How many arecanut trees per acre and farm income

In 1 acre farm 500 to 1000 plants can be planted but 600 trees are recommended for high-quality yielding. The tree starts bearing fruits on a commercial level after 5 years and by planting 600 trees farmers are earning around Rs 5 lakh per acre after deducting the cost.

Quick Overview – 600 plants per acre, farm income Rs 5,50,000.

Plant introduction

Arecanut belongs to the “Arecacea” family. Betel, supari, sopari and catechu are some common names of this plant. In India, areca nuts are mostly used in traditions such as worship, marriages and festivals etc. India is one of the largest consumers of these nuts because India is a religious country and these nuts are mostly used in most religious events of India.

How many arecanut trees per acre and farm income

Areca nut trees per acre 

500 to 1000 trees can be planted but 600 trees are recommended for better tree growth and a healthy yield. 

Trees per hectare

1500 to 2500 trees can be planted but 1800 trees are recommended for healthy yield. 

Farm income

In one acre of land 500 to 1000 plants can be planted and 500 to 600 plants can produce 300 kg of nuts. To obtain a healthy yield 500 to 600 plants are recommended in one acre farm. One tree yields 4.5 to 5 kg thus 600 trees = 600 trees x 5 kg = 3000 kg. One kg areca nut price varies between Rs 250 to 500 or more depending on the market, demand and availability.

Let’s take the minimum price which is Rs 250. Now multiply Rs 250 by the total yield (3000 kg) achieved in the 1-acre farm. Rs 250 x 3000 kg = Rs 7,50,000. It is assumed that this cultivation costs approximately Rs 2 lakh and after deducting the cost one can earn around Rs 5,50,000. 

States – Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya, Assam and West Bengal are doing commercial areca nut cultivation on a wider scale and producing a larger yield. Odisha, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Goa and UP are also doing cultivation. 

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Arecanut farming practices

Areca nut is also known as betel nut and to start a successful farming one should follow the below-given steps carefully.

Sapling cost 

Rs 10 to Rs 200 or more depending on the size and variety. 

1 acre = 600 sapling x Rs 45 = Rs 27,000. 

Climate and temperature requirement 

This plant mostly grows in humid and rainy regions and needs good rainfall. The temperature required for this crop is between 10°C to 40°C.

Read now1 acre arecanut farm income Rs 514560

Water required

It needs a good amount of water and the required annual rainfall is 750 mm to 4500 mm. 

Soil requirements  

Well-drained rich soil with good organic matter is preferred for areca plants. However, it is a soil-friendly plant and it can be grown in almost any kind of soil.

Propagation method

Seeds and seedlings. 

Arecanut plants per acre and hectare 

600 trees are recommended in 1 acre for better fruit growth and 1800 trees per hectare are good for high quality yield. 

Fertilizer application 

Apply the below-given application at the basin of 0.75 to 1.25 m. 

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5-year-old tree  Below 5-year tree
FYM – 10 to 20 kg. 
NPK – 100:40:140 grams/per year.
FYM – 5 to 10 kg.
NPK – 50:20:70 grams/per year. 
The fertilizer dose ratio is given in the table.

Yield and fruiting time

Start bearing fruits commercially after 5 years.

Arecanut yield per tree

One tree produces an average of 4.5 to 5 kg of nuts.

Arecanuts per acre

1 tree yield = 5 kg

1 acre = 500 trees.

1 acre arecanut yield = 5 kg x 500 trees = 2500 kg nuts. 

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Arecanuts per hectare

1 areca tree yield = 5 kg.

1 hectare = 1800 trees.

Areca nut yield per hectare = 5 kg x 1800 trees = 9000 kg. 


Coffee, vanilla, cocoa, citrus, black pepper, citrus and cinnamon. 


How many arecanut trees per acre can be planted?

500 to 600 trees are good enough.

What is an average areca nut yield per tree?

A 5 year old arecanut tree yields around 4.5 kg to 5 kg of nuts.

How much income from 1 acre arecanut yield is expected?

By planting 600 trees in 1 acre, 600 trees x 5 kg = 3000 kg yield can be achieved. One kg price of nuts is between Rs 250 to Rs 500 thus income from 1 acre areca nut yield will be Rs 250 x 3000 kg = Rs 7,50,000.

What is areca nut yield per acre in Karnataka?

If you will plant 600 trees per acre 3000 kg yield can be obtained by looking at the below formula.
1 tree yield = 4.5 to 5 kg.
600 trees yields = 5 kg x 600 trees = 3000 kg.
1 acre yield = 3000 kg.

What will be the expected drip irrigation cost per acre for arecanut?

Rs 45,000 to Rs 50,000 is the 1-acre drip irrigation cost. The drip setup cost depends on the number of plants and land dimensions.

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