Coconut farmers selling nuts from coconut farms to Uttarakhand company

Today I am sharing one of the fastest growing platforms dealing directly with farmers without charging any commission. I hope your problem will end here if you manage to deal with them genuinely. 

Coconuts are mostly grown in South Indian regions including Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Bangalore, Tamil Nadu etc. In these places coconut production is not the problem, they are producing a good number of coconut yields per acre or per hectare. The problem is they are facing challenges to sell their coconuts online or offline due to huge commissions. 

Coconut farmers selling nuts from coconut farms to Uttarakhand company

Coconut farming in India is a profitable agriculture business. While selling their coconuts out of their states most farmers are dependent on limited platforms. They have to pay around 30% high commission and here the problem begins. Coconut farmers in India are helpless to sell their products through big platforms like Amazon, IndiaMART etc because they are not searching for other options.

Remember someday Amazon and Indiamart were also small websites only later they became big companies.

Farmers are also not able to find new platforms where they can sell their nuts regularly. Today I am revealing the name of a north Indian company called manvsgreen dot com doing great work in online supply. This is one of the biggest companies supplying mahogany and poplar plants at affordable prices. They are specifically dealing with a few products only to maintain the quality. They deal with products such as mahogany plants, poplar plants, aloe vera juice, anvala juice, burans juices and coconuts. 

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It is a reputed company based in Haridwar district of Uttarakhand state. They believe in fresh supply so they have tied up with the farmers and directly supplied the products. Farmers having coconut farms can tie up with them. The good thing is that they are not charging any commission; they will buy your products at a fixed price discussed between you and them. This is how they crack the big market easily and farmers dealing with them also get good benefits by getting a decent price.  

Small and big coconut farmer problems

The problem comes with small and marginal coconut farmers who don’t have enough production to sell on Amazon. The problem is with big coconut farmers also because they are paying a big commission. So both marginal and big farmers are facing the same challenge. By approaching man vs green you can overcome this challenge and make good profit. Big coconut farmers can easily scale their business to the entire India whereas small companies get a boost to start their coconut business in the entire India.

Transporting coconuts directly from coconut farms through trucks via vegetable and fruit mandi is also a good option but they may delay the process because they deal in everything. When you deal with a specific targeted company you can taste the quality of the work because they are dedicated to specific customers.

1 acre coconut farm income

The average coconut yield per tree is 35 to 45 nuts and by planting 180 trees in 1 acre coconut farmer is achieving 180 x 45 nuts = 8,100 coconut yield per acre. Suppose the farmer is from Kerala and he sells 8100 nuts at the price of Rs 10-15 and achieves Rs 12500 profit. While selling them to other states where the coconut price is Rs 50 to Rs 70 per nut they can book a good profit. 

So it is necessary to target other Indian states especially the North Indian belt where coconut hardly grows. I am sure by doing this small and marginal coconut farmers will also earn good benefits. Small farmers are facing the problem of giving more commission on few quantities also resulting in no benefits. I know they are facing the challenge of transportation and trustworthy new platforms as well, old platforms are charging very high commissions.

If these farmers approach the new Uttarakhand-based platform they might start getting benefits because of their 0% commission strategy. 

One should find new platforms not only the platform I suggested. You can search on your own as well. Depending on any one or two platforms means giving them a chance to create a monopoly. 

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