Mahindra Tractor 575 price mileage engine

This post will help you to find a Mahindra 575 tractor price, mileage per liter, engine performance and other features. 

Di 4 wd Mahindra Tractor 575 price mileage engine

Mahindra Tractor Yuvo 575 price in India is Rs 7,48,000 to Rs 7,80,000 on the road. 

Engine specification

Mahindra Tractor mileage per liter depends on engine capacity and features which are given below. The tractor contains a 4-cylinder and 2000-engine rated RPM. It has an air filter of dry type 6 with a water-cooled cooling system. Mahindra Tractor has immersed brakes and 45 HP horsepower with 2979 cc engine capacity.

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FeaturesEngine specification 
Smooth power steering.
12 forward plus 3 rivers gearbox.
45 HP horsepower. 
Oil-immersed brake. 
Lifting capacity of 1500 kg. 
Wheel drive 4 WD, front 8 x 18, rear 13.6 x 28.
1925 MM wheelbase.
350 ground clearance.
2 years or 2000 hours warranty.
Horsepower category – 45 HP.
Engine capacity – 2979 cc.
Number of cylinders – 04.
Engine rated RPM – 2000 RPM. 
Air filter – Dry-type 6.
Cooling system – Water cool.
Break type – Immersed break. 
Clutch type – Single/dual 
Transmission type – Full constant mesh.
Speed – 1.45 to 30.61 kmph.
Reverse speed – 2.05 to 11.2 kmph.
Reverse gear – 03.
Forward gear – 12.
Battery – NA.
Mahindra Tractor 575 features and engine specification is given in the table.

Tractor price in India

Tractor price in India is out of the pocket of ordinary farmers and it is a trend or fashion for rich farmers only. Even, the Mahindra tractor price 575 is between Rs 7,48,000 to Rs 7,80,000 which is not less. Private companies are selling tractors at higher rates and the government is only watching them with close eyes like a pigeon. However, there are some government schemes for tractors and machinery but there are several complications during the application and approval process. Farmers feel helpful while applying to such complicated schemes.

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Although Mahindra tractor mileage is good and they are famous for selling tractors they also have higher prices and seem to manufacture tractors for upper middle class or upper class farmers only. Similar to other tractor companies they also avoid ordinary marginal farmers. However, they are trying to reduce the tractor price and you can get a Yuvraj NXT tractor (mini) for around Rs 2,56,000 to Rs 2,79,000. 

They can’t even pay 3 lakh to buy a tractor. The government is running a pension scheme only for government employees such as the Army, the Air Force, and the Navy who already earn more than Rs 50,000 per month. It seems harsh, what kind of management is maintained by our government.


Is Mahindra 575 tractor mileage per liter satisfactory or not?

Yes, Mahindra Tractor mileage is satisfactory on the road as well as on the farm.

What is the Mahindra Tractor 575 price in India?

On road price of the Mahindra tractor 575 is between Rs 7,48,000 to Rs 7,80,000.

What is the Mahindra Novo 655 DI price?

Rs 11,15,000 to Rs 12 lakh.

What is the Mahindra Novo 75 DI price?

Rs 1200000 to Rs 13,50,000 lakh.

What is the Mahindra Novo 655 DI price?

Rs 11.15 lakh to Rs 12 lakh.

Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI AC cabin

Rs 9,50,000 to Rs 9,90,000.

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