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Burans flower is very popular in Kumaon, Garhwal especially burans juice, it is ranked in top 3 positions among all the juices. The Health benefits of rhododendron are not hidden by anybody. Still more exciting innovations are going on about this miracle flower.

Which is the state flower of Nagaland?

Burans is the state flower of Nagaland.

Which is the national flower of Nepal?

Rhododendron arboreum is the national flower of Nepal.

Today I will help you to understand the value of a beautiful flower called burans. Worldwide it is known as Rhododendron arboreum(scientific name). It is mostly grown in the Himalayan region. 

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About Burans

Myth - Before starting let's face the truth and delete the myth. Some people are spreading wrong information that burans is the state flower of Uttarakhand but fact is that Brahma kamal is the state flower of Uttarakhand and burans is the state tree of Uttarakhand. 

Burans tree information

Burans is the state flower of Nagaland and national flower of Nepal. Burans is known as Gurans in Nepal. Laligurans is another name of the species. Scientific name of burans is Rhododendron arboreum. It is an evergreen tree which registers its availability through out the year. Burans is the state tree of Uttarakhand and commonly found in the jungles of Uttarakhand superiorly Kumaon-Garhwal, Himachal Pradesh, Nagaland. It is also found in Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka and Pakistan 

Burans tree height - On an average burans tree grows 12m(36ft) X 12m(36ft) of height, although it also reaches the height up to 20m. The tallest Rhododendron arboreum is measured of 108 ft and the same is the world record. Hence, registered in Guinness World Record. India holds this Guinness Record for the tallest burans tree, the tree was discovered in Kohima district of Nagaland in 1993 at Mount Japfu place.

Importance of burans flower

Burans flower contains traditional value in the state of Uttarakhand. Hence, burans tree is respected and registered as the state tree of Uttarakhand. Flower of burans tree is treated as the symbol or bravery in the region of kumaon, garhwal. Burans flower use to bloom at the beginning of the spring. 

It is well known as burusi in local language of hill areas. Rhododendron arboreum looks very beautiful in the Kashmir valley; it is known as burasho in Himachal Pradesh. Around 1000 flowers can easily bloom in a single tree that also looks very beautiful in between hills. 

Burans flower including tree has tremendous health benefits therefor it is used in medicinal department as well. While using in eating material burans flowers has been used as jelly, sauce, pickle etc. Burans juice is highly popular in hill area and now a days it is also gaining popularity in plane areas as well. Branches of this tree is often used for making agricultural equipment's.

Patanjali also uses burans for making their ayurvedic products. In fact Patanjali is a big buyer of burans so it is also an opportunity for the people who lives in hill areas and searching for extra source of income. 

Benefits of burans juice

1. Burans juice is very beneficial in heart disease regular use of the juice can cure the heart problem as well. 

2. Kidney patients are often seem in search of this juice it is also beneficial for liver disease. 

3. It contains good amount of vitamin A, vitamin B12 therefore it is very useful in increasing red blood cells, blood increase to cure anemia disease.

4. This red Pahadi flower is also useful in boosting bone strength and regular consumption of this product can make you get rid of various joint pains.

5. It also help us to not gain much weight.  

6. Burans is good at maintaining blood pressure levels. It is very good for the people who maintains regular high blood pressure because it helps in reducing B.P or you can say it holds BP on same position and thus reduces the growth.

7. burans leaves are used in cough problems.

8. It gives instant energy it is very refreshing.

Aanvala, Aloe Vera, Burans etc are healthy to consume if you can get these  directly by nature which might be little difficult in this case you can buy these in forms of juices. Juices will give you benefits, not 100 percent because they also contains preservative for long survival but they are good to use instead of chemical made cold drinks.

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Rhododendron arboreum uses

As if now you know it is well known as Rhododendron arboreum. It is used in making sauce, juices, spices and also used in medicinal department including Ayurveda. Bark and branches of this tree are also useful they are used in agriculture department.

For information about pharma logical uses of burans or burash flower please visit NCBI TandFonline  

Price of burans juice is around Rs150 per kg but in hill area it is bit cheaper. You can get a container of 2.5 kg burans juice easily in Rs 250 it is available in high altitude regions like Karnprayag, Shrinagar, Gochar, Haldwani, Gopeshwar, Rudraprayag etc.

Opportunity in burans cultivation 

Today every body is conscious about health and people are always trying to find new ways of health improvement. Summers are also knocking the door and now people are also avoiding cold drinks that were promoted by big stars but people need replacement of cold drinks and juices are the best replacements of cold drinks like coca cola, pepsi, thumsup, fanta etc. 

Because of increasing demand of precious health products farmers also gets the opportunity of earning good money but for that they need to try different farming instead of growing grains, rice, sugarcane in huge quantity they should try these herbal products at least in some area of their farm. 

There are some big brands like Patanjali, Hindustan etc these big guns are always in search of herbal products for there ayurvedic medicinal department. Demand of burans is very high in the market but production is very low and this creates a huge opportunity in burans cultivation. So people just need to tie their belt and start burans cultivation. It has a very big international market as well. 

Remember one thing to earn good money in less time always choose a low competition area and right now there is hardly any cultivation of burans in Uttarakhand or India so instead of cultivating the same crop that everyone is growing, grab this opportunity and start the cultivation of rarely cultivated crops like hemp, kandali plant (stinging netttle), kaphal fruit (myrica esculenta), geranium plant and burans for more cultivating ideas of unique crops kindly visit my other blog posts.

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