Dragon fruit price yield cultivation cost profit

Quick Overview – Dragon fruit price Rs 150 to Rs 225, yield per tree 15 kg, trees per acre 500 to 700, yield per acre 10,500 kg, cultivation cost in 1 acre Rs 438000 and profit per acre Rs 11,37,000. 

Dragon fruit price in India varies between Rs 150 to Rs 225 on average. In some places, the price may be between Rs 200 to Rs 400 per kg as per the variety and market.

Dragon fruit plant is native to Central America. It is a climbing cactus and needs support to grow vertically. Farmers use concrete poles to give support to the plant. This fruit is also known as pitaya fruit and Thalang loy.

Commercial dragon fruit cultivation in Vietnam is done on a major scale. Dragon fruit yield per hectare in Vietnam is 22-26 tonnes which is remarkable. Pitaya fruit is mostly grown in warm climate conditions and is also found in Malaysia and Asia including India.

How to start dragon fruit farming

Dragon fruit price yield cultivation cost profit and project report are given in this post. By following the below given steps you can easily start dragon fruit cultivation.

Dragon fruit price in India

Price in India – Average price varies between Rs 150/kg to Rs 225/kg, Rs 200/kg to Rs 400/kg sometimes in some places.

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Hylocereus undatus, Hylocereus Megalanthus and Hylocereus Costaricensis.

Climate conditions 

It is a cactus variety and needs a warm and humid climate with good sunlight. This subtropical plant needs sunlight for at least 6 hours.


Sandy soil with a good drainage system and organic matter is best for dragon fruit plantation. It is a soil-friendly plant and easily grows in a wide range of soils including poor soils. Soil pH range should be between 5.5 to 6.5. 


Pitaya is a cactus species and needs less water like other desert plants and succulents.  Overwatering and standing water in farms damages the plant so give calculated water to this species.

Propagation methods

It can be propagated through stem cuttings and seeds however cuttings are preferred for quick growth. A stem about 6-15 inches from a healthy mother plant is taken and a 3 feet pit is dug and the stem is placed inside it. After planting don’t press the soil too hard around the stem it will discourage the air pockets. Moreover, the water going path towards the root will become a bit harder and may create a gas around the root resulting in plant dryness. 

Dragon fruit trees per acre and hectare

Per acre – 500 trees.

Per hectare – 1200 trees.

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Dragon fruit plantation time flowering and fruiting time

Idle dragon fruit season for planting is summer and early spring. The plant starts flowering in May – June and starts bearing fruits from Aug to Dec end and even early January. Avoid planting dragon fruit in cold winters.


Compost and manure are good fertilizer options for this plant. You can use a two-year-old rotted cow dung well. Start fertilizing the plant after 2-3 months. In the 1st year give a light fertilizer dose every 8 weeks. 

Pruning – Regular pruning is required for healthy fruit growth. 

Harvesting time for dragon tree fruit

Dragon fruit trees get ready for harvesting after 16 to 18 months and one can achieve around 6.5 – 7 ton fruits per acre. The lifespan of the tree is around 20 years.

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For better yield dragon fruit plantations per acre should be around 500 to 700 only.

Yield per tree – 15 kg.

Yield of dragon fruit per acre – 500 trees x 15 kg = 7500 kg. 

Yield per hectare – 1200 trees x 15 kg = 18000 kg.

Project Report

Dragon fruit farming cost 1 acre
1 plant price Rs 30 to Rs 70 (as per variety and availability). 
Plants per acre = 700 plants.

Plant price = 700 plants x Rs 100 = Rs 70,000.
Irrigation cost = Rs 11,000.
Drip irrigation cost = Rs 63,000. 
Pole cost = Rs 27000.
Fertilizer cost = Rs 19,000.
Plant protection charges = Rs 8000.
Labour cost = Rs 25000.
Land preparation cost = Rs 21,000.
Tool cost – Rs 30,000.
Weed removal & pruning cost = Rs 15,000.
Medicine cost = Rs 10,000.
Miscellaneous cost = Rs 15,000.
Total cost for 1st year = Rs 314000. 

Cost for 2 years = Reduce 1 time investment from the 1st year cost. 

To get 2nd year cost add a one-time investment with each other then subtract it from 1st year cost. Plant cost (Rs 70,000) + pole cost (Rs 27,000) + tool cost (Rs 30,000) + drip irrigation cost (Rs 63,000) = Rs 190,000.
2nd year cost = Rs 314000 – Rs 190,000 = Rs 124,000. 
Total 2 year cost = Rs 314000 +  Rs 124,000 = Rs 438000.
Total cultivation cost = Rs 438000.

Thus dragon fruit cultivation cost per acre is estimated at Rs 438000. The cost is calculated for 2 years because it starts producing fruits commercially after 16-18 months. 

Profit margin
1 tree yield = 15 kg. 
700 trees yield = 700 trees x 15 kg = 10500 kg.
Yield per acre = 10500 kg. 
Dragon fruit price per kg = Rs 150 to Rs 225 or more as per variety, market & availability. 
Let’s assume the price = Rs 150 per kg. 
Profit = 10,500 kg x Rs 150 = Rs 15,75,000.
Net profit = cost (Rs 438000) – profit (Rs 15,75000).
Net profit =  Rs 11,37,000. 

Note – Thus the estimated dragon fruit income per acre is Rs 11,37.000. However, the price may vary according to the place, market, demand, availability and variety. 
The dragon fruit tree project report is given in the box.


What is dragon fruit yield per acre?

Depending on the number of plants.
For 500 plants = 500 plants x 15 kg = 7500 kg.  
For 700 plants = 700 plants x 15 kg = 10500 kg.

What is the estimated dragon fruit cultivation cost per acre?

By planting 700 plants along with all necessary requirements the cost may be around Rs 438000.

How many dragon fruit plants per acre should I plant?

500 to 700 plants are good enough in 1 acre of land.

What is dragon fruit price in India?

Dragon fruit price per kg in Delhi varies between Rs 150 to 225 or more depending on the variety, demand, market and availability.

How to plant dragon fruit?

It is a climbing plant and so poles are required for them. Panting is very easy simply dig a pit of around 3 feet and insert the stem cutting into it.

How do you grow Dragon Fruit?

It is a cactus species so it doesn’t need much water. Most important it is a heavy feeder so give a good amount of fertilizer to your plan in a proper schedule.

Can I start dragon fruit farming in India?

Yes, people are already growing this plant in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and some other places.

Where do dragon fruit grow in the US?

California, Hawaii and Florida.

Can I start dragon fruit farming in US?

Dragon fruit growing in the US is becoming more popular due to good income returns in less time. However, only 3 states California, Hawaii and Florida grow dragon fruit commercially in the USA.

What is dragon fruit income per acre?

The estimated income is about Rs 11,37,000.

Is dragon fruit farming profitable in India?

Yes, farmers are already achieving a good income of Rs 11,37,000 after deducting the cost.

Where does dragon fruit grow in India?

Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Telangana, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi etc.

Is dragon fruit cactus?

Yes, it is a cactus family plant and needs humid hot temperatures and less water to grow.

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