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Hello friends, today we will study about black turmeric and it’s cultivation profit from one acre land.

Introduction - You may be surprise to here that the current price of black turmeric is lot more than ordinary turmeric. Current black turmeric price is between Rs 500 to Rs 4000 per kg accordingly.

Whereas the price of simple turmeric is between Rs 70 to Rs 150 per kg. The reason behind huge difference between the price of both turmeric is that simple turmeric is easily available in the market but there is a shortage of black turmeric in the market specially after the pandemic the demand of black turmeric increased unexpectedly.

It is an endangered plant, black haldi is a rare herb moreover, kali haldi has a huge demand in pharmaceutical industry and this is the main reason of higher price.

Black haldi is native to Northeastern and Central India. The black turmeric is sold fresh or dried in the market. It is an underground crop that is rare in the market in current time.

How to identify black turmeric 

You can easily identify the black turmeric by its leaves. There is black line in the middle of the turmeric leaf and while breaking the turmeric seed you can see blue colour and broken part of the turmeric will look like round shape which is identification of the black turmeric apart from this it smells like camphor and bitter in the taste.

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How to grow black turmeric

Black turmeric growing - You can grow black turmeric by seeds, while growing potato we cuts potato in few pieces and those potato pieces were used as seeds the turmeric growing process is also same one can make own seeds by cutting turmeric in few pieces and these turmeric pieces are used as seeds. You can also grow black turmeric in polybags and later you can transfer the plants in the farm or you can sell those polybag plants as well.

Black turmeric plant seeds – you can grow black turmeric by plants however plants are not easily available everywhere you may or may not get these plants at your nearby nursery. 

Few contact numbers are given below from where you can purchase black turmeric plants easily scroll down or click here to go to the contact details paragraph directly.

Moreover, black turmeric rate varies between Rs 500 to Rs 4000 accordingly and in one acre land you can easily sow around 4000 plants.

Black turmeric plantation 

You should give such space so that the rhizome can easily grow. For best results you can plant 3000 to  4000 plants with the spacing of 2.5 by 2.5

Black turmeric seed - If you have planted 100 seeds then these 100 seeds will increase and produce 100 x 3 = 300 seeds

By applying this process one can produce large number of black haldi seeds

This multiplication process also happens in bamboo farming to read more on bamboo farming click on it

Original black turmeric plant price 

Black turmeric plant price in India – You have to pay Rs 100 for 1 black turmeric plant

black turmeric image

Black turmeric cultivation time 

Black turmeric plantation – 25 to 40 days before rainy season is the best time for black turmeric planting

Soil requirement for turmeric

Soil for turmeric cultivation - sandy, loamy soil is the suitable soil for turmeric and black soil is best soil for turmeric plant. Remember don’t allow standing water in your turmeric farm it will damage your turmeric crop production completely.

Temperature required for black turmeric 

20 ° to 40°

How much water does a turmeric plant need

It depends on soil type, turmeric plant needs 15 to 20 irrigations in heavy soil and 30 to 40 in light soils.

Black turmeric harvest time 

Black turmeric takes around 8 to 8.5 months to get ready for harvesting. If you have planted your turmeric crop before rainy season somewhere in June then it will be ready to harvest in feb –march.

Note - While selling black haldi warm water process is not required one can sell it exactly in raw form whereas while selling simple turmeric warm water process is required.

Hybrid varieties of turmeric

  • Alleppey 
  • Erode
  • Salem
  • Roma
  • Suguna
  • Kedaram
  • Prabha 
  • Prathiba
  • Pragathi
  • Sangli
  • Sudarsana

Black turmeric scientific name 

  • Black turmeric is also known as Curcuma caesia or black zedoary 
  • Bionomial name - Curcuma caesia
  • Kingdom - Plantae 
  • Clade - Angiosperms, Monocots, Commenlinids
  • Order - Zingiberaceae 
  • Genus - Curcuma 
  • Species - C. caesia

Turmeric diseases and control 

While talking about disease there is hardly any disease found in black turmeric. It might happen some insect moths may fly from nearby farm to your turmeric farm then you can use neem oil spray to get rid of those moths.

Key suggestion – While cultivating other crops you can use simple or black turmeric as mix cropping it will reduce the disease possibilities in your other crops by performing this trick your plant will grow healthy. If you don’t want to use it as mix cropping then try to use 1 turmeric plant near by 3 other plants means 1 : 3 ratio this will also help your other crops to grow organically and you know turmeric is a medicine then let other plants also get benefited.

Black turmeric FAQ

How to produce organic pesticides 

Fertilizer and pesticides - organic fertilizers, pesticides recommended so that you can get best price while selling your turmeric herb. Use organic pesticides only like neem oil to know more about creating organic fertilizer and how to create organic pesticides at home please click here.

If you need organic pesticide + organic fertilizer free E book then please comment below along with your email id.  

Black turmeric market in India

Where to sell black turmeric in India - Pharmaceutical companies, ayurvedic dealers, retail buyers : worship, ayurvedic doctors, ayurvedic shops, diseased, jyotish, priest, gurus

  • Sell turmeric online – You can sell your any product through online store you just have to register your store online.
  • You can also sell turmeric through facebook in face book there is an option called marketplace where you can sell your product directly to buyers. 
  • Amazon, flip kart, India mart, Fresh basket are some popular online market platform for selling turmeric or any other crop. 
  • Now a day’s people are making youtube videos to sell their product you can also create a YouTube video where you can show the quality and quantity of black turmeric along with suitable price and sell it.
  • You can sell black turmeric directly to Patanjali. Patanjali is the biggest buyer of herbs like aloe vera, black turmeric, turmeric, anvala, bhumi anvala etc.
black turmeric profit

Where to sell turmeric

Hathras and Gaziabad you can sell in bulk

You can sell turmeric in three ways

  • Prepare seeds of turmeric and sell it
  • Prepare haldi powder and sell it
  • After grading, boiling and polishing you can sell turmeric in better price.

For commercial turmeric farming you should have Trade mark, TIN no, AGMARK (agriculture market information system)

Where to buy black turmeric seeds

Vedik colors  – 9111145000

Satvik foods and farms  - 6398656527  

Dhananjay Raut latur contact number – 9260000083, 9260000683 (office number)

Is black turmeric farming profitable 

  • Yes, black turmeric farming is profitable. The current price of black turmeric varies between Rs 500 to Rs 2500 according to Marathi farmer Dhananjay Raut he has sold black turmeric at the price of Rs 4000 per kg to medicinal sector including Ayurveda previous year. 
  • However, the truth is that this is the price of by chance and you may not sell the same in such amount. Moreover, in few years the price will decrease because after 3-4 years there might not be such shortage that persists right now so you can take the advantage now.
  • The price may go down but as per experts opinion it will be between Rs 350 to Rs 500 per kg and this amount is also more than other vegetable amounts like potato, tomato etc. Hence, we can say black turmeric farming is a profitable farming.

What is the yield of black turmeric per acre

Yield of fresh rhizome 19 to 21 ton per acre whereas dry rhizome yield is about 3.5 to 5 tonnes per acre

Agriculture quality checking - Alert 

Must read for better payment while selling your product 

Crop quality testing - You should grow all the herb category crops organically and black turmeric falls under herb category not only herb category but also as rare herb therefore the demand is quite high. However, you may grow it by using npk or other chemical technique but while selling it to big companies you won’t get the best price because there is a testing process done by these big companies which is also known as quality check and in this process they will easily identify the chemical percentage in your product and this will surely reduce your plant value thus you will get less amount.

One thing you need to understand if you are growing such crop that is going to sell in medicinal sector especially in Ayurveda then the crop must contain its natural properties and if you will grow the crop with the help of chemicals then how is it possible for the crop to maintain all the natural properties.  

Therefore it is suggested to grow all the high value herbal crops organically so that they should not lose their medicinal properties.

Organic farming suggestions - Moreover, one should follow organic farming in comparison of chemical farming we know it’s difficult to grow all the crops without NPK but it is not impossible you can create NPK organically as well. At least you should reduce the dependency on chemicals if you want to know various organic farming tips or organic farming ideas please click on it and you will be diverted to other page on other tab (current page will remain open).

Black turmeric health benefits

  1. It is helpful to stop the flowing blood
  2. The paste of black turmeric is used as facial cream
  3. One can drink a glass of milk with one spoon of black turmeric before sleeping at night.
  4. It reduces stroke chances
  5. It is good for better sleep
  6. It helps in treatment of ulcer, tumers, piles etc
  7. It works as anti aging therefore it helps in reducing wrinkles
  8. Black turmeric is helpful to remove or reduce pimples
  9.  It is well known for anti fungal, anti bacterial, antioxidants properties

Black turmeric farming project report

Turmeric cost per acre

Black turmeric single plant price = Rs 100

1 acre land 4000 black turmeric plants can be planted

Rs 100 x 4000 plants = Rs 4 lakh

Plantation cost = Rs 4 lakh

Black turmeric seeds price = Rs 500 to 2500 per kg 

1 acre land 100 to 150 kg seeds can be germinated

150 kg seeds x Rs 500 = Rs 75,000

Seeds cost = Rs 75,000

Other cost calculation

Land preparation = Rs 5,000

Irrigation cost = Rs 25,000

Labour cost = Rs 14,000

Organic manure and fertilizer cost = Rs 10,000

Plant protection charges = Rs 5000

Miscellaneous charges = Rs 5000

Other cost = Rs 64,000

Now we can calculate it in two ways - 1. Plants  2. Seeds

Lets first calculate with plants

Other cost + Plants cost 

Rs 64,000 + Rs 4 lakh = Rs 4,64,000

Calculation with seeds

Other cost + Seeds cost 

Rs 64,000 + Rs 75,000 = Rs 139,000

Black turmeric profit per acre

You can see while using plants we have to invest bigger amount therefore choose seeds 

seeds will produce another seeds at least 3 times 

150 kg x 3 = 450 kg seeds

1 kg black turmeric seed price = Rs 500 to 2500 accordingly

450 kg seeds x Rs 500 = Rs 225,000

Reduce your investment 

Net profit = Profit - Cost

2,2,5000 - 139000 = Rs 86,000 

Net profit = Rs 86,000

Note - After purchasing few plants (150-200) you can make lots of seeds so it is recommended not to purchase plants in big quantity. You should purchase plants to create more seeds then start the black turmeric cultivation later you can earn big profit. 

Black turmeric yield per acre 

It is advised not to purchase 4000 plants together because it will over load your investment (4000 x 100 = Rs 4 lakh) apart from buying 4k plants together you can purchase 200-400 plants that will cost 400 x 100 = Rs 40,000 and you can plant these 400 plants at your farm. 1 plant can produce at least 4 to 5 seeds lets take 4 seeds per plant then 400 x 4 = 1600 seeds if you can keep patience for 8 more months then after planting these 1600 seeds you can get 1600 plants and now you can sell all these 1600 plants at the price of 1600 x 100 = Rs 160,000 if you don't want to sell these plants then you can plant seeds of these 1600 plants i.e 1 plant = 4 seeds therefore 1600 x 4 = 6400 seeds that will produce more seeds thus you can produce seeds or plants without making huge investment.

Turmeric processing business

You can also start turmeric processing business and for that you need following items

  • Small Steam boiler price 1 lakh
  • steam boiler increasing size-  the price may reach from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 10 lakh
  • Steam boiler capacity – 2000 litre
  • Turmeric drier price – Rs 10000 (starting price)
  • Turmeric polish machine – Rs 80,000 - Rs 90,000 and more accordingly

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