How to start a snail farm in USA

To start a snail farm in USA PPQ 526 plant pest permit is required for snails. After getting permission one can start farming. This blog will help you to understand the best practices and requirements for snail farming.

How to start a snail farm in USA

To start a snail farm in USA PPQ 526 plant pest permit is required for agricultural pest snails. It is compulsory for the permit applicant to obtain in writing state agriculture official concurrence before a movement permit will be issued. After getting the approval Thomas can start snail rearing business in US by following the best practices which are given in this blog.

Requirements for snail farming 

For beginners requirements for snail farming are the correct equipment and supplies such as snail pens or enclosures, a hygrometer device for measuring humidity, a thermometer for measuring temperature, a soil moisture sensor for measuring the volumetric water content in the soil and light in foot candles. 

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To measure a snail’s size a weight scale and an instrument are required, testing soil content kit is required, magnifying glass to see the eggs. Equipment to control the climate temperature in humidity, sprinkler system to keep the snail moist and drainage system, light and shade, predators to keep or kill snails, artificial lighting system and water sprinkles for snail culture. To obtain better results use snails of the same kind and generation, hatching another pen.

Snail farming can be done in 4 systems 

  • Outdoor pens. 
  • with a controlled climate in buildings.
  • In closed systems such as plastic tunnel houses or greenhouse snail farming. 
  • Bread and hatch in a controlled environment and placed in outside pens to mature. 

key factors in snail farming for beginners to advance

Hygiene, population density, feeding, climate, soil and phases.


To prevent disease and improve the health and growth rate of the snails good hygiene is required. Food should be replaced daily to prevent spoilage. Earthworms help keep the pen clean so add them into the soil. 

Population density

Snails do not breed when packed densely in much more quantity than required or when the slime huddles in the pen too much. To breed better snails in groups of 100 is recommended.


The feeding season is April to october but it may vary as per the local climate. Avoid placing food in a small clump due to not enough room for all snails to reach it. Snails eat solid food with their radula. Feeding depends on the weather and snails may not feed every day.

Climate conditions

  • 15 to 25 °C – This temp is best for snail farming. 
  •  75% to 95% – Humidity required.
  • 25 °C (70 °F) – Optimal temperature. 
  • Below 7 °C (45 °F) – Snails hibernate below this temperature. 
  • Under 10 °C (50 °F) – They get inactive and their growth stops.
  • Above 27 °C (81 °F) – Snails become too dry when the temperature rises above 27 °C.
  • Wind – Not good for snails, it speeds up moisture and snails need moisture. 


Good soil provides some of their nutrition and is required for good growth of the snail. Even though snails have Bell balance feed bad soil may cause fragile shells.  

Peat, clay, compost, CaCO3 and leaf mold at pH7.

Phases in snail farming 

Hibernation, breeding, hatchery and nursery, cannibalism by hatchlings, fattening/growing, harvest and purging

Types of snail farms 

Open air farms, garden farms, indoor farms. 

Restrictions and regulations in Snail Farm US

Live giant African snails into the country are not allowed by the United States in any circumstances. One can face the illegal activity to own or possess them. APHIS strongly enforces this regulation and destroys or returns these snails to their origin country. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) categorises African snails as a quarantine-significant plant pest.


What is the idle temperature required for snail farming?

15 to 25 °C

How to start a snail farm in USA?

PPQ 526 plant pest permit is required for agricultural pest snails to start a snail farm in the USA.

Is snail farming profitable?

By selling 10 tonn snails from 1 acre farmers can achieve 43646 USD.

What can be done to keep the pen clean naturally?

Add some earthworms to the soil to get the pen clean naturally.

Is snail farming done in the UK?

Yes, farmers are already doing snail farming in the United Kingdom.

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