Pregnant pig feeding chart

It is compulsory to take special care of your pregnant pigs so that they can produce healthy piglets. A female pig feeding chart is given here and once it delivers a piglet then you have to feed that little pig as well. Feeding should be in a proper ratio, especially for newborn baby pigs after the female pig chart the feed ratio in kg and grams is given for a pig from birth to 100 kg. You can follow that as well. 

Pregnant pig feeding chart 

Whenever your female pig is pregnant give her a good space and there should be no stinging substance in her sleeping place. Now it’s time to prepare a special feed chart for pregnant pigs and for that you need to arrange some items.

Surely when you will apply the feed in a given ratio your female pig will give milk in good quantity. Take a drum and start placing all the materials with appropriate measurements. 40 kg corn required, take 15 to 25 kg DDGS or soya cake. Dried distiller grains are available in beer and whisky factories.

Apply 1 kg calcium to it then add 150 to 250-gram yeast. Yeast is easily available in supermarkets and spice markets and it is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Now add 8 kg dry milk. Dry milk can be collected from cow and buffalo dairies. It is milk left in the buckets or cooking pot. After that add 16 Kg rice bran and 16 kg broken rice which is available in grocery stores.

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1 kg iodine salt is compulsory, add 2 kg mineral mixture. Now add 30 grams b traxim it is beneficial for bones and keeps bones and joints stronger. For better taste add 10 grams of sweet glucose this glucose is a thousand times sweeter than sugar. 

Pregnant pig feed consumption chart

  • 40 kg corn. 
  • 15 – 25 kg DDGS or soya cake. 
  • 1 kg Calcium. 
  • 150 – 250 gram yeast. 
  • 8 kg dry milk. 
  • 16 kg rice bran (deoil).
  • 16 kg rice broken.
  • 1 kg iodine salt.
  • 2 kg mineral mixture.
  • 30-gram B – Traxim ( keeps bones and joints strong and healthy).
  • 10 grams of sweet glucose.  

Mix all the above couple of times the above mixture should be mixed completely. You can ask the feed factory person to mix all these in the above quantity. 

Pig feed quantity birth to 100 kg

Pig feed quantity should be increased slowly and steadily up to the given ratio. Pig feed consumption is divided according to age and you should follow a proper chart so that your pig can grow healthy. Overeating or giving extra feed to pigs doesn’t mean they will grow faster or heavier. Instead, it might result in some diseases so avoid this bad practice. 

Pig feed stages – Creep, starter, grower and finisher.

1-day pig feed consumption rate is given below for all stages.

Creep feed time

Feed from 7 days to weaning 35 to 45 days. Daily consumption should be 100 to 200 grams. 

Starter feed time

Feed timing is from 45 days to 4 months. From 45 days to 2 months, it will eat 400 grams to 500 grams. From 2nd month to 3rd month, it will eat 500 to 750 grams. From the 3rd to the 4th month it will eat 750 grams to 1 kg.  

Grower feed time

Grower feed should be from 4 months to 6 months. From the 4th to 5th month, the grower pig will eat 1 kg to 1.25 kg. From the 5th to 6th month it will eat 1.25 kg to 2 kg.

Finisher feed

Finisher feed will start from or after 6 months to 100 kg weight of the pig. After 6 months it will eat 2 kg to 2.5 kg per day. From birth to 100 kg a pig eats approximately up to 250 kg of feed.

In India profit is 35% to 40% up to 100 kg pig sale. Profit margin depends from country to country and in the USA pig sale profit may differ.  


From where I can get DDGS Dried distillers grains?

One can collect DDGS from whisky or beer factories. It is dried distillers grain with soluble.

From where I can purchase b traxim?

Feed factory.

Where I can buy b traxim?

You can purchase it from the feed factory. 

Pregnant pig delivery milk coming less what should I do?

Check your feed if possible replace it and try the special homemade feed for pregnant pigs given above.

Where can I buy sweet glucose?

Sweet glucose is available in grocery stores.

How long does it take for a pig to reach 100 kg weight? 

7 to 9 months.

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