Garlic profit per acre yield seed rate

Indian farmers are sowing 200 to 240 kg of seeds and getting around 38 to 48 quintals of garlic per acre. Most California farmers are also sowing the same seed rate but some other US farmers need to implement the correct seed rate and other practices to get sufficient yield. Indian farmers are selling the garlic at Rs 40/kg and earning around Rs 116300 in just 4-5 months. 

Quick Overview – Profit 1,401.86 USD (Rs 116300), seed rate 240 kg, yield 38 to 48 quintals per acre.

In this post, Indian farmers’ best practices are shared through which they are generating high yields. Production clearly says that Indian farmers are growing garlic for profit by using their traditional tricks and other farmers also want the same results. Farmers from other countries will definitely get some ideas after reading this post.

Plant profile
Scientific name – Allium Sativum.
Plant type – Perennial flowering plant.
Crop type – Bulb crop.
Growing – Grow from a bulb.
Stem height – 1 m tall. 
Leaf blade – 1.25 to 2.5 cm wide.
Flower – Pink to purple.
Bulb – 10 to 12 cloves. 

How to start garlic farming

Growing zone in India – Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Orisa, Rajasthan, UP, Punjab, Assam and Uttarakhand.


Agrifound Parvati 1, Agrifound Parvati 2, Agrifound White, Yamuna Safed 1, Yamuna Safed 2, Yamuna Safed 3, Bhima Purple, Bhima Omkar and G41.

Climate conditions 

A cool, warm and moist climate is required for bulb development. 

Cool climate – For vegetative growth and bulb development.

Warm climate – For maturity warm and moist climate is required. 

Temperature – 13°C to 24°C.

Tolerance – Cannot tolerate extreme cold or extreme heat for longer days.

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Growing season

Technically it is a Rabi season crop but also grown in other seasons. It has a higher nutritive value compared to other bulb crops.

Propagation method Propagation is done with the help of cloves. 

Soil needs 

Loamy soil with good drainage is best. Make soil loose before planting and soil pH should be 6 to 8. This under-rooted crop needs good nutrients for better bulb growth so provide well-rotted manure for better bulb growth.

Seed rate and cloves per acre

Seed rate – 200 to 240 kg garlic seeds per acre. 

Cloves – 322 to 500 cloves per hectare. 


1st irrigation – Immediately after planting.

2nd irrigation – After 7 to 10 days.


FYM – During the last ploughing 2 to 3 tons FYM required. 

NPK – 24:14:24 kg.


2 to 3 sprays and insecticides.

Garlic yield in India

Garlic yield per acre – 34 to 48 quintals. 

Yield per hectare – 80 to 125 quintals.

Price – The average garlic price in India is Rs 50/kg.

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Garlic profit per acre yield seed rate

To get the approximate farm cost you need to add some important expenses which are: Seed cost, land preparation cost, planting material, weed removal, irrigation, fertilizer, pesticide cost, plant protection charges, harvesting, packaging and transportation cost. After adding all these costs you need to invest around Rs 43,700.

Around 38 to 48 quintals of garlic can be produced in one acre of land with good practices. By performing good practices 38 to 48  quintals of garlic yield per acre can be achieved. Suppose if 40 quintal is produced and sold @ Rs 40 then Rs 40 x 4000 kg = Rs 1,16,300 can be achieved in an acre. 

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Top garlic-producing countries and states

India, Argentina, the United States and Spain are on the list of the top 10 garlic-producing countries. Garlic farming in California is done on a major scale followed by Oregon and Nevada.

Spain is the biggest garlic producer in Europe and garlic cultivation in Andalusia is done on a large scale, Guadalquivir Valley near Cordoba is also famous for garlic farming.

India is in the top 2 position, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, UP, Gujarat, Punjab, Assam and Uttarakhand are the biggest garlic-producing states in India.


What is garlic farming profit per acre in India?

Indian farmers are achieving around Rs 1,16,300 in an acre.

How to increase garlic production in California?

Garlic crops need a cold climate for vegetative growth, and a warm and moist climate for maturity. It needs loamy drained soil with a 6 to 8 pH range and temperature between 13°C to 24°C. To increase production follow these practices.

What is the average garlic yield per acre in US states?

Around 40 quintals per acre.

How much does it cost to plant an acre of garlic?

Around Rs 43,700 (526.71 USD).

What is the garlic production per acre?

34 to 48 quintals per acre.

What is garlic yield per acre in kg?

3400 kg to 4800 kg.

Is garlic farming profitable?

Yes, 1 acre of garlic profit is around 1,401.86 USD.

How much garlic seed per acre?

200 to 240 kg per acre.

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