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By sowing 200 to 240 kg of seeds in 1 acre farmers are obtaining an average yield of up to 34 to 48 quintals. By selling the crop at Rs 40 per kg one can earn a profit of Rs 1,21,300.

Quick Overview – The yield of garlic per acre is 34 to 48 quintals, the seed rate per acre is 200 to 240 kg, profit is Rs 1,21,300.

Garlic crop introduction in brief

The scientific name of Garlic is “Allium Sativum.” It is a perennial flowering plant growing from a bulb.

Stem – 1 m tall, leaf blade – 1.25 to 2.5 cm wide, flower – pink to purple, bulb – contains 10 to 20 cloves.

Project Report

Cost per acre

  • Garlic seed rate per acre – Rs 1200. 
  • Land preparation cost – Rs 7000.
  • Planting cost – Rs 1500.
  • Weeding cost – Rs 2000.
  • Irrigation cost – Rs 15000.
  • Fertilizer cost – Rs 4000.
  • Pesticides cost – Rs 4000.
  • Garlic harvesting cost – Rs 3000.
  • Packaging and transportation cost – Rs 6000.
  • Total cost = Rs 43,700.

Garlic farming profit per acre

  • Average garlic yield per acre = 34 to 48 quintals. 
  • The price per kg is between Rs 40 to Rs 150.
  • Let’s take garlic production per acre = 40 quintals.
  • 1 quintal =100 kg. 
  • 40 quintal = 4000 kg. 
  • Let’s take a minimum price of Rs 40/kg.
  • Rs 40 x 4000 kg garlic = Rs 160,000.
  • Garlic profit per acre = Rs 160,000.
  • Now calculate net profit which will be the actual profit.
  • Net Profit = Cost per acre – Profit per acre.
  • Net Profit = Rs 43,700 – Rs 1,60,000.
  • Net Profit = Rs 1,16,300.

So, garlic farming profit per acre in India is Rs 1,16,300.

Note – This is the estimated project report to give you a closer idea of cost and profit. Actual figures may vary accordingly.

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How to start garlic farming in India

Please follow the below-given details to easily start the cultivation.

Growing zone

Garlic is a bulb crop and it is the second most important bulb crop in India. India holds the second position in garlic production and Madhya Pradesh is the highest producer in India.

Grown in India – Madhya Pradesh is the highest garlic producer in India followed by Gujarat, Odisha, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan etc.


Agrifound Parvati 1Agrifound Parvati 2Agrifound White
Yamuna Safed 1Yamuna Safed 2Yamuna Safed 3
Bhima PurpleBhima omkarG-41
Different variety’s names are given in the box.

Climate conditions

Garlic cultivation requires both cool and warm climates for bulb development therefore cool and moist conditions are needed. For bulb development and vegetative growth cool climate is necessary whereas for maturity warm climate is required.

Temperature – 13 °C to 24 °C. 13 to 14 hours are required for bulb formation for long-day varieties and 10 to 12 hours are required for short-day varieties.

Temperature tolerance – These root plants are not able to tolerate extreme cold or hot weather. A temperature lower than 20 °C for 1 to 2 months can increase the development of garlic bulbs but at the same time, prolonged exposure to lower temperatures can also reduce the yield of garlic crops.

Growing season

It is a “Rabi Season Crop” but the cultivation is practised in other seasons as well. In comparison to other bulb crops, this underground crop contains a higher nutritive value. It is a cool-season crop, 86 to 90% is the garlic recovery of cloves from the bulbs.

Propagation method

Cloves are required for the propagation method. 322 to 500 cloves are required for 1-hectare farming.

Soil requirements

Loamy soil is considered due to its good drainage properties. This root vegetable needs rich organic content soil hence composed rotten manure is recommended. Soil should be well-drained and it should be friable type. For better growth of the bulb, the soil should be made loose before planting. Soil pH level should be between 6 and 8 pH.

Seed rate

The seed rate for garlic cultivation during the Rabi season is 200 to 240 kg per acre.


  • 1st irrigation immediately after planting. 
  • 2nd irrigation after 7 to 10 days.

Always check the moisture content in the soil before watering. You can use the soil tester to check the moisture content by yourself. It’s cheaper and easy to use.

Morning to mid-afternoon is the most suitable irrigation time because it gives sufficient time for plants to dry out before night. 

Moisture in the soil is more valuable and important in comparison to the quantity of water. Avoid too much watering in garlic cultivation; it might result in the splitting of garlic bulbs. Mulching is done to conserve the moisture in the soil hence mulching technique is advised in places with extremely hot and cold conditions. 

Drip irrigation – Furrow, sprinkler and drip irrigation are the most common types of irrigation. Irrigation is recommended due to drop and plant-to-plant water management. Drip irrigation is considered for the water-saving process. You may pay around 50k for installing drip irrigation in one acre but this is only a one-time investment and after installing it you can save a lot of water throughout the year and for the next crop cultivation as well.

Fertilizer requirements

2 to 3 tons of farmyard manure is required during the last ploughing. The fertilizer dose ratio is N:P: K i.e. 24:14:24 kg, this ratio is given below. 

N is Nitrogen, P is Phosphorus and K is Potassium.

N = 24 kg, P = 14 kg and K = 24 kg.

Adding the above-given application may cost approximately Rs 1000. The cost of farmyard manure might be Rs 3000 depending on the market and availability. 


2 to 3 sprays of pesticides and insecticides. Two to three spraying costs in one acre will be between Rs 3000 to Rs 4000 along with the labour used for spraying.

Garlic yield per acre in India

Farmers in India are producing 34 to 48 quintals of garlic per acre.

Price – The average garlic price per kg in Delhi is Rs 50/kg. However, the price in Bangalore, Kolkata or Mumbai may be slightly up or down as per the availability. Moreover, people living in Mumbai can approach the wholesale market to get a lower price. 


What is the price of 1 kg of garlic in India?

Rs 40 to Rs 50 in Delhi, India.

What is its price per quintal in India?

The average price per quintal in India will be Rs 40 x 1000 kg = Rs 40,000.

Is garlic bulb or a corm?

It is a true bulb crop.

What is the garlic price in USA?


The average garlic price in USA is between $12 to $15 and sometimes more accordingly.

Which season’s crop is garlic?

It is a Rabi season crop.

What is the yield of garlic per acre?

34 to 48 quintals.

What is the garlic seed rate per acre?

200 to 250 kg seeds per acre.

What is the garlic farming profit per acre in India?

By investing Rs 38,700 one can achieve a net profit of Rs 1,21,300.

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