Garlic yield per acre in Australia in kg

Farmers are sowing around 210 to 240 kg of seeds and achieving a yield of 3400 kg to 4800 kg in 7 to 9 months. 

Quick overview –  Garlic yield per acre Australia – 3400 kg 4800 kg and per hectare – 7500 kg to 10,000 kg, growing time 7 to 9 months.

Plant profile – It is a perennial flowering plant that grows from a bulb and “Allium Sativum” is its scientific name. It has a 1m tall stem with leaf blades around 1.25 cm to 2.5 cm wide. It contains pink to purple flowers and the bulb has 10 to 20 cloves.

How to start garlic farming in Australia 

Garlic is an easy-growing plant and early Autumn is the best time to plant garlic in Australia for profit. You need to have some patience because it takes at least 7 to 9 months to get ready for harvesting. 

Varieties – Most Australian garlic varieties are named in the region and they are Australian white,  California early, California late, Creole, Cristo, Glenlarge, Italian white, Moulinor, New Zealand purple, Printanor, Southern Glen and Taiwanese strains.

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Climate – Both cool and warm climate is required for bulb development therefore cool and moist conditions are preferred for garlic farming

Soil – Fertile well-drained loamy soil. Avoid heavy clay soils that may cause incorrect bulb growth resulting in difficult harvesting. Soil pH ranging from 5.5 to 7.0 is ideal for growing garlic in Australia.

Storage temperature bulb -10°C to 18°C.

IIrrigation – First irrigation – Immediately after planting, 2nd irrigation in 7 to 10 days. 

Growing season – Early-mid and late-season varieties are grown in Australia according to the regions. The type and season are mentioned below.

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Mid-season crop – Australian white, California early, Italian white, Moulinor, New Zealand, purple, Printanor

Early – Creole, Glenlarge, Southern Glen, Taiwanese strains.

Late season – California late, Cristo. 

Propagation method – Garlic is propagated through cloves and cloves are obtained by breaking the bulbs. Per bulb contains 5 to 30 cloves and 12 cloves per bulb is average. 

Seed rate – 200 to 240 kg per acre.

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Land preparation – Choosing a weed-free area and weed control in the early stage is important to achieve a good crop.

Bed width and spacing – 50 plants square metre bed and row spacing are given below. 

Common bed width – 1200mm.

Row spacing – 200 mm.

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Nutrition and fertilizer

  • Pre-plant soil test and leaf nutrient analysis is required before fertilizer selection. 
  • Quantity per hectare – Phosphorous – 45 kg, Nitrogen – 60 to 80 kg per hectare.
  • Application applying quantity – All phosphorus (45kg) and half nitrogen (30 kg to 40 kg).
  • Applying time – Apply the above during the planting or before planting. 
  • Where to apply – Apply (P) 45 kg + 30 kg (N) at a bend placed 7 to 10 cm below the row and 3 to 5 cm to the side. 
  • Remaining nitrogen – Apply remaining N (20 to 30 kg) about 6 to 8 weeks after embossing as a side dressing.
  • 1st side dressing – 4 to 6 weeks after emergence. 
  • 2nd side dressing – After further 4 weeks. 
  • Avoid – Avoid nitrogen after bulbing it may result in soft bulbs with short shelf life. 

Garlic yield per acre and hectare

Garlic yield per acre – 3400 kg 4800 kg.

Yield per hectare – 7500 kg to 10,000 kg.

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Garlic production – Every year 300 to 500 tons of garlic is produced in Australia whereas fresh consumption of this bulb crop is around 3500 tonnes imported mainly from Africa, Taiwan, New Zealand and the USA. 

Production area – Griffith, Hay, Balranald, Coffs Harbour and NSW. 

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What is garlic production in Australia?

300 to 500 tons.

Can I go garlic in Melbourne?

Yes, April to late June is the ideal time for planting this bulb crop.

Is garlic farming profitable in Australia?

Yes, in 1 acre 2280 AUD can be achieved after 8 months by doing hybrid garlic cultivation.

Where can I get garlic pest and disease services in Australia?

Contact National Vegetable Industries centre, Yanko, contact number – 02 6951 2611.

What is the garlic industry Association address in Australia?

Australian garlic industry Association, PO box 4204, Lawrence NSW 2460.
Phone – 03 5664 8357, contact person – Kristen Jones (Deputy secretary).

What is garlic yield per acre in Australia in kg?

3400 kg 4800 kg.

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