How many Palm trees per acre & farm income

By planting 80 to 90 trees in 1 acre farmers are generating a farm income of about Rs 1,88,000. Which will keep increasing year by year. This post will guide you to plant the correct number of palm trees in 1 acre and 1 hectare. The expected farm income from 1 acre is also shared here. 

Quick overview – 80 to 90 trees per acre, one-acre farm income Rs 1,88,000.

The palm tree belongs to the Arecaceae family. This tree produces edible oil and it is one of the highest oil-yielding plants in the entire world. The plant is also known as Golden Palm to its high oil yield. Palm cultivation in India is done in 50000-hectare areas under irrigated conditions. Palm cultivation in the USA, United Kingdom and in other European and Western regions is popular due to high palm oil demand throughout the world.

How many Palm trees per acre & farm income 

Palm trees per acre and hectare

80 to 90 trees per acre and 145 to 147 plants per hectare are considered good. 

Farm income

It will cost around Rs 55,000 for 1 acre for 3 years. By planting 80 to 90 trees approximately 2 tonnes can be achieved after 3 to 4 years. Palm oil price in India varies between Rs 50 to Rs 200. If the price is Rs 70 per kg then multiply it with 2.5 tonnes. In 2.5 tonnes there are 2500 kg i.e. Rs 70 x 200 kg = Rs 140000. After deducting the cost which is around Rs 55,000 one can achieve Rs 1,20,000. After deducting the cost palm oil plantation profit will be Rs 65,000 which will increase year by year. 

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Palm cultivation practices


Tenera, Termed dura, Pisifera.

Climate conditions and temperature

Pam plants are a humid tropical crop and thrive best in humid conditions. The Bright sunlight of 5 to 6 hours with 80% humidity is required per day for this plant to grow healthy. The tree thrives well in the temperature ranging from 22°C to 24°C and 20°C to 33°C.

Water requirements

To achieve higher yield sufficient water is required for this high water-demanding plant. The rainfall required is 2500 to 4000 mm per year. 


Well-drained deep loamy soil, moist soil, alluvial soil and rich organic matter soil. 

Plants per acre

80 to 90 oil palm trees in 1 acre in India can be planted easily.

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Plants per hectare

145 to 147 plants. 

Propagation method 

Seed and vegetative. The seed germination process needs 10 to 12 days. Before that preheating is required which takes 70 to 75 days at 40°C temperature. While planting seedlings select 12 to 15-month-old plants 1 metre tall. 

Land preparation 

A couple of ploughing is done before the seed sowing process. Make sure to remove every piece of weed and small stones and other stuff. 

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Palm oil plants per acre

80 to 90 oil palm trees in 1 acre in India can be planted easily.

Planting season – June to December is the best season for planting palm oil plants. 

Fertilizer application

Apply soil with 400-gram single super phosphate and add 50-gram phorate. Apply the given application immediately after planting at the base of the pit.

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Harvesting time

It takes 3 years to reach harvesting from the planting period. After 3 years harvesting can be started when fruits turn yellow to orange in colour. Harvesting is done in intervals of 10 to 14 days throughout the year.  

Palm oil yield per tree

1 tree = 35 kg oil yield.

Palm oil yield per acre and per hectare

Per acre Per hectare
3 to 4 years – 2 to 2.5 tons.
4 to 5 years – 4.5 to 5 tons.
5 to 6 years – 10 tons.
6 to 25 years – 12 to 15 tons.
3 to 4 years – 4-5 tons.
4 to 5 years – 10-12 tons.
5 to 6 years – 22-25 tons.
6 to 25 years – 25-30 tons.
Oil palm yield per acre and per hectare is given in the box.

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What is the palm oil plantation profit per hectare?

By investing Rs 1,62,000 one can earn a net profit of Rs 1,88,000. Check the complete project report here.

What is the palm oil yield per acre?

By planting 80 to 90 trees one can achieve 2000 kg to 2500 kg of yield after 3 years.

What is the estimated palm oil profit in 1 acre?

Rs 1,20,000.

How many oil palm trees in 1 acre in India can be planted?

80 to 90 trees.

What is palm oil yield per hectare?

After 3 to 4 years around 4000 kg to 5000 kg yield is expected.

How much palm oil is expected from 1 tree?

Around 35 kg of oil can be extracted from 1 tree.

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