
  • It is a natural blood purifier. 
  • Good for eyes and skin.
  • Jamun leaves are good for teeth.
  • Jamun bark is also used in medicinal department.
  • Java plum seeds (raw) are good for maintaining blood pressure.

Jamun is very popular for controlling sugar in diabetic patients and in India, every 3rd person is diabetic in the world around every 5th person is diabetic (it’s approximately data it may vary) so the demand is huge. 

Propagation of Jamun/Java plum

Jamun can be propagated by two methods, seeds and vegetative methods. The seed propagation method is slow (late fruit bearing) in comparison to the vegetative method hence the vegetative method is preferred for jamun cultivation. Jamun trees can be planted in a couple of seasons including spring and monsoon seasons i.e. Feb-March and July-August. 

Jamun grows well in tropical and subtropical conditions dry weather is good for the tree at the time of flowering and fruit setting. Raja jamun and ram jamun are popular verities that are cultivated in the north region of India. The pulp size is bigger and seed is found smaller in these varieties. It is sweet and juicy by taste.  


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Grow Jamun plant in the pot

Follow the steps to grow the jamun in the pot or in your garden too.

1. Pick some jamun fruits and remove the pulp completely. 

2. Dry the seeds at least for a day.

3. Note whether the colour of the seed has turned from white to brown.

4. You should use mixed soil like 50 % normal garden soil 20 % sand and some organic compost. 

5. Once the mixture is ready take a pot having drainage system and fill it with the mix then sow the seeds. 

6. It will take around 15 -18 days to produce tiny plants.  

Grow Jamun plant from the seeds

1. You can sow the seeds in your garden as well as in the pot. Above I have given the briefing of pot it is a continuation. 

2. Make half inches hole in the soil mixture and put the seeds in these holes. You can use your finger to adjust the hole or to dig it in good shape. 

3. Now sow the seed then cover it with the potting mix. 

4. Keep your plant moist by giving good amount of water but remember soil should not become soggy. 

5. Keep your plant in partial shade for better growth. 

6. You can see few tiny plants blown and few trying to come out from the soil after 15-18 days. 

7. It will grow with long stem and few leaves after 30-35 days.  

Local names of jamun in India

Jamun is also known as

Jam (Bengali), Indian black plum, black berry (English), Jambu (Gujarati), Naga Pazham (Tamil), Naredupandu (Telugu), Naval pazham (Malyalam), Jambhul (Marathi), Nerale Hannu (Kannada) and Jamun/jamoon in Hindi.

Black berry – Black berry is a different fruit its a mistranslate. Black berry belongs to different family and different genus. Moreover Jamun is known as Syzygium cumini and belongs to different family and genus. 

Jamun – belongs to Myrtaceae family and Syzygium genus. 

Black berry – belongs to Rosaceae family and Rubus genus. 

For more details you can visit wikipedia 

Jamun is known as Java Plum in English


Pests and disease in Jamun

Some common pests are caterpillar and flies. Caterpillar are the insects, usually eats leaf to get rid of caterpillar you can use spray malathion and keep your plant clean to avoid flies.

Apart from these some birds can try to make nest or try to harm your young java plum tree you can neglect the bird by making some sound or you can create an artificial human by using a pole or stick, cover it by sack then put a pot as a human head make face by chalk perhaps this formula can work it is old school formula but quite effective for small places like garden


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Major Jamun production states in India

Maharashtra is on the top position in jamun production in India 2nd is Uttar Pradesh followed by Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Assam, Karnataka and others. India holds 2nd position in the production of Jamun in the world. 


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