Betel nut yield per tree and farming profit

Betel nut business profit is huge and in this post, I am sharing betel nut profit from one acre and yield per tree. After getting this project report you can easily understand its cost and profit margins.

Quick Overview – Betel nut yield per tree 4.5 kg to 5 kg, yield per acre 1750 kg to 2500 kg, plants per acre 500, farming profit Rs 6,25,000. 

Betel nut is commonly known as areca nut and it belongs to the “Arecaceae” family. It is known as supari in Hindi language and is mostly used in worship, marriages and festivals in India, Australia, Dubai and some other countries. India is a religious country and one of the largest betel nut consumers due to its use in almost every marriage and religious activity.

Betel nut tree profile

Areca palm trees grow in the tropical Pacific, South Asia, Southeast Asia and some parts of East Africa. Areca nut trees are 50 to 60 feet taller and occupy less space. Therefore farmers are easily planting 500 betel nut trees per acre. These trees grow straight without having many branches at the bottom similar to coconut trees. 

Betel nut yield per tree and farming profit

Betel nut yield per tree and farm profit per acre

Betel nut tree yield is 4.5 kg to 5 kg and by planting 500 trees one can achieve a good profit of around Rs 237500. Let’s understand how? 1 betel nut tree yields 4.5 kg to 5 kg of nuts. Let’s assume a tree is producing only 3 kg of nuts. If 500 trees are planted then 3.5 kg x 500 trees = 1750 kg nuts. The brittle light price per kg in India varies between Rs 250 to Rs 500.

Let’s take the price of Rs 250 per kg. To get profit multiply 250 kg x 1750 kg = Rs 437500. After deducting the average cultivation cost of Rs 2 lakh profit will be around Rs 437500 – Rs 200000 = Rs 237500. 

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Betel nut yield per tree and 1 hectare farm income 

One areca nut tree produces 4.5 to 5 kg of nuts per year. 1000 areca nut plants per hectare can be planted. Betel nut farming in Maharashtra is done on a wide scale and not only in Maharashtra but also other Indian farmers are planting 1000 to 1200 plants per hectare. Betel nut tree plantation distance maintained by farmers is 5 m x 5 m. By planting 1000 trees 5 kg x 1000 trees = 5000 kg average yield is achieved from 1 hectare.

If the nut price is Rs 250/kg then to get profit multiply it by the total yield i.e. Rs 250 x 5000 kg = Rs 7,50,000. After deducting the approx cost of Rs 5 lakh a farmer archives around Rs 7,50,000 net profit from a hectare farm.

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Betel nut farming profit per acre

It is a high-yielding tree and farmers are achieving good profit from it. More importantly, Asia is known for religion and India is a big religious country where betel nuts are used in almost every marriage,  ceremony, engagement, party worship etc. Therefore its use and consumption in India is huge. 

India is one of the largest producers of betel nut and more interestingly it is one of the largest consumers as well. It simply means farmers doing betel nut farming in India are not facing any challenges while selling this crop.

It means the betel nut business is worth it in India. It is consumed not only in India and Asian countries but also in America, England, Germany and other developed countries. So its business scope is worldwide. 

One nut tree produces 5 kg of nuts and 500 trees can produce 5 kg x 500 trees = 2500 kg of nuts. By planting 500 betel nut plants in one acre people can achieve 2500 kg nuts. By selling them at the price of Rs 250  one can achieve Rs 250 x 2500 = Rs 6,25,000. 

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What is betel nut yield per acre?

1750 kg to 2500 kg.

What is betel nut yield per hectare?

3500 kg to 5000 kg.

What is betel nut yield farming profit per acre?

Rs 6,25,000.

How many betel nut plants in one acre can be planted?

400 – 500 trees.

How many betel nut trees per hectare can be planted?

1000 to 1200 plants.

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