Red sandalwood project report pdf | red sandalwood plantation profit per acre

Sandalwood is an evergreen tree and can be grown in any season but according to the agricultural experts avoid sandalwood plantation in winters especially in deep freezing winters. Red sandalwood trees can easily grow throughout India between 5° C to 47° C but first you need to check the sandalwood growing permission in your state. In the Project Report you can find the chandan tree price per kg and to know the red sandalwood tree weight after 10 years to 15 years please click the given link. 

Red sandalwood tree is endemic to India and found in the eastern ghat to the mountain range of south India. Traditionally red sandalwood is not considered an aromatic plant. Moreover, santalum sandalwood is a different sandalwood plant and you should not get confused between red sandalwood and santalum sandalwood tree. Santalum is an aromatic sandalwood tree that grows natively in south India. Sandalwood tree price is raising with the time specially red sandalwood price is making huge difference in sandalwood cultivation in Australia, India etc.

Varieties of red sandalwood

Wavy grain and straight are two varieties of red sandalwood. Wavy grain sandalwood has more national and international demand. Wavy grain sandalwood is mainly used for commercial sandalwood plantation. 

Red Sandalwood is an endangered species and found only in 4 states of Andhra Pradesh. Red Sandalwood tree is a slow growing sandalwood tree species. This limber is deep red in color and doesn't lose its shape and uniform even in tough climate conditions. Red Sandalwood farming in Andhra Pradesh is more successful than any other state in India because Andhra Pradesh contains an appropriate climate for commercial sandalwood cultivation and there are extensive forest areas of red sandalwood.

Scientific name of red sandalwood

Pterocarpus santalinus 

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sandalwood farming profit and permission

Red sandalwood plantation project report PDF

Red sandalwood cost per acre

In 1 acre 400 sandalwood plants can be planted 

1 sandalwood plant price is between Rs 30 to Rs 100 and more accordingly 

Let's take Rs 100 for 1 sandalwood plant then 

For 400 sandalwood plants 

Rs 100 x 400 plants = Rs 40,000

Sandalwood plant cost = Rs 40,000 (539.70 United States Dollar)

Now 400 host plants are required along with sandalwood plants 

If one host plant cost Rs 20

Therefore 400 host plants x Rs 20 = Rs 8000

Red sandalwood plant cost = Rs 40,000 + Rs 8000

Red sandalwood plant cost = Rs 48,000 (647.65 USD)

Other cost in red sandalwood agriculture in India 

Cost for 1st year

Sandalwood drip irrigation cost - Rs 65,000

Sandalwood fertilizer cost  - Rs 20,000

Land preparation cost - Rs 15,000

Labor cost - Rs 15000

Plant protection charges - Rs 6000

Miscellaneous cost - Rs 5000

Other cost total = Rs 126000

Now to get red sandalwood plantation cost per acre add 

Red sandalwood plantation cost + Other cost total 

Total cost = Rs 48,000 + Rs 126,000

Total cost for 1st year = Rs 174,000

Now lets quickly calculate sandalwood cost for 10 years

Irrigation charges per year from 2nd year will be Rs 20,000 (1st year drip installation charge)

Add 25,000 harvesting charge in 10th year 

1st year total cost is Rs 174,000

Remove drip irrigation charges i.e Rs 50,000 

Rs 174000 - Rs 50000 = Rs 124000

Now multiply Rs 124000 with 9 years 

Rs 124000 x 9 years = Rs 1116000

Now add harvesting charge for 10th year i.e Rs 25,000

Rs 1116000 + Rs 25,000 = Rs 1141000

9 year sandalwood cost = Rs 11,41000

Now add 1st year cost with all 9 year cost 

Rs 174,000 + 1141000 = Rs 1315,000

Total sandalwood cost for 10 years = Rs 13,15,000 (17,742.57 USD)

Red sandalwood farming profit per acre

Now lets calculate red sandalwood plantation profit 

1 red sandalwood tree can produce 10 kg - 15 kg heartwood 

400 trees x 10 kg heartwood = 4000 kg heartwood 

1 kg heartwood price = Rs 15000 to Rs 20,000

Let's take the minimum value Rs 10,000 per kg 

4000 kg heartwood x Rs 10,000 = 40000000

Total profit = Rs 4 crore 

Net profit = red sandalwood profit - red sandalwood cost 

Net profit = Rs 40000000 - Rs 13,15,000

Net Profit = Rs 3,86,50,000 (5,20,709.42 USD)

(Meaning one red sandalwood price = Rs 1 lkah)

Note - So, this is the assumption of the red sandalwood tree plantation project report. However, figures may vary according to the place, market, time etc. Hope this red sandalwood project report will be helpful for you and now you have some idea to calculate the sandalwood farming income. 

Red sandalwood tree information

  • Red Sandalwood tree height -  it is a small tree growing to 8 meters (26 ft) tall with a trunk 50-150 cm diameter. 
  • It is a fast growing plant in its young period and can easily reach the height of 5 meter (16 ft) tall in three years.
  • Red sandalwood tree leaves - Red sandalwood leaves are 3 to 9 cm long, they are trifoliate with three leaflets. 
  • Red sandalwood flower - flowers are produced in short racemes (unbranched).
  • Red sandalwood fruit - Sandalwood fruit contains one or two seeds. Red sandalwood fruit is legume shaped and 6 - 9 cm long.  

How much does a Sandalwood tree weight after 10 and 15 years

  • Red sandalwood tree weight after 10 years - 90 to 120 kg
  • Red sandalwood tree weight after 15 years - 180 to 200 kg

Red Sandalwood tree uses 

Red Sandalwood tree has a greyish dark bark. The tree has huge demand in the domestic and international market and is mostly demanded in East Asian countries. 

Red Sandalwood timber is mainly used for engraving, furniture, poles, musical instruments etc. It has high value in Japan and is used in making musical instruments.  

Red Sandalwood tree produces a red pigment that is used in making dye, colour in food medicine and Cosmetics. 

Red Sandalwood heartwood is used as medicine, usually heartwood is present in the centre of the trunk of red sandalwood tree.

Red Sandalwood health benefits

There are various red sandalwood tree benefits but at the same time this tree has major health benefits as well that are given below 

  • Helpful and digestive problem
  • Blood purification
  • Fluid retention and cough.  
  • Red sandalwood tree Is very popular and costly timber and this tree is famous for its aroma. 

Other name of red sandalwood

  • Saunderwood 
  • Almug
  • Red sanders
  • Red sanderswood 
  • Rakta Chandana 
  • Lal chandana 
  • Ragat chandana 
  • Rukhto chandana 
  • Sandalwood temperature
  • It is not frost tolerant and can easily collapse in -1° C temperature.

Red sandalwood demand in world

Red Sandalwood is highly demanded in these countries 

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Korea
  • UK 
  • Gulf countries 

Red sandalwood plantation in India

For red sandalwood plantation you need to follow the below given steps which are the basic requirements for sandalwood plantation in Hyderabad, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu or India. How many red sandalwood tree per acre is also given below in order to help you for better plantation of red sandalwood.

Red Sandalwood plantation spacing 

4m x 4m  distance 

600 plants per hectare is recommended for red sandalwood growth rate in the correct manner. 

Red sandalwood soil requirement

Well drained red soil with gravel loam soil is the best soil for sandalwood plantation. 

Red sandalwood pH level

Red sandalwood ph level required 4.5 to 6.5 

White sandalwood ph level required above 7 

Average rainfall for sandalwood

Annual rainfall sandalwood - 800 mm to 1000 mm is required for the vital growth of sandalwood. Sandalwood tree growth is also dependent on sufficient water in initial days however, sandalwood trees do not require much water.

irrigation sandalwood

In red sandalwood cultivation irrigation is required immediately after red sandalwood planting. After that irrigation is done in the gap of 1 day till 15 days and once seed gets established irrigation can be done at the interval of 12-15 days. Source of water may result in heart wood rot so you need to be careful while performing irrigation at your sandalwood farm. Sandalwood trees require two to three litres of water weekly. More important controlled  irrigation is necessary in sandalwood farming in Australia, Maharashtra, Canada or anywhere.

Sandalwood grain

Red Sandalwood which has wavy grain margins sells at higher prices in comparison to standard sandal wood. Timber pieces with wavy grain margin are classified as important lumber and are graded as “A” grade. Red Sandalwood with wavy grain margin generally grows in the shale subsoils at the altitude of 750 meters (2460 ft), semi arid climate conditions were responsible for wavy grain margins in sandalwood.  

Sandalwood land preparation

Plowing and harrowing more than two times is necessary to bring the soil to a fine tilth. Dig the pits at the size of 45 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm at the spacing of 4 m x 4 m x 4m. Fill the pits with topsoil mixed with 10 to 15 kg (FYM) farm yard manure and 10 gram linden dust. 


Best time to plant sandalwood

Red sandalwood plantation time - best time for planting red sandalwood plant is last week of may to june month i.e beginning of the rainy season. Choose 1.5 years old Sandalwood seedling or 2 years old sandal plant for better sandalwood growth.

Sandalwood plantation per acre

400 sandalwood plants per acre can be planted with a distance of 10 feet. 

Sandalwood plantation per hectare 

For red sandalwood cultivation in 1 hectare 600 plants are advised with the spacing of 4 meter x 4 meter. Apart from planting sandalwood plants in the farm you can also do the red sandalwood plantation in boundaries and corners of the farms.

Red Sandalwood tree farming in India

Sandalwood farming in India - White Sandalwood cultivation is done in Haryana Uttar Pradesh and Punjab Reason because the pH level white Sandalwood cultivation should be above 7 and all these regions contain 7.5 pH level.

Sandalwood tree cultivation in India - Red sandalwood is only found in 4 states of Andhra Pradesh and it is mostly cultivated in south India.

Chandan tree price per kg is touching the sky height with the time and the chandan wood price per kg mainly depends on the price of heartwood and 1 kg chandan heartwood price is approximately Rs 10,000 (134.43 USD) to 20,000 (268.87 USD).

Red sandalwood frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which Sandalwood is more expensive, red or white?

Due to their medicinal and cosmetic value white sandalwood is more expensive than red sandalwood.

Why red sandalwood is popular?

Red sandalwood has great demand in the international market especially in Japan and Singapore because they are used in making musical instruments in these countries.  Moreover, antiquity, engraved and traditional designs are some more factors behind the popularity of red sandalwood timber.

Where is sandalwood grown in India?

Sandalwood grown in India – Andhra Pradesh,  Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Bihar and Rajasthan.

Where to sell red sandalwood tree?

Before selling red sandalwood trees you need to take permission from your forest department and state government, including the horticulture department. It is strictly advised that you don't sell your sandalwood trees directly to any private organization, instead you have to inform the forest and horticulture department of  your concerned state. It is necessary to inform the horticulture department, forest department during the harvesting of sandalwood trees and they will send their officer who will inquire about your sandalwood farm and after confirming they will give you permission.

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