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ZACL is a Goa-based fertilizer company founded by Dr KK Birla in 1967. The assumption of Zuari agro share price target 2025 to 2030 is shared. Company details including founders, founding date, product, awards, vision, price chart, board of members list, projects and collaborations shared.

Zuari Agro share price target 2025 to 2030

Zuari Agro Chemicals ltd current share price today is Rs 197.45 as of 24.04.24. 

Zuari share price target 2024

The target price was expected to reach Rs 219 by Jan 2024 and Rs 279.7 by the end of Dec 2024. Due to favourable conditions, the price may meet Rs 257 in Sep.  

April – Rs 219.2. Current price Rs 193 (target missed). Dec – Rs 279.7.

Zuari share price target 2025

Jan – Rs 285, Dec – Rs 320.

Zuari’s share price is expected to reach Rs 285 by Jan 2025. It may reach Rs 302 in Sep month. 

Zuari share price target 2026

Jan – Rs 326, Dec – Rs 366.

Technically the target price may reach Rs 326 by Jan 2026 and it might go up to Rs 366 by Dec end. 

Zuari share price target 2027

Jan – Rs 373, Dec – Rs 419.

The estimated target is around Rs 373 in Jan month and it may hit Rs 403 by the end of Dec 2027.

Zuari share price target 2028

Jan – Rs 427, Dec – Rs 479.

The share price target is projected to be Rs 427 in Jan and Rs 461 in Dec 2028. It might become a good long-term investment. Before investing you should research on your own and visit Zuari’s official website for more details about the company.

Zuari share price target 2029

Jan – Rs 489, Dec – Rs 549.

With favourable market conditions, the mid-year price target could reach Rs 460 and it may close at Rs 549 by Dec.

Zuari share price target 2030

Jan – Rs 560, Dec – Rs 628.

It is expected to meet at Rs 560 in Jan and Rs 628 by Dec 2030.

2024Rs 226.76Rs 279.7
2025Rs 285Rs 320
2026Rs 326Rs 366
2027Rs 373Rs 419
2028Rs 427Rs 479
2029Rs 489Rs 549
2030Rs 560Rs 628
ZACL share price target (estimated) is given in the table.

Note – All the share prices given above are estimated and may meet the target or may differ.

ZACL company overview

Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited also known as ZACL. The company was founded in 1967 by Dr KK Birla in 1967. Its first urea plant was installed in 1973 and manufacturing began in 1974. Zuari products are sold by the Jai Kisan brand. Today ZACL is the main company of Adventz Group. 

Paradeep Phosphate Limited (PPL) is a subsidiary joint venture with ZMPPL and ZMPPL holds 56.10% of PPL. PPL is listed on BSE and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited. Chambal Fertilizer Ltd is another fertilizer and pesticide company but its price is more than ZACL.

Founder and board of directors 

Dr Krishna Kumar Birla was the founding chairman of Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited. He nurtured the KK Birla Group. The group covers fertilizer, media textile, sugar, shipping,  financial services, furniture information technology, heavy engineering, EPC services and infrastructure sectors. 

  • Chairman – S.K Poddar chairman of the Adventz group.
  • Executive director – Nitin M Kantak.
  • Non Executive director – Akshay Poddar. 
  • Director – Mrs. Reena Suraiya.
  • Independent director – Mr Deepankar Chatterjee. 
  • Independent director – Mr Amandeep.
  • Independent director – Mr Sanjeev Lall.
  • Non executive director – Mr. Athar Shahab.


Honoured 5 times for top-ranking performance by the Fertilizer Association of India (FAI).

FAI award for environment protection.

Projects and collaborations

Technical collaboration agreement with Snamprogetti S.p.a, Italy. Snamprogetti is part of the public sector.

Conclusion – Zuari share price 2024, to 2030 is given. Company overview including founder, board members, established date, products, awards and collaborations given.

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